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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rachel Green Wednesday

Hey dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful should-be-Tuesday Wednesday! Roommate and I had tapas and drinks with my dad in GTown, so we definitely did! The tapas restaurant may be one of my new favorites! It is really perfect for the way my dad and I like to eat: order several small meals and share with the table. That way, you get the best of all worlds, and you don't gorge yourself on a singular meal. Tonight I got to eat spinach with raisins and pine nuts, seared tuna with caramelized onions and potatoes in some delicious sauce. And what is a tapas dinner without a little Sangria? It was utterly delightful!
Rachel Green
Blouse: H&M, Skirt/Belt: LOFT, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Earrings/Bracelet/Ring: Gifted, Flower ring: Jewelry stand in Fla.
I cannot take credit for my outfit at all today. Actually my galpal Rachel Green dressed me today. She did all the inspiring and the styling, really.The only thing I did was physically take the skirt off the hanger, and fish the shirt out of the corner where it didn't belong. It was clean, I swear- just not handing where it belonged.  Ok, hopefully by now you have figured out that I am referring to Jennifer Aniston's character in Friends. Yes, I know my obsession with a show that has been off the air for over 7 years is slightly scary, but now that I have found style inspiration from the countless times I have seen every episode of my favorite show I think I can now officially say I am just doing research when I fall asleep watching Rachel and Ross argue whether or not they were on a break. Finally, an excuse!
In the show Rachel wore a tigher fitting lace skirt, and green utilitarian blouse, but this was the closest thing I had.
Rachel Green
And I was just dying to try pairing a more masculine blouse, with the uber feminine lace skirt.
This may sound crazy, but for some reason I felt like my hair went with our restaurant tonight. Definitely not planned, but I liked it.
This was another skirt that needed to be springerized by pairing it with a springy color, rather than the usual darker colors it saw all winter.
Style blogging
This belt is rapidly becoming my go to for all my wide-waist-cinching needs. It fulfills them well!
So now I am curious, who was your favorite Friends character? Did you ever get style inspiration from any of the characters? In case you hadn't guessed already, my answer to both questions is definitely Rachel.

P.S.In case you didn't have a pulse for all of 1994-2004, watch an episode of Friends immediately and report back the awesomeness to me ASAP. That is your mission, should you choose to accept it. And believe me you, you better accept...

P.P.S Tashina Harris- What season and episode??


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