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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We beat the government

Hiya pals! I feel like before I even attempt to carry on with this post I might should maybe explain that post title up yonder. As a disclaimer: no members of any government were harmed in the making of this post. But a few rather full of themselves young gentleman working for our government who enjoy wearing silly hats, undone bow ties, making pretentious comments to every other question and smoking pipes had their butts kicked at trivia night tonight! Roommate and I joined bestie, bestie's hubs (twice in two weeks that I've gotten to see you Chuck!) and bestie's super smart (and very helpful at trivia) law school friend at our local trivia night and had a blast! This is the third time roommate and I have gone, 2nd for bestie and first for the boys, and let me just say that I learned tonight that boys can be a huge help! We went from dead last to second to last to second place in just three short visits and the only change was we added the boys to our trusty team. Therefore, my brilliant detective skills would lead me to believe that the guys just may explain this vast improvement. I mean what else are boys good for other than telling you that it was indeed Pete Rose who still holds the all-time hit record in baseball and spent 5 five months in jail for filing false income tax returns? Well, that and giving amazing foot massages of course. All the essentials in life. So anyways, as I was saying before I rambled, (me ramble? Never!) every time we have gone this group that calls themselves "The Government" has been there playing and they always score at the top. We decided that our sole goal for trivia was to one night beat the Government. Mes amis, tonight was our lucky night. Thanks to an entire round being dedicated to "30 Rock" trivia, and our group having two bona fide 30 rock experts among us, we kicked some government bootay! And everyone else's, minus the old guys who came in first, in fact! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it government boys!

In case you ever find yourself in a similar situation and need to take a couple hoighty-toighty government boys down a few notches, here are a few new truths I garnered tonight:
1. More people can correctly spell Des Moines than Pittsburgh
2. "Trouble Helmsley" is the luckiest pooch in the world after owner Leona Helmsley left him $12 million trust fund.
3. And there is a very long word that starts with an A that is the medical term for graying hair that I have already forgotten and for the life of me can't find using Google.
You're welcome. 
Blouse: H&M, Tank: NY and Co., Skirt: H&M, Heels: Jessica Simpson, Bag/ Glasses: Michael Kors, Jewelry: Gifted, Scary pale skin all over: c/o The Winter (oh who am I kidding, I will look like this even in the summer, but a girl can try, right?)
Hey, look! I'm outside again! Pssh the fact that it is dark out doesn't matter. You are still getting to see something other than my bedroom walls, which has to be exciting!
All day long I felt like I should be saying things like "Shh, quiet in the library" thanks to the glasses and bun. When I mentioned this to my friend, he assured me that I was ok because librarians don't wear "hot red dresses". Um hello, mr. friend, it is a SKIRT thank you very much. My skirt is offended. But you called it hot, so it, and I, will forgive you.
No I was not trying to do the trendy thing in the last few photos and wear "fakes glasses." These were my real new glasses, after I learned that I can't pass a driving test without them (embarrassing) and decided if I had to wear glasses they were at least going to be fun. Can you say brown with blue stripe accent frames please? I realized half way through these pics, though, that I was indeed not driving and therefore did not need to be wearing them. Oh well, at least you can't say I'm not real :)
So this outfit actually has a belt that I was wearing all day, and then I took it off for a second when I came home quickly before racing off to trivia, and it somehow got left off in the process. So pretend for me that I have a black skinny belt perfectly around my waist. Please and thank you. Oh, and I know that the focus of this photo is on the foreground and not me, but there is something about it that I liked.
Moments after taking this photo, the man who these steps belong to came waltzing on out of his house. Thank goodness I wasn't still perched on his steps. Unfortunately, my glasses still were so I had to totter back over in my spikes, scoop up on my glasses and scurry away before he could ask why my glasses had been resting perfectly in the middle of his stairs. Oh the life of a style blogger, mais oui?


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