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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tie it on!

Confession time: I spent four years attending classes, listening to professors lecture, diligently studying, completing assigned tasks and cramming thousands of facts into my head that seemed to vanish the moment the exam was over, but I learned shockingly little about life. Until I went abroad that is. That is when I learned what I was truly capable of and how to be on my own. Never before had I appreciated alone time, but after many many solo cafe lunches, I quickly discovered the joy of not talking for an hour or so and contenting myself with people watching. And it was during one of those seul lunches that I realized how much I could learn from the women parading in front of me- these incredibly put together, chic women. Of my many observations of these glamazons I took away three main things:

1. European women live in heels. And not only heels, but sky high heels. They walk everywhere in the towering beauties and look amazing doing it. I credit them with my commitment to wear heels as often as possible, because i desperately wanted calves like theirs!
2. European women can work the layered look like no other. They never come across as frumpy,but rather as perfectly coiffed. 
3. And thirdly, European women are the masters of that ever so elusive accessory, the scarf. 

Yes, they know exactly how to tie the perfect knot, select the perfectly patterned silk and use them to style up their outfit to perfection. They make it look like an art form, and perhaps a little too complicated for mere mortals. But in reality, they are elegant, simple and the perfect way to accessorize any conservative outfit. If you merely want to add a pop of color to your look try tying your favorite gem through the handles of your most beloved bag, or around your  delightful little waist to give it a boost of definition. Or you can drape it in the more traditional locale of your dainty neck. 

The best scarves pick up on the hue of the colors in your outfit and come complete with a fun pattern. While there are hundreds of ways to tie scarves these days the best knot is one that looks natural and not stiff. Avoid the "I spent hours staring into the mirror perfecting this knot" vibe and try to achieve the "I just threw it on as I was leaving" look. Leave your collarbone exposed for a sexy, playful look. I personally love scarves and wore one just about everyday while I was in France, in the beginning because it was the best way to stay warm and increasingly as a fashion statement. If the scarf I am wearing is chunky, I prefer to fold the scarf in half, make a loop, throw it around my neck and pull the ends through for a chic but warm fit. Or if I am donning a lighter version for purely aesthetic purposes I will simply loop the scarf around my neck twice and let the ends dangle. Remember when choosing a scarf to keep the rest of your accessories muted. Eschew your statement necklaces and long, dangly earrings for the day and let the scarf be the center of attention. Give this fabulous accessory its day in the sun! 

So, kitty cats, are you a fan of the scarf? How do you style yours? Do you wear them for warmth only, or do you have faith in their aesthetic beauty too? Speak up dolls and share your take on the scarf!



  1. Contrary to today's blog post, I rarely wear scarves. If I do, I either let them hang loosely around my neck (no knot) or wear them in my hair.

    BTW, wearing heels everyday is a fantastic goal. Kudos!

    xoxo Hannah

  2. I love scarfs and wear them as often as I can. I have so many! My fave scarf atm is my big off-white/pink Burberry scarf and I´m almost sad when it´s too hot to wear it (I would almost take it to bed with me ;-)). It´s so elegant and so cozy! I wear my scarfs in many different ways, depending on my mood and what I wear with :)

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  3. I LOVE scarves but Im not very creative when it comes to wearing them :)

  4. I've never been successful at making the scar a chic accessory. However, maybe a splurge on a Hermes one will motivate me to make it happen?! ;-)

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  5. I love scarves and I wear them all the time..I have one on right now:) Hugs,sweetie

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  6. I am a total scarf addict. I just scored a gorgeous Madewell scarf on sale st shopbop!

  7. When I was younger I wore scarves all the time - just as an accessory, never for warmth. Now I hardly do - I really need to change that!! :)

  8. i wish I could wear heels everyday. NO, I wish someone invented a heel that didn't kill by feet - better!

  9. I STINK with scarves...I wore my first scarf a few weeks ago XD I should wear it again :p But yea...me & scarves = disaster

  10. Im a definite scarf lover:) Im going to be picking up a few more this weekend:)

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  11. haha...I was all over Europe this past summer and grandmothers were putting me to shame with their amazing heels!

    bubbs :)


  12. I LOVE scarves! I live in Canada so I wear scarves in the winter for warmth, and year round for style. Lately I'm really liking the circle scarves I'm seeing in stores this season.


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