"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Golden Rebecca Minkoff Opportunity

Greetings loved ones! For some reason anytime I use the word greetings, even if I am just typing it (and let's be honest, when do I ever say the word greetings??) I have to say it  in an alien voice. And then I start thinking all about UFOs and Area 51 and Outer Limits (yes, the roller coaster) and it becomes this whole alien affair. Yea, try living inside this head every day. It's a chore I tell you.

Since you probably didn't come here to discuss extraterrestrial life forms I'm going to go ahead and skip ahead to the clothes. My next few weekends are kind of cray cray with all the (very fun) travel plans, running escapades and end of summer merriment, so tonight I took time to chill out with roommate and another friend. What better way to relax before a weekend of beach lounging (tough life, but someone has to do it) than by sipping margaritas and gossiping over tortilla chips? I swapped my work-appropriate pencil skirt for more fun boyfriend jeans and glammed it up with my favorite (and basically essential as of late) Rebecca Minkoff accessories. And then we marched ourselves right on over to Mexicali Blues for some girl talk, libations and nibbles. Perfect way to pass a Tuesday night if you ask me!
Rebecca Minkoff
Top: Limited, Jeans: American Eagle, Heels: Rebecca Minkoff, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring/Earrings: Lia Sophia, Sunnies: Airport vendor (ya baby), Hair: c/o of a sock, Mani: REDSKINS colors! 
Rebecca Minkoff
I have always shied away from boyfriend jeans, fearing that they wouldn't be feminine enough for my taste. But I have finally learned the secret to rocking the oh-so-comfy and potentially-very-chic style: accessorize with very girly elements. And what could possibly be more girly than a neon bag and strappy sandals! 
Rebecca Minkoff
I should probably tell you that I have been basically LIVING in these shoes since I snagged them at an unbelievable price from Bluefly. I've worn them with colored denim, fancy dresses, casual summer dresses, to work, to parties etc. etc. And everyone LOVES them. I get oodles of compliments, my feet have never felt sexier and the BEST part... they are comfortable. I know, shut up right? I am serious though. Check out Rebecca Minkoff's summer sale to snag yourself a pair
Description of Photo
P.S. Did I mention there's a sock in my hair? Yes, I am only about a bajillion years late to the sock bun party, but now I am kind of cool again because the trend seems to be slowing down, so I'm often the only one rocking it. Aka I'm a backwards hipster: I only jump on board once a trend is dead or dying... 
Rebecca Minkoff
I can't wait to show these heels and this purse a good time this weekend down in Florida! They made the cut of travel essentials as soon as I saw them paired together in these photos. Also: See the Rebecca Minkoff bag styled for date night here
Ok ladies, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your labor day weekends! Stay tuned for lots more exciting travel news/posts, including fashion week tidbits! I'm off to get in some much needed puppy cuddling before I have to say goodbye to my baby for a whole 6 days :(


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer has (almost) come and gone

Bonsoir my blogilicious babes! It has been a good long while since I used that (my favorite) greeting and tonight seemed to be the perfect night to bust it out! If I'm being honest, which I am, I am a little stressed out today and want to surround my self with all manner of happy/uplifting/inspiring things. So on that note, we aren't going to dwell on the stress, but make our way right on over to the beautiful: aka my hot friends who I got to spend the weekend with.

I already told you about how Pinterest planned my party for me this weekend, and how that was quite lovely. And I briefly alluded to the fact that the party involved the best people ever, but that needs to be elaborated on. You see,last year roommate and I decided to throw an end of summer party. Actually, I decided I needed a project to keep my mind off the fact that I was unemployed (slash procrastinate my much-needed job searching) and roommate indulged me. It ended up being this crazy mix of DC/college/high school/friends-of-friends crowd. And it rocked. Hard. Or at least we thought it rocked hard. So we decided to make it a tradition and go for round two! We wound up, again, with a mix of friends (albeit different faces for the most part) and it still rocked. We had a pretty sweet food spread from chocolate covered strawberries to guacamole, funfetti dip, pesto tortellinis and various Mexican/cheese dips that my amazing guests brought with them. And then there were the drinks. I think my brother said it best when he said "Everything I'm drinking is pink. And I love it." Ok, so maybe he didn't say the second part (it was more like I need a beer) but I like to pretend he loved it. We served strawberry basil margaritas, strawberry lemonade Popsicles and pink lemonade jello shots. Pretty floral arrangements were tucked in lemon-filled vases, and dips were served in flower pots to set the summer mood. And it was 50 shades of lovely (IMHO), but nothing compared to the company. All night long I had a goofy grin on my face (ok, so the margaritas might have had something to do with that), because i just couldn't get over the fact that I was surrounded by the most caring, wonderful, hilarious friends a girl could ever dream of. And I had them all in one room, mingling and getting along. It was heaven. They came from all over to spend one last night together before everyone goes their separate ways (back to school/jobs out of state) and it made me realize that for all my worrying about moving somewhere else, I know that no matter where my career takes me, this incredible group of friends I have formed will be there for me through it all. Whether it is my brother/best friend sending me a thoughtful text when he knows I need a pick-up, my like-family roommate calling on her drive home from work to catch up or any one of "the bros" posting some ridiculous and probably only funny to us comment on my Facebook, I know these people are my rock-solid foundation. They are the friendships that outlast everything, and can be picked up from where you left off without any awkwardness. They are once-in-a-lifetime finds and I am beyond blessed to have them in my life. And this post just got real serious, real fast. Sorry, not sorry because it needed to be said. So to all of you who made my Saturday night so memorable (and to those of you who couldn't make it but I know you wanted to) I thank you for giving me another summer of unforgettable memories. I love you all more than I could ever express!

*excuse the picture overload, but like I said, my friends are hot and they deserve their five minutes of fame. yes I just elevated being on my blog to fame status. deal with it.*
Our spread! 
Pinterest-inspired decor
So this was my pinterest-inspired hair pre-party. By the time guests arrived, the bow had been nixed (it looked funny from the side) and the curls were all but gone. Apparently working in a hot kitchen is not ideal for curls. 
party preppers
My wonderful pre-party helpers. It is sometimes hard for me to ask for help, which is why it is so awesome when people volunteer, and I can just say YES PLEASE! 
My gorgeous roommate et moi. I say it every time, but I love this girl to death. I am starting to get all girly and emotional about the fact that she moves in about 5 months. I will miss her so much. BUT you can be darn sure we will make the most of our remaining roommate time. P.S. Note the lack of curls. This was about 10 min into the party :( 
Roommate took pity on poor little Eli who was overwhelmed by the party-goers. He kept following me around, and roommate gave into his whimpering and cradled him like a baby for about an hour, before we decided it was Eli bedtime. I swear, we treat him way more like a child than we should. He probably has a doggie complex. 
college roomie
My darlingest college roomie who drove all the way down from Delaware after working a long day! Isn't she the greatest?? 
best photo ever
BEST. PHOTO. EVER. I am obsessed with this pic,and the fact that I had no idea this was going on behind me. The theme of the night was definitely photobombing, but this just takes the cake. Do you see why I love these boys?? Oh and girl on the left is the most amazing party guest OF ALL TIME!! She came over early and helped me get everything ready, and then she cleaned EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) up the next morning before we were awake.  Seriously girl you ROCK! (And I love you for way more than your party-help, I just can't get over how thoughtful you were with the party.) 
Talk about feeling short. These are just a few guys from a group of friends who have given me more laughs and joy in just a few short years than anyone should be allowed to have in a lifetime. I have a special place in my heart for each of them, particularly that handsome lug on the right (aka my brother!) He's single ladies! Serious inquiries only, please :)
Elon loves
My beautiful Elon lovies! 
I am just surrounded by attractive men, what can I say! 
I think at this point in the evening, brother was DONE with the photo session. Matthew, I'll keep it short and sweet, but I love you with all that I have. You are my rock, my best friend and the most important person in the world to me. I believe in you 100% and I just know that your senior year is going to be your best yet. Here's to all your dreams coming true, and to me finally getting that pink Mercedes you promised... hint hint. 

So I realize that these pics are probably not remotely interesting to anyone but myself, but sometimes you just need to share little tidbits of your life, so that you can have a visual memory years later. After all, isn't that why we all started lifestyle blogs in the first place?


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

This is what dreams are made of

Hiya gal pals! How was everybody's weekends? Mine was perfection. That's right, perfection! I got to spend Friday with my two favorite guys and watch the Nats kick some serious Mets butt. And who doesn't like that?? And then I stayed up silly late (2 am) getting ready for my annual end of summer bash; which is why my weekend gets elevated to perfection status. Saturday night was the most wonderful evening with (almost) all my favorite people! I had Elon loves, my bros, and roommate and her hubby. Life really doesn't get much better than that.

So does anyone remember that time waaaaaay back when I said Pinterest had basically planned my wedding for me? Well, the little website that could seems to have done it again. This time I actually used it to plan a (gasp) real event, unlike my pretend wedding. And plan it well it did! I've never put to use quite so many of my "pins" in one occasion. From the menu to the decor, drinks and setting the mood, Pinterest was there to see me through the whole planning process. We even had fun jello shots (thanks Michelle!) and cute popsicles. I got so many compliments on the party, and it almost felt wrong to accept them. I felt like I was stealing all of my dear little Pinterest's glory. So, here's to you Pinterest. I tip my hat to you for making me look like a better hostess. You really know how to help me throw one kick butt party! Much love, doll.
outfit photo
Dress: Joseph Rikkoff, from mom, Clutch: LoveCortnie (check out her adorable etsy shop!), Heels: Not seen, Steve Madden, Earrings: Lia Sophia, Bracelet: Gifted, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Vintage grandmother's 
outfit photo
My mom found this beautiful and flattering body-con dress earlier this summer, and I had been itching for a chance to get all fancy dressed up.  I knew last week's CapFABB get together was just the moment. I paired it with my new favorite clutch from a local designer and oodles of gold accessories, including a gold sparkle mani. 
I was sure Neiman Marcus was going to kick me out for playing dress up in there $1800 Theory fur coat, but I couldn't help myself. 
I'm in a box, I think? I really don't know what to say about this one other than there was champagne. Enough said. P.S. This picture makes me want to head to a salon RIGHT NOW and get those horribly grown out roots fixed PRONTO! 
outfit photo
Oh you know, I'm a model. 
Fall fashion
Showing you the fashions of fall. Take note of the leather accented pants and the smoking slippers. 
In case you wanted to know what I look like doubled over laughing. You're totally welcome. 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicks, Sips and Kicks

Bonjor kittens! Happy Friday! My favorite day of the week. Actually, that is a bold face lie, especially considering I told you just last post that Sundays were my favorites. Friday is definitely up there on the list of favorites, but Sunday is more favorite (name that line. go). Let's not mention this little white lie to Friday, though. He and I have hit a rough patch, and I just don't need any more Friday drama. I know I can count on yall!

This week was one of the most insanely busy weeks I've had in a long time, but it was filled with all fun post-work events so I really can't complain! Wednesday night, I dressed myself up in my newest fancy dress, favorite gold heels and lots of gold accessories, and marched my behind right on over to the Neiman Marcus CapFABB get together! Well, first I picked Rachel up at the metro, and then we marched on over. Tandem marching is really the only way to go. Per usual, the CapFABB girls put together a first-class all the way evening, complete with munchies, champagne, baubles to play with, a fashion contest and oodles of outfit inspiration from all the District fashionistas! This was one of my personal favorite looks, as it could so easily be transitioned straight into fall. We got to browse all the hottest trends for fall, including my new obsession: leather. Leather pants, leather skirts, leather accented jackets, leather everything is what fall will bring and I can't wait! Good thing I scored this awesome Alice+Olivia camel leather mini at Secondi, one of the best vintage stores in DC. Along with leather, I can't wait to see shades of green everywhere, structured oxblood handbags and funky brooches. That last one is something I've never given any thought to, but they are going to be huge this Fall and I can't wait to raid my mother's stunning vintage collection! I'm still up in the air on how I feel about smoking slippers, and the continuation of menswear inspired clothing. I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out!
I know deep reds and shades of green are in for the fall, but I'll never stop loving cobalts and jewel tones! Especially for bangles, my jewelry love. 
leather combo dress
I am head over heels ga-ga for this leather combo Theory dress! I seriously wanted to whisk it away to NYFW. But, alas, the $355 price tag halted any and all dreams I was having. Click on it though if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it! And then send it straight to me, um k? 
leather jacket
Again with the leather details. As you can see, I am obsessd. This jacket makes me think Chanel meets Biker. Haha. 
Delicious food and champagne were on tap for the evening. 
smoking slippers
I honestly am not sure how I feel about the smoking slipper. I think it can work, but I'm not sure its for me. If i do try it, I think it will be in leopard from, rather than this spiky slightly terrifying version.  
modeling fall fashions
These were our models for the night. Two teams of girls dressed them in their take on fall fashion and competed to see who had the best look. I felt look 2 (left) was the most trendy, but look 1 would be some thing I'm more likely to wear. You can't see pants very well, but look 2 s wearing printed skinnies and look 1 is wearing leather pants. 
cherry lips and brooches
Cherry lips+brooches add drama to fall looks
frost yourself
All I kept thinking when I saw this bowl of baubles was, "ladies of NY, frost yourselves!" Name that line. Go. 
Neiman Marcus
This is how Neiman Marcus was decorated when you came up the escalators- thousands of butterflies! It was like walking into a butterfly-infested heaven. 
My partner in crime for the night! Thanks Rach for joining me and partaking in the champagne game with me :)

I took way too many photos at this fantabulous event for one post, so full outfit photos/photos of our ridiculousness will come later! Have a fantastic weekend, dolls! 


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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Purple jeans, mint jeans, blue jeans.

Happy Sunday bellas! My favorite day of the week. I can lay around and do nothing, stay in my PJs way past the socially acceptable hour and not feel one iota of guilt.

So, confession time (have you been missing my myriads of confessions?? I thought so) ladies. I have a new addiction, and I don't even want to try and break it. We all know that I've been hopelessly addicted to shoes since, well, forever. But now we have to add another one to the list: colored jeans. Yep. I'm on board the can't-get-enough-colored-denim train and it makes me wonder why I haven't hitched a ride sooner. Now, I really shouldn't need to convince you of their genius-ness by now, but just in case I do, I'll give it a shot.
  1. They are jeans. But fancy pants jeans. Need I say more?
  2. They add an instant pop to your outfit. Say you want to wear your favorite basic outfit: jeans and a tee. But you want to step it up a notch? Grab your mint/violet/electric blue/hot-rod pink pair of colored jeans, throw on your basic tee and poof. You're a style goddess. 
  3. They go with everything. Yes, everything. Don't believe me? Throw on a chambray. Works. Try animal print. Works. How about color-blocking. Double works. I am telling you, they are the boyfriend blazer of pants. 
  4. People stare at you. Ok, so sometimes they are staring because you stick out in the sea of black and navy that is my city, but I choose to believe they are staring because my awesome bootay looks even better mint-colored than it does denim-colored. Yes people, these are the little lies I tell myself, and I feel no shame. 
  5. How can you not feel good about the world when your legs are clad in hot pink? I dare you to try and tell me you don't smile more. Go. Go now! 
I'm Laura, and I approve this message. 
green and navy
Tank: Banana Republic, Pants: American Eagle, Flats: Express, Sunnies: Marc Jacobs via (insert online sample sale site that I can't remember here), Necklace: Lia Sophia c/o South Moon Under, Rings: Lia Sophia, Watch: Michael Kors
jewel tones
Oof I need a haircut! I keep putting it off because I don't know what I want to do with it. I know I want to take off quite a bit of length, but I don't know if I can handle going "short" again. I'd really like to play with the color too. This is my inspiration but I am not sure if I can pull it off. Thoughts? 
sitting on a log
Yes, I've fallen prey to the obsession with colored denim, along with the rest of the world. My collection now includes pink, red, blue and these (thought they were mint) green beauties. 
jewel tones
I felt like my color combo was a little fall-y today, but something about it really struck me. as right, so I went with it. I'm all about trusting my instinct these days. My instinct may be leading me to try rocking an old dress of my mother's as a belted navajo-inspired maxi. Now you tell me, should I listen or run far, far away? Also, not sure if you have noticed but I am getting way better with this whole lipstick wearing thing!
I've never been much of a jewelry girl, but lately, try and stop me! No, seriously, someone please stop me because I can't seem to control the shopping. Probably doesn't help that I keep going to Lia Sophia parties and wanting EVERYTHING!! (P.S Those things are fun, right??) Anyways, this necklace has been a favorite of mine since I found it nestled in my press bag from an event I went to months ago with South Moon Under and SpicyCandyDC. To say I am smitten is an understatement. It is way more stunning in person, and I always get asked where it is from. 
Oh, P.S. If you are a colored-jeans-aholic, too, but need a little inspiration as to how to style them, definitely tune in on Wednesday for the 5 Ways Wednesday: Colored Jeans edition!


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dressing for the mood

Hiya pals! What's on the docket for the weekend? Brunches? Parties? Shopping? Come on, I want the juicy details! I plan on getting some sun, enjoying quality time with brother and roommate and nomming some s'mores. Oh, and doing some major screaming. Did I mention I was heading to an amusement park? For work? Ya, it is a tough life dudettes but someone has to do it. Brother and I are kind of roller coaster freaks, so when I heard there was an opportunity to write a story on historical theme parks, take a road trip to Pittsburgh with friends, ride some rides and camp out, I was in like woah. And when I'm in like woah there is just no stopping me.

After my lovely little ramble about change, inspiration and personal style yesterday, I felt like I needed a pick me up. I don't know about you ladies, but most of the time I dress to suit my mood. If I feel bright, I'm going to wear my favorite neon pink pumps. If I feel fancy, lace dress here I come. If I feel sick, PJs will be just fine. But when I've got a case of the mean reds ("No the blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The men reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of."Name that quote. Go.) the only thing that can chase them away is a fantastic outfit. In that case I'm not dressing to suit my mood, but to determine my mood. Big difference, and the latter feels empowering. So yesterday morning I woke up feeling quite uninspired and knew that the only cure would be a hot pink blouse, sequins and killer pumps. And you know what? It worked. I had a productive day at work, a terrific run with roommate and woke up this morning feeling awesome. Don't even try to tell me fashion is silly or pointless. Fashion, as the wise Miranda Priestly once said, "is the art we live our lives in" and that is meaningful. The right outfit on the right day can make a difference, even if it is just changing my outlook for a moment in a day. It matters.

*please excuse the blurriness of the first three photos! camera difficulties*
outfit post
Tank: Simply Vera Vera Wang via Kohl's, Blouse: Kohl's, Skirt: J. Crew, Shoes: David's Bridal, Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors,Bracelet/Earrings: gifted, Rings: Lia Sophia/grandmother's, Manicure: Essie Mint Candy Apple
pink and sequins
Sometimes a girl just needs a little sequins, pink and lace in her life. 
outfit post
So remember how yesterday I told you I was into simple, no muss no fuss outfits? Well today I woke up and I wanted flair! I wanted bright and fun. Pink and sequins seemed to do the trick.  
detail shot
I am absolutely in love with the color mint lately. I love it on my nails, in clothing, jewelry, everything! It seems more springy than summery to me, but I just love it and can't get enough. 
bridesmaid shoes
So these lovelies are actually my bridesmaid's shoes from roommate's wedding! How awesome is that. I might have picked them out :) I got a lot of complaints from the 11 (yes, there were 12 of us!) other BMs but I secretly kind of didn't care. I loved them immediately and knew I would wear them all the time after the wedding. 

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