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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I sleep through break-ins

Happy Thursday beautifuls! You know what means. It is time to gather round to hear my tales of awkward and awesome-ness. Oh but before we go there, I have a very serious announcement to make. Friends, I am officially henceforth decreeing (see the use of big words to let you know I mean business?) today to be "wear all your jewelry from ex-boyfriends day." Yep, that's right. Bring it on out from the dark corners where you buried it in hopes of forgetting he ever existed chicas. Ok, well those of you with husbands/boyfriends who may be easily offended perhaps you should refrain from participating. But all the single ladies (he he I'm a regular Beyonce) join me in bedazzling yourself with the jewels of ex's past! I've only ever been given two pieces of jewelry from my past lovahs but they are both pieces that I lub-a-dub-dub oh so much. And yet I banned myself from wearing them a long time ago, lest I should recall the times when we were happy and immediately be sad. But today when I happened to spy both these little beauties looking at me from my jewelry box with sad puppy dog eyes begging to be given their day in the sun, I caved in. When I thought about it on the drive to work (clearly I have too much time on my hands if this is the biggest debacle in my little head) I felt fully justified. I mean 1. It was years ago and all parties involved have long since moved on. 2. I don't have a current man in my life who could take this as a sign that I am still into said ex and 3. Most importantly, the jewelry is so purdy!! Ok, did I convince you? Because I convinced myself. So I think we are all set here.
Dress (as a shirt): Charlotte Russe, Skirt: LOFT, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Tights: Kohl's, Jewelry: c/o my ex boyfriends. Thanks for leaving me with a something pretty to look at before you broke my heart!!
1. Telling your family a story at dinner and your dad staring intently at you and you think he is just totally fascinated by your story and being a really good listener. Then you finish said story and he immediately says, "You really need to spend some time in the sun. You need color." Thanks person who is supposed to think I am gorgeous no matter what!!
2. Roommate and I both thinking that all the mysterious "redecorating" occurring in our bathroom was done by the other one and not saying anything until finally she confronted me about why her razor was now in the living room and I stared at her with a blank, very confused look on my face because I had certainly not put any razor in the living room. Then, after being confused awhile longer we wander into the bathroom and realize that the walls look remarkably whiter than before, and oh wow the crack in our ceiling we inquired to our landlord about is no longer there AND the fire alarm is not hanging from the ceiling anymore. FINALLY it dawned on us that maintenance must have been in our apartment that morning... while I was sleeping. I didn't even know. What if I had walked out naked or something??? Not cool maintenance man.
3. Running low on awkward stories tonight so roommate is here to guest-share her awk moment of the day! And no, it is not the fact that her roommate just said awk, so hush up! "Hi everyone, Sam here! So my awkward story for you is that I was at my (new) job today and the mail lady walked past my office. I smiled, she smiled. All normal. Then she stops, comes in my office and says 'You're up to tricks again!' I do the polite nervous laughter and say 'Yep. You know me.' And then she walks away. I've never met that woman in my life, nor seen her for that matter. Alrighty..." And Sam out. Thanks Sam!
So I have really been wanting to rock a chambray shirt and lace skirt, lately. Only one problem: I don't (yet) own a chambray shirt. Buuut I do own a chambray dress that I lived in this fall. Which I realized last night after I was almost asleep. But of course I just had to hop on up and try it out.
1. Snuggling with my cat. Yes, that's right my cat. Not a kitten, not a dog. But a CAT! As someone who wants a puppy sooooo darn bad, it really helps that my princess is a little cuddle bug. And when I say snuggling, I mean she was curled up in the crook of my arm all night making the cutest little snores. Don't try and tell me cats don't like people, or don't have personalities. You clearly haven't met mine.
2. Scaring the hiccups out of my roommate! Literally. I've always wanted to do that to someone, but I've never succeeded. Now I know it is all about timing. Well, timing and yelling really loudly in their ear just as they are turning around to speak to you. Do it sometime. I double dog dare you.
3.Stepping on the scale this morning with my eyes all squinty and half shut ready to do my typical "hop off the scale so fast that I pretend I never saw those mean red numbers" dance as usual. But instead finding that I quite liked the red numbers this morning and instantly shouting "HA! Victory!!!" without even thinking about how my window was open for all the neighbors to hear and then proceeding to kiss the little scale for bringing me such joyous news. Ok, I kid about the kissing. I mean my feet had just touched it for goodness sakes. But, the rest of this is pure truth. 
For those of you worrying about my sanity wearing these clunkers to work, fear not. I didn't. I wore boots, but this is how I conceptualized the outfit in the middle of the night so this is how I photographed it. Don't like that? Tough noogies for you!
Now it is your turn to share your awkward and awesome moments, dolls. Don't leave my awkward self hanging out all awkwardly alone here. Please, oh please!


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  1. I'll have to think on the awesome and awkward but I wanted to definitely tell you how much I love your ensemble! The denim button down + lace + cognac belt is unexpected and so gorgeous!

  2. I wish I could take pair but I got rid of all my old boyfriend gift jewelry...in all fairness it was all pretty ugly though.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Thankfully I don't have any jewelry from any ex-bf's. If one of them had got me that skirt though? I'd be both feet in - it's really pretty.


  4. lol! these were fun to read:) thanks for sharing.

  5. HAhaha I love days like these!! So funny!
    Sadly I don't have any jewelry from ex boyfriends since I've only had 2 and they never gave me presents :p (well...one gave me a toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal for my birthday...haha...I had told him I didn't want anything :p )

  6. OMG I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! You look so cute!!!!!! Those shoes are amazing too :)

  7. You know, my dad said that to me too sometime ago. Your outfit is beautiful. I love how the shoes give a lovely pop of colour. Have a fantastic Friday, darling

  8. Good for you, wear the jewelry! What good does it do anyway just sitting there? I love the chambray dress as a shirt with that skirt, it looks great together!

  9. Cuuute outfit! I am loving those shoes right now. And your skirt is darling.


  10. one of my friends beat up a maintenance dude once! she felt so bad afterwards.

  11. Ah, I love the thing about your kitty. I could not agree more. All of my cats have such differing personalities. One is like a dog - he actually licks your face and everything; the other constantly wants to curl up with you. Whoever said cats are solitary animals was so wrong! :P

  12. Lovely outfit dear, those shoes are very unique!


  13. i love how you paired those Danys with the lace skirt! very unexpected and stylish!!

    cute & little

  14. Oh man I wish I knew it was Ex-Jewelry day. I have a diamond heart pendant that I never get to wear because...well it's inappropriate to wear a heart necklace from someone other than your current boyfriend of 5 years.

  15. I absolutely love this! As I am from Canada and have no LOFT near me or way to get it, I'm very saddened too. I love that skirt so much! So not cool when stores don't do international shipping.


  16. I love that you declared it "wear all your jewelry from ex-boyfriends day." Not only does that crack me up, but I'm happy you decided it's finally time to wear it again. To Sam - I have moments like that and would have reacted the same way..."you know me." HAHAHA

  17. Totally jealous of your Danys! LOVE them in orange!


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