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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nuggets galore

Bonsoir babes! I hope you had an excellent Wednesday. To avoid any more awkward "Mean Girl" rambles I am going to avoid the whole "humpday" thing and just think of today as the middle of the week, and nothing else. And actually, it is perfect that it is the middle of the week because I have a humdinger of a story for you  this week, and while I could totally save it for tomorrow's dose of awkward and awesome, I like to think that this bugger is bigger than awkward, or even awesome. I think he just might be one of those life lessons my dad was always trying to drill into my head. You know, the ones where your teenage brain just zoned right out, and then years down the road you find out it actually is useful and wish you had tuned in just a bit more. Yep, this qualifies for sure.

So imagine this: I am driving roommate to class and I know I am low on gas, but I have just under a quarter of a tank so I should be good to get her to her class and out of the city so I can find the cheaper VA gas (there is the first nugget of this story). Except I forget that my car is a dirty, dirty trickster and when she says a quarter of a gallon she really means danger, danger your warning light is going to turn on any minute and continue annoyingly flashing yellow until you fill me up! Now, not only is it bad enough that my light has come on, I am in downtown DC where gas is a. going to cost me my first born child and b.practically non-existent. So, I drop roommate off and plug in nearest fuel station in my GPS. I think I am getting really lucky that it pops up that there are two stations less than a mile away and they are on the same street. Parfait, I think to myself. Ya well, remember how momma always told you not to count your chickens before your eggs hatch (nugget number 2)? She was right. I blindly follow my GPS, not focusing on the fact that it is taking me out of my safe little bubble and into SE DC (aka not the best area to be by yourself), only to "arrive at my destination" and realize that this gas station to which it refers is closed for good. Oh and the other mysterious gas station doesn't appear to exist. Now that is exactly what I want to learn when I am in the bad part of town, running on fumes. Fast forward a half hour, three more failed gas station attempts, two hysterical phone calls to my mother and (embarrassingly enough) a tear (or two) and I FINALLY manage to work myself back to the area where I dropped my roommate off, see a cop directing traffic and practically run him over to ask him where I can find gas. Luckily this story has a happy ending, and I got my gas. Before it was too late and I was murdered. But ladies the moral of this story is don't ever let your gas tank fall below a quarter of a tank, no matter what!! Which was always the rule my dad wanted  me to abide by. So really the bigger moral of the story is dad truly does know best (annnnd nugget number 3).
Jacket: LOFT, Dress/Belt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Steve Madden, Headband: H&M, Rings/Earrings/Bracelet: Gifted, Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors
I have to admit something: I am head over heels in love with this dress! I have been craving a cream lace dress ever since a friend of mine wore a gorgeous one to my birthday party. I just kept styling my non-existent lace dress in my head all the time. And then on my crazy shopping spree last Friday (don't ask), this little baby was smiling at me from the window of Urban Outfitters. It basically begged me to come in the store and try it on and next thing I know it had hopped itself into a shopping bag clasped in my hand. Through no fault of my own of course.
Yep, be prepared to see this little guy a lot this summer, because I can already tell it will be a staple in the wardrobe. The material is perfectly breezy for summer, yet work appropriate and even cute enough for apres-work evenings out. Le perfect dress? Oui, je pense.
I think J. Crew needs to know about me. Look at how professionally I swing that jacket over my shoulder. Oh yes, someone book me for your spring catalog now before I am scooped up! I kid, I kid. But for reals, I have always wanted to do this.
I don't usually share pictures that highlight my bodonk-a-donk, but I was liking my hair in this one. So you will have to deal with the junk in my trunk, as well.
And it wouldn't be an A La Mode et Plus outfit post without at least one headless shot! I think my face thinks it is supossed to be weird at least once now whenever it sees a camera. I actually quite like it, because it always gets roommate and I laughing and it definitely ensure I never take myself too seriously, or get too full of myself!
So darlings, do you have any tid bits of wisdom of lessons that you had to learn the hard way that you want to share? Any pearls your parents tried to teach you, but you just had to experience for yourself? C'est la vie, mais oui?


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