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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The transformer girls

Hi lovelies! I hope this Tuesday is finding you fine and dandy. I am feeling pretty dandy myself, after another rousing round of Tuesday Trivia. Alas, we lost to The Government again, but I finally was able to contribute something useful to my team tonight! I am lucky to have very smart teammates who seem to have vastly larger brains than mine. But tonight, my average sized brain was able to be utilized when it just so happened that an entire round was on one of my all time favorite comedies: The Hangover. Yes friends, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to be able to put to my obsession with The Wolfpack to good use! While my teammates contemplated African geography and the location of major cultural monuments, I had thoughts of "Black Doug" and Alan discussing better names for roofies. I am not sure whether I should be embarrassed or proud of the fact that I can tell you exactly what suite the gang stayed in at Caesar's Palace and the name of the actual suite that inspired the movie set version... Or that tigers love pepper, and hate cinnamon. I think for tonight, and tonight only, I will be proud. Tomorrow, my Hangover nerdom will get tucked back in to its properly hidden secret spot in some distant corner of my brain.

In other news... roommate and I finally got our much needed haircuts last weekend! It only took us like 3 weeks of schedule coordinating to make it happen. *Sigh* But, it doesn't matter because we both love our new hair! Roommate loves hers so much that she agreed to let me show you before and afters! Enjoy the fresh new face on the blog, why don't you :)
Doesn't she look amazing?? I've always loved her long locks, but you have to admit that the new length looks incredible on her! I really think it makes her look more grown up.
I didn't go with anything nearly as dramatic as roommate- just some needed touch-ups to the highlights, layers and bangs. Nothing major, but I really like the difference. And I meant to post my pre-cut to the market outfit photos with my Eastern Market post, but I wound up with so many shots of the festival, that I didn't want to overwhelm you completely with pictures.
outfit of the day
Shirt: La Befana (via Rue La La), Skirt: Old Navy, Shoes (not seen-sorry): Nine West, Earringa/Sunnies: Gifted from mom, Watch: Michael Kors, Hairstyle that I was in love with: c/o roommate!
summer outfit
There are many, many benefits to living with my roommate: her amazing cooking, her dedication to fitness that pushes me, her attention to cleanliness (a skill I sorely lack) and her wardrobe! But one thing I had no idea I would get out of our incredible friendship is a hair stylist! I have always been a down and straight , boring hair kind of girl. It looked the same everyday, unless I was too tired in the morning to dry it in which case it went in a bun. But roommate is super good with hair, and always likes to style hers (and others) differently as often as possible. Et voila my built-in hairstylist! Since I wasn't supposed to wash my hair before getting my haircut Saturday morning, but I still wanted to shower to be clean, I needed a hairstyle that worked for wet hair, and would hide the fact that it hadn't been washed. Once again, roommate came to the rescue with a braid into a side bun. I admit- I was obsessed with it! I just hope I can do it again with my newly layered hair.
white mini skirt blue halter top
I was trying to find a pose that got the braid and the side bun in one shot, but it never really worked. I guess you'll have to take my word on it that it looked cool!
outfit of the day
So what you don't know about this top is that I have kind of been living it. Summer rolls around, and this shirt becomes my go to, quick and easy summer uniform. Something about the geometric pattern, high collar, pseudo halter top fit and button detailing has always made me crave this top as soon as that temperature edges over 70. And since we are way past that, I am certain you will be seeing a lot of this top my friends!
Oh and because roommate's hair looked so cool that day, and she said it was ok to feature her you get a rare bonus roommate photo!
outfit of the day
I loved her hair, too, and begged her to try it on me next time! I'm telling you, I'm like a little girl asking her older sister to pllllllease do her hair. I'm so lucky she obliges my inner child!
I think roommate was kind of the star of this post: awesome new haircut and excellent styling skills on both our pre-cut hair! Way to go roommate. Keep on rocking with the hair, please :)

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