"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hospital funnies

Howdy partners! Yes, I bring you another edition of blog in a funny character voice. I know you have just been itching for it ever since International Pirate Day, right? No? Oh well, Cowboy day has arrived with or without your approval, but hopefully it is with :) And you know what else is making a long overdue return?? Awkward and Awesome Thursday! I imagine the heavens opening and birds chirping with joy as I typed that. Yes, I do over-dramatize everything in my head, thank you very much. Personally I think it makes life more interesting. I also blame Blair Waldorf (book version Blair, especially) for this habit.
cardigan and dress
-Ok this is a good one, so I apologize for the length! The brother and I got quite a laugh out of this, and considering we were laughing in the hospital you know it has to be good. So when the whole Sunday accident thing happened, the EMS team was having trouble getting a blood pressure reading over 100 for me. So when I was in the ambulance and the EMS lady (super nice, I quite liked her) took it for a fifth time and it was still hovering around 88 over 60, she finally asked "Do you exercise or anything?" And I said, "I mean I try to run occasionally, but nothing major." She responded, "Oh ok, that explains it." I think nothing of it and consider it dropped. We get to the ER and she is talking to my nurse and giving her all the details and when she tells her my blood pressure levels, she says "but I'm not worried about it now because she's a runner." Woah, woah, woah stop the horse. When the hizeck did I classify myself as a runner?? Never! And the best part is, it didn't stop! It seemed like this crazy "runner lie" was spreading like wildfire since every dr/nurse I saw (I saw like 4 different people) managed to tell me, "But I wouldn't worry since you are a runner." It was one of those things where I had let it go on for so long that I just couldn't stop it now. Brother found it quite funny and was unable to contain his laughter the last time the nurse said it, which made him the recipient of an awkward look. Oh, hospital visits are always awkward, aren't they?
-Walking around the office for half the day with a popped blood vessel in my eye (and not knowing it!), making it look as though I have been balling my eyes out. Thanks Mr. eyeball, thanks.
-Not being able to do a darn tooting thing about my lovely red eyed-ness even after said discovery and compensating with a really big smile for the rest of the day, hoping people would spend more time wondering why I was smiling quite so much and less time pondering what could possibly be making me cry at work. Oh what a problem solver I am.
-The fact that every time I talk in an editorial board meeting my entire chest gets immediately red and splotchy, even though I'm not nervous! I sure do look like a nervous nelly. What is that about, body? Explain yourself!!
-End of phone conversation at work: "Ok man, thanks a lot." ... Man? You started the call with "Hi Laura" and end it with "Thanks man"? Odd in my opinion.
-Eli's (my dog for anyone new here) ability to immediately find my undies the minute he enters my room no matter how hidden they seem to be! And his aptitude for dragging them out into the main room whenever I have company over. Thanks, babe, thanks.
dress and cardigan
Dress: Banana Republic, Cardigan/headband: The wonderful land of roommate's closet, Shoes: Bridesmaid shoes, Necklace/Earrings/bracelets/ring: Gifted, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Amrita Singh
dress and cardigan
Today's photo location was courtesy of roommate! She scoped it out during a mini walk with Eli today. She walks my pup and finds cute photo locales? She's the best! And no, you cannot have her.
-The way Eli sleeps on his back with all four paws up in the air. Cutest.Thing.Ever. I swear, you would think so, too, if you saw it.
-Giveaway starting tomorrow!! Yay for free goodies on a Friday :)
-Being in town every weekend in June!! I seriously can't wait to be able to explore DC every weekend in June. First up this weekend: Truckeroo tomorrow night, Eastern Market Saturday and church at the National Cathedral on Sunday. Excellence in a sentence, if I may say so myself.
-Being asked in the hospital to rate my pain and immediately having this pop into my head. A little obsessed? Maybe. Acceptable? Absolutely.(P.S. Brother said he had the exact same reaction to the question, so I think that makes our family doubly awesome!)
-Eli in his little life vest at the lake last weekend. Oh man, it was precious. Even though he didn't really like the water (or the vest, mind you) Mama felt better knowing that if he had a moment of bravado and leaped into the lake when I wasn't looking, he would just bob around for a bit. And let's not forget that he looks stinking cute in a life vest (aka the real reason he wore it).
-Perhaps I need to make an addition to the awkward list today: The fact that my life seems to revolve around my dog now. Totally normal, right?
outfit of the day
Lately all I have wanted to do is throw on a dress and a cardigan with a pair of heels and call it a day. But I kept feeling like these outfits weren't "creative enough" or "blog worthy". But I realized that sometimes the simple outfits are all you need. A dress and cardigan is a classic for a reason. Why fight the urge?
red dress
Roommate found three things I love when she found this location: ivy, brick and dilapidated fences! Go roommate!!
cream cardigan
This is one of the few shots that really shoes the detailing on this cardigan that make me love it so much. The fit is very unique and the strategic cutouts make it light and breezy. Aka the perfect summer cardi that my closet was lacking. Thank goodness for roommates. I'm not sure what I'll do when I get married and my "roommate" has to be a boy! Oh who I am kidding, I'll steal from him too!
posing in the park
Woof, this was a wordy Thursday, huh? I guess I was just awkwardly (and awesomely) making up for all that lost time! Wishing you a very awesome and non-awkward weekend. Although, I must say, the awkwards always wind up being better stories. I'm just saying.
being goofy


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