"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, April 1, 2011

So this one time I was awkward with a side of awesome

Hi peeps! Ugh, I actually hate peeps. No, not you fantastic people that I just referred to as peeps, but the sick nasty mess of marshmallowy goo that is everywhere during this season. Those peeps I hate. Dang I am random some nights. I guess if I am going to be random for a day then awkward and awesome Thursday is a good day to do so! 
This is me hoping you won't throw stones at me for not being "fashionable" tonight. Funny thing is I actually wore a really cute outfit today that I wanted to show you, but thought I didn't have enough time to snap pics before running. And then I wind up taking "outfit pics" anyways, just of the wrong outfit. Oh and since I know you are dying to know where I get my cutie little workout clothes: top/shoes: sports authority, pants: target.
What can I say, after 7 pm all bets are off when it comes to thinking!
You'll look at my non cute outfit photos and you'll like them or else!!
-My grandfather looking me up and down and very seriously asking me, "Have you gained weight?" What is up with the men in my life who are supposed to be the ones boosting my self-esteem bringing it down all over the place?? Geezie peezy lemon squeezy, let's get it together Wainman men! Oh and he followed it up with, "I think it's just your clothes." Thanks for the double hit papa! For the record, I actually lost 7 pounds since he last saw me, so there. Winning. 
-Waiting for an elevator at work this morning and when it opened the gentleman standing next to me held the door open and waited for me to go in first and was so polite. I thanked him, of course, hopped on and we proceeded to follow normal elevator protocol by riding to our destinations in silence. All normal. We reach my floor and as I am walking out he hollers after me, "I like your white girl bootay." The doors close and I am left standing in sheer disbelief. What the fudgesicles mr?? One, I am at my place of work so referring to my "bootay" is just bad form. Actually, that whole scenario is just all together wrong. Someone please tell me why men keep talking to me like this?
-Realizing at 2 pm that my fly is down. Oh mother of pearl, that is just the pits. No further explanation needed. 
-Posting Awkward and Awesome Thursday after midnight, making it technically Awkward and Awesome Friday. That is so not the same. 
-Thinking it would be cute and creative and "different" to take pictures of my running outfit today since I had no time to snap photos of the actual cute outfit I was wearing today. Oh and on top of that, my pinks are totally mismatched. Oh and you get faces like that last one. That's my "you'll take what I give you and you'll like it face." You win some, you lose some, right?

-Roommate finally being un-sick!! Poor thing has been feeling under the weather all week, and she just wasn't her cheery energetic self. But now she seems to be all better and is chatty and perky again. Thank goodness, because I was getting bummed out over here. 
-Finally running again tonight now that roommate is feeling better and hitting 24 minutes and definitely feeling like I could have kept going a lot longer. Dang. This is twice now that running has been under the awesome category. I might have to denounce myself as a proclaimed running hater and realize that I am actually starting to not mind it. I didn't say liking it yet. Very different. But I look forward to it now and that is a scary concept!
-Spending two nights with my grandfather who I never get to see! (Even if he did think I gained weight) I miss my Florida family and always enjoy any time with them. 
-My evening plans for to(night)morrow that include meeting up with a couple other local bloggers!! It will be my first time meeting other bloggers and I am syked. Can't wait to share more with you Sunday! 
-The WAY awesome giveaway that I have planned for yall next week! Trust me, you will love it. Very practical, very fun. Best of both worlds.
-Putting my "creative writing" talents to good use while making brother's resume tonight. Yep, I know I am the most awesome sister ever. And trust me ladies, it definitely took a lot of creativity to stretch that baby to a page. I'm not sure anyone has ever listed "outstanding sense of humor" under skills, but hey it might be a good interview ice-breaker right??
-Baseball season, opening day! My sox playing tomorrow night (or technically tonight). 'Nuff said.


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  1. WHAT?!?! YOU HATE PEEPS?!! They are awesome. Especially awesome when they're stale. Even more awesome slightly toasted and smooshed between two slices of bread and peanut butter. AND even more awesome microwaved into oblivion and they become a gooey melted mess of deliciousness.

    Can't wait to see blogger meet-up photos!!

  2. Well *I* like your workout threads :) You didn't have to post pics, but you did, and that is another awesome for your list.

    And wow, some guys are just RUDE, eesh.


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