"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, September 26, 2011

My first show: Hillary Flowers S/S 2012

Salut babes! I hope I am finding you pampered and relaxed after a soothing weekend. Did anyone else have as bumtastic a weekend as me? If so, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it, comme moi. Honestly, I hardly left my bed, let alone my apartment. Roommate's fiancee was visiting, so the three of us did a lot of lounging around. We ate out a lot, laughed a lot, watched a lot of movies and enjoyed each other's company. They are one of those couples that rarely (if ever) make you feel like a third wheel. They are just easy to be around. And you can't help smiling, because you can feel how in love they are with each other. That is why it was such a joy to take engagement photos for the two of them this weekend! It was shoot one of many to come, and we had a blast. I by no means consider myself a professional photographer, but I am trying to learn, and I feel like I get a little better with each shoot :) I am happy with how these photos came out, as was the couple. They still need to be edited (tomorrow's project), but the originals were pleasing to all of us. 

I am closing in on the end of my "NYFW recap"series (I know I said there was only 1 more, but I lied: it is one more after tonight's post), and it is a good thing because I have several other things I want to share with you! So let's a get a move on finishing NYC, and try and catch up to present day, shall we? On my last night in New York, I had the pleasure of attending my first fashion show. The show was for a designer I was unfamiliar with, named Hillary Flowers. Outside of her designs, she owns a boutique in the lower east side and also happens to be a singer/song-writer. The show was hosted on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel, which had a gorgeous view of the skyline. I arrived very early (even though I killed some time hanging around the outside of Lincoln Center like an obsessed little puppy) for the show, but luckily I met some fascinating new friends, all with amazing stories to tell! It made my first fashion show a very memorable experience! 

My thoughts:
-Though the clothing was not particularly my taste, I did enjoy the bright colors, and details such as unique cutouts, and the shoe pairings. 
-I appreciated the fact that the collection was wearable, unlike many runway designs these days. 
-I enjoyed the ornate swim wear collection, and how much design work appeared to go into each suit. 
-The atmosphere of a show is more stressful than I had imagined. Everything moves so quickly and is over before you know it. If you aren't prepared, you will miss many shot opportunities. Next time I will be ready though! And I apologize for my poor pictures this time. 
-I loved the fact that the show was on the roof, but there were too many people there who didn't even know that a show was going to happen. They did not follow proper show etiquette and made it very difficult on those of us who were trying to properly photograph the show. 
-While I had no difficulty getting in the front door, my friend Alex had a very unpleasant experience, despite having registered for the show and having her confirmation. It made the evening  little less enjoyable, which is unfortunate. 
-Overall, the event had a rather disorganized feel, and didn't start until well after midnight even though it was advertised as happening between 11 and midnight. But I guess that is just part of the biz! I'll get used to it eventually :)
NYC skyline
Like I said, I was a little obsessed with the skyline :)
new friend
The very fierce and stylish Carson! Enjoyed meeting you and chatting!
what i wore
What I wore (Thanks Carson for photos): Dress; Alice and Olivia via Shopbop, Purse: Rebecca Minkoff, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Grandmother's, Earrings: Forever 21, Pearls: China, Nails (same all week): Essie Limited Addiction, Shoes (not seen): Aldo 
what i wore
I ordered this dress (via a gift card from Tasha's giveaway!) specifically for FNO, and then wound up feeling self conscious in it when it came to the actual night. I just wasn't sure and I wanted to feel confident for FNO. I tried it back on, and with Hannah's approval, I decided it was a go for my first fashion event. I got quite a few compliments so I don't regret my decision!  
new friends
The amazing group I spent the evening with! 
hillary flowers fashion show
One of my favorite dresses, and something I could see myself wearing
hillary flowers fashion show
Loved the cutout back, and of course the Louboutins! 
hillary flowers fashion show
My three favorites from the swim collection! 
My friend Alex is much more talented with her camera and got some great shots, which she has kindly allowed me to borrow. See her take on the show here.
hillary flowers fashion show
This was my favorite piece from the collection! Sorry I don't have a front photo, but can you tell I have a thing for cutout backs? (photo credit to Alex)
hillary flowers fashion show
I think this would be a darling beach cover up. (Photo credit to Alex)
hillary flowers fashion show
This suit with angel wings combo was stunning! A lot going on in the suit. (Photo credit to Alex) 
For those of you who have been to shows before, do you remember your first experience? What was it like? Was it overwhelming at all?


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Let the tweeting begin!

Hello beautifuls and happy Thursday! So many people choose to celebrate Hump day, or rejoice over Fridays, but I personally think Thursday is an under-appreciated day of the week. I mean everyone is so ready for the weekend that they are always ready to party. And everything always seems to be cheaper on Thursdays. Thus, henceforth I will most indubitably enjoy Thursdays. It is official because I used big words. 

By now you are probably all way over hearing about my New York trip. I'm tired of typing the word New York. Really tired of missing New York and wishing I was still in New York. So let's commence with finishing the New York posts, shall we? Only one more to go after tonight! I can feel your excitement radiating through the computer. On my second to last night in New York I got to experience the first annual Blogger's Night Out! I had no idea what to expect going into the evening, as very little information had been discussed. But I had an incredible evening socializing with some really amazing ladies, sipping custom cocktails and laughing our heads off at all our silly blogger antics. The BNO team hosted a truly first-class evening and took such good care of us! We left with quite a bit of swag and got to network with awesome brands, such as LuLu's where you could spin a wheel and win prizes! Ever since my early years of drooling over The Price is Right, it has been a life long dream of mine to step up in front of a cheering crowd, spin the golden wheel and watch the ticker land on that magical space! And guess what chicas? I did. Ok, so the crowd wasn't cheering, but the ticker did on the FREE ITEM spot! Which meant I got to go home with these babies. I can't wait to style them up right and show them a good time!! Oh and I learned a very important lesson about bloggers. When you throw us in a room together we will be incredibly social and giggly one minute, and then total tweet nerds another. I guess you just can never take the tweeter out of the girl. no matter how chic an event she is attending :) Needless to say I had a blast hanging out with my new blogger besties of the week, Alex, Nnenna and Katy! I hope next year there will be many more familiar faces there to share in the fun! Check back in at the end of the weekend to read about my first fashion show experience!

Blogger's Night Out
My first impressions of BNO! It was already a rocking party when I got there :)
The sweet menu for the evening. I had the sweet voga and it was deliciousness!
Alex with her LuLu's loot! And she styled it up wonderfully the next night!
rent the runway
I met Allie while standing in line waiting for our chance to spin the lulu's wheel and I told her I was crazy about her dress. Turned out she had been able to rent it from rent the runway for $1! Can you even believe that?? 
sparkle shorts
I was so in love with her in-your-face green sparkly shorts! Girl has got confidence to rock those bad boys!! 
Zoya nailpolish
Just part of out swag! And one of the sponsors for the event. If you are all very good girls, I might just have a giveaway coming soon for you!! 
Again, my blogger bffs! 
typical blogger
Pretty Alex and me in the background being a typical tweet nerd! (Photo credit to Nnenna!!)
outfit of the day
What I wore for BNO: Entire outfit was gifted, mostly from mom :)
outfit of the day
Oh and the crummy hairstyle was c/o me. I always think it looks better than it really does, but a low side bun is about all I can do on my own. Well, that and a high bun. I guess buns are my thing. 
Were any of you lovelies at BNO? I'd love to hear about your experience and if you enjoyed yourself as much as I did? And I hope I'm not the only one anxiously awaiting to hear from the BNO team about when the next event will be, so I can mark my calendar with a countdown. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller...

Oh and just in case you didn't get a chance to see the new Wednesday feature, check out yesterday's 5 Ways Wednesday post and don't forget to send me suggestions of items to style for next week! 


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 ways Wednesday: Chambray shirt

Evening loverlies! I hope I am finding you happy, relaxed and stylish (well, duh) on this fine Wednesday. I also hope you are feeling adventurous and ready for excitement. If you are indeed, say "ay" and follow me on une petite journey into new, unfamiliar territory. Ok, have I built up your suspense enough? Am I cementing myself as the foremost contender for most dramatic blogger in the blogosphere? Golly gee, I hope so. Otherwise my out there, over the top ramblings are all for nothing. Zut. I cannot let that be, therefore the only option I see is to continue being wildly dramatic and pray that you my darlings enjoy the theater :)

Now before I lose you, I should let you know that I was being serious about the excitement and new territory part. New things are coming to A La Mode et Plus over the next few weeks, and I am super excited to start tonight by introducing you to my new feature: 5 ways Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will show you five different ways to style one item. I would love it if the item was suggested by you guys, but that is all dependent on if you feel like participating :) I will start tonight by showing you five different outfits for various occasions that are all molded around a staple in many of our wardrobes: the chambray shirt. It really is the perfect remixing item, because it can dress up or down many a outfit. It is suitable for work or play and everything in between. It keeps you comfortable, casual and feeling oh so chic. And it's remixability will allow you to extend your wardrobe without spending a dime. Now that we have editorialized on the worth of the chambray, let's continue on to the proof. 

Hanging out with the girls:
casual chambray
Chambray/Pants: Madewell, Tank: Limited, Boots: Steve Madden, Belt: Kohl's, Earrings: Gifted, Braceler: Juicy Couture (gifted), Ring: Charlotte Russe
A chambray shirt is a terrific layering piece and can be used similar to a lighter version of a jean jacker. Wear it over your favorite flirty summer tank to transition into fall.
casual chambray

Running errands:
casual chambray
Chambray: Madewell, Jeans: White House Black Market, Clogs: Vince Camuto, Belt: Kohl's, Earrings: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Grandmother's, Headband: Target
Everyone and their mother has been rocking the denim on denim trend. Nothing ground breaking here. This ensemble is a perfect casual, but put together look for bumming around town. My personal preference would be to wear this with a pair of wider leg leans. I think it elongates the legs more. But this pair was the closest I had so I made do. Also, avoid your jeans matching the color of your chambray so you don't look like denim roadkill.
casual chambray

casual chambray
Chambray: Madewell, Leggings: too old to remember, Boots/Belt: Kohl's, Jewelry: same as last images
Ok, so I have never in my life advocated the leggings as pants look. But in RARE cases it can work. This look is borderline in my opinion. My rule of thumb has always been that the tunic/shirt you pair with leggings must be long enough to cover your tooshie, and your front side equivalent. I don't want to see and up close and personal view of either. I would prefer this shirt to be slightly longer, but it does technically fulfill my rules. Used in this case, the chambray is a perfect travel garment. Incredible comfortable, not easily wrinkled and in style.
casual chambray

formal chambray
Chambray: Madewell, Skirt: White House Black Market, Shoes: BCBG, Belt: LOFT, Necklace/ring: Charlotte Russe, Watch: Gifted, Earrings (that aren't even visible); Gifted
Tucked into a pencil skirt and belted, the chambray becomes instant work apparel. It is the trendy equivalent of the white button down.
formal chambray

Date Night:
formal chambray
Chambray: Madewell (tired of hearing that by now?? I am), Dress: Urban Outfitters , Shoes: DSW, Earrings: Gifted, Ring: Amrita Singh
Throw on your go to girly dress, layer your chambray on top, knot it up and presto chango you are date ready! Bright lights, date city as the ever wise Ms. Bradshaw would say :) I personally love chambray paired with lace, because it is a soft balance of femininity and menswear. You could also leave the chambray unbuttoned and belt it over the dress if you wish to show off more of the dress.
UPDATE: Click here to see how beautiful Lydia styled her chambray over a striped maxi!
formal chambray

And just for fun let's count how many "fashion rules" I broke during this little styling experiment:
-rocking white after labor day (hey if it looked good may-august, why doesn't it look good in september?? answer: it does. suck it.)
-mixing black and brown (I personally think this combo is beautiful and makes both colors pop even more. owned)
-wearing leggings as pants (Ok this one, I try to live by) 
-denim on denim (Oh we all know you aren't a "real fashion blogger" until you have broken this rule!) 
Take that Ms Manners! 

So bellas, which looks do you like? Which would you modify? Do you approve of my rule breaking :) And most importantly, what item would you like to see styled next?? Leave a comment, send me a tweet, write on my facebook, leave me a note on formspring, channel me telepathically (ok, if you know how to do this let me know!) basically get in touch with me any way you want and let me know what you want to see from this feature. I want to hear from YOU and have YOUR input dolls!! 


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashionably (out) late

Aloha lovers! I hope you have all had wonderful weekends filled with all the goodness that weekdays just don't seem capable of containing. Like waking up late and chocolate chip pancakes. Or a myriad of sporting events and girl talk. The second was what my weekend agenda had on tap. You have no idea how fun it is to bond over a shared lack of golfing ability, or, even better, a shared love of cute baseball playing butts in tight pants :) Ladies, you know what I am talking about, and you know I'm right. 

So I know it is taking me forever to get through my NYC/fashion week trip recaps, but each event was too amazing to not give each its own post, and I really want to share each of my adventures with you. Mainly because I am hoping to entice all of you enough that you will join me in NYC next time. Is it working? :) After a wonderful first day in NYC with IFB and Stranded Blogger, I continued the fun Thursday night with Fashion's Night Out! For any of my long-time readers (aka my mom and maybe 3 other people, lol) you might remember that I was in the city last year for FNO, but didn't really participate in anything. This year I knew where I wanted to go and made a plan of attack. Somehow, I still only managed to make it to a few places!! The event is just so crazy, and electric that you get sidetracked and enjoy just wandering around browsing. The best laid plans, right? I did hit up Betsey Johnson for several hours, and had a blast sipping bubbly and getting my hair done. Then I was able to meet up with Alex and browse through Kate Spade while being serenaded with some absolutely terrible, but awesomely fun, karaoke. We ended the evening with a late night burger and fries at SoHo Park and then I got my first lesson in navigating the subway, or train as the real New Yorkers say. It was a whirlwind of a night, but a total blast. I really liked getting to see SoHo area, and think it would be a place I'd spend a lot of time if I was ever to relocate to the city that never sleeps. Enjoy the photos, and I will have the last two NYC segments (blogger's night out and Hillary Flowers fashion show) up this week. Then we can continue on with regularly scheduled posts! 
Betsey Johnson Fashions Night Out
Live models dancing in the windows at Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson Fashions Night Out
Trying to battle through throngs of people at Betsey's awesome FNO party! And the fantastic hair crew that did my hair for the evening :)
dj kalkutta
The very fashionable DJ Kalkutta spinning some sweet tunes, and rocking my favorite Betsey dress in the store!
Kate Spade fashions night out
On to Kate Spade! We gave our feetsies a rest in the wedding department. 
kate spade glitter heels
Obsessed! Pink, glitter, slingbacks. I think these should be named the Laura shoe!
fashions night out outfit
What I wore for FNO. I apologize for how dark and grainy they are :( Dress: Betsey Johnson, Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors, Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff, Pearls: China, Earrings: Forever 21, Ring: grandmother's
fashions night out outfit
I thought it was only fitting to wear my favorite girly, Betsey Johnson party dress for the festivities! 
fashions night out outfit
Hair was falling out a little at this point, but I really liked how the BJ team styled it!!T


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

When bloggers mingle

Bonsoir mes belles! I hope you are in full on weekend planning mode! I have been since last night. What was going to be a low key weekend with no real plans has turned into girls golfing night out on Friday (yes, you heard that right) wedding dress shopping Saturday (not for moi, but roommate got engaged!! major excitement going on over here 24-7) baseball game outing Saturday night to see my favorite pitcher (ok, second favorite behind the brother) pitch, 10k run Saturday morning with Ms. Liz and friends and even more wedding dress shopping on Sunday. Can you say jammed packed?? Mais, c'est la bonne vie! I love weekends like this that are just filled to the brim with casual hangouts with friends and lots of roommate time!

So last we chatted I shared some of my favorite take-away tips from the IFB con. Post conference I learned another very important blogger tip: mingle whenever possible! Basically when you put a bunch of bloggers in a room together, throw a cocktail or two their way and say go for it, goodness ensues! I haven't been to too many blogger meet-ups, but I am quickly learning that they are fabulous! We all feel like we know each other already because we have been reading about one another's lives through our blogs, so there isn't any awkwardness when you meet. And even when you meet new bloggers, everyone is so friendly and welcoming that you are immediately set at ease. That is exactly how I felt last Wednesday when I mingled with so many lovely ladies post-conference during Katy's StrandedBlogger event! She was a perfect hostess and the venue she chose, the top of the strand rooftop bar, was gorgeous, complete with an empire state building view- my first of the trip! It was so nice to put a face to the blog when I finally met Katy of Modly Chic, and I assure you all, she is just as sweet and laid back in person as she seems on her blog! I also got to have a really awesome chat with a social media publicist named Andrea, who was helping to promote a very interesting sounding book that I am looking forward to reading. And I also met Alex and Nnenna, who I got to see a lot more of throughout the week. Alex was basically my new york city life saver, teaching me the ropes of everything from hailing a cab to braving the subway. Thanks girl for making my trip a lot less stressful! 
stranded blogger
Bloggers mingling at top of the strand
empire state building
Didn't even know we were this close to it until the end of the night. Met some really nice kansas city boys while bonding over being touristy and taking photos lol! 
The one and only Katy with two other lovely ladies who I didn't get to met. 
Andrea and me
Me, Alex and Nnenna. We were basically blogger bff's for the week!
outfit of the day
What I wore to the blogger mingle. Dress/belt: Kohl's, Shoes: Target, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Pearls: China, Earrings: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Amrita Singh. Hairstyle c/o KMS California (thanks!!)
details of outfit
And a mirror shot. The classic sign of a blogger going solo for the week! 
Tune in later this weekend for my recap of Fashion's Night Out!


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