"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, April 8, 2011

The one with the awkward and awesomes

Hello darlings! Happy almost weekend! Aren't they just the best :) So before we get straight into the awkward and awesome moments of the week, I have a bonus awkward story for you. I don't know how much stock you guys put into dreams and what they say about you/your life, but the mom and grandmother have always been very into interpreting them. I on the other hand try to forgot most of mine as soon as they happen because 90% of the time they are more like nightmares than dreams. I have no idea why I have such weird dreams because I am a very happy person, but either way I am kind of known as the queen of weird dreams. But last night I had one that might take the cake, and it wasn't about anyone trying to kill me so I thought I woild share it. Ok grab your popcorn and get settled in.

In the dream I was getting married to a guy I used to date (in real life I mean), but we were no longer a couple. Basically, we had been engaged and then broken up but apparently because we had been engaged that meant in this dream world that we had to get married. So, I kept saying over and over that we only had a month left to plan the wedding, except that the thing I was most worried about planning was picking a date for the actual wedding. Yet, I kept insisting to everyone around me "we need to get moving because the wedding is a month away!" So confusing! And then everytime I kept trying to call the groom to get his input on anything his new girlfriend would answer and wouldn't let me talk to him because our wedding "wasn't on his list of priorities at the moment." He was on board with the wedding and knew it was happening, he just didn't want to have any involvement in it. Friends, let me just tell you that it was the weirdest, most frustrating dream EVER!! Anyone want to be my shrink and psychoanalyze my bizarre little brain for me? Any takers?

-The price is right without Bob Barker. I mean what were they thinking? Don't get me wrong, I love me some Drew Carey (a la Whose Line is it Anyways?) but he is so not able to replace the Barker!
-Photos where I make faces like this and look several months pregnant.Double whammy!
-Finding out that someone who I have referred to as cute on this blog knows about this blog. Never called him by name of course, so hoping he doesn't figure out the reference. And now I'm hoping he doesn't get this one either. Am I hoping for too much?
-Women who try to do the whole "let's talk while we are both in a public bathroom thing". Unless I know you super well and we are the only two in the bathroom, I don't really want to chat right now.
You may be uber confused right now, but this is possibly the most awkward thing I've encountered in my LIFE! This was the sink in a bathroom in Beijing, so no matter how you positioned yourself washing your hands it looked soooo wrong.
-Remember how I told you I met up with some other bloggers and told you it was awesome, but didn't show you any pictorial proof of the awesome-ness? Well here you go. Don't say I never gave you anything.
Photo credit to my awesome new friend Liz! Seriously these girls are wonderful and I am already excited about the next time I see them and we haven't even picked a date! I feel like the girl who just went on a really great first date who is already planning their wedding and said date hasn't even called her since the date. Anywho, check these fab girls out! Liz, Jenny, me, Annie, Lauren, Michelle, and Liz 
-Finally figuring out how I could comment on other people's Facebook pages as A La Mode et Plus, rather than from my personal account! I know, I am a tech newbs.
-Ballerina buns have become my new lifesaver for mornings where I would rather sleep in late than get up and dry my hair. It is one of the few "non-dried" hairstyles that looks good on me and I am a fan!
-Dinner and a movie with the bestie and her hubs. Her hubby works a lot so the three of us never get to hang out but tonight was the perfect catch up evening. We just got to relax and chat and eat a fabulous dinner. Perfect Thursday evening right? We were supposed to take a photo tonight to share, but since we didn't, feast your eyes on this gem of us from high school. Oh sweet nuggets, why am I sharing this....
Oh look the babies in high school!
Ok babelicious bloggers, I'll see you tomorrow for another edition of Friend Friday. Woot woot, get excited!


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