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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

Bonsoir babes! Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to my photo post, but I have just been so swamped between work and freelancing! I'm not complaining though, because I love what I do and feel blessed to have work right now! But, I do wish I had more time with you lovelies. I always make time to read your blogs, though, because they give me great joy. I love seeing what gives other women joy, and seeing the beautiful creations you make out of clothes. I will never understand people who can't see the art in fashion. You know what else gives me joy, is my beyond adorable "special" kitty who loves to cuddle more than any dog I know and just struggled up onto my bed to join me as I type :) She is such a sweetie!

Ok well now I am finally showing you some of my photos from NY! I took 450+ so this is truly only a small sampling of the trip. I warn you that most of the pics are very touristy, as I tend to get overly excited the first time I visit something and take the more mainstream pictures and miss the beautiful natural shot that was occuring as I took 20 of the same shot of a building. C'est la vie! But, next time I go I will have have the benefit of seeing most of these things and that way I will truly be able to capture the city. I apolgize in advance for the fact that you can't really get good views of my outfits. I am still new to all this and have so much to learn from you experienced bloggers :). I am hoping to be brave enough to do my very first real outfit post tomorrow, so stay tuned and I welcome any and all feedback! But for now, here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip.

My first photo from atop the Empire State building! I have been totally fascinated by this city for as long as I can remember and I was thrilled to finally be experiencing it myself.

I have wanted to be on top of the empire state building ever since I saw An Affair to Remember and fell in love with the tragic romantic symbolism of the building. This was really a dream fulfilled.
Finally seeing New York City!
So powerful to be in NYC on 9/11 and to really take time and remember the horrific events of the day, but know that we have prevailed as a strong and united force.
I could never life in this city, but it is phenomenally gorgeous and fantastic to visit!
FNO ad on the side of the HUGE Macy's! I definitely need to go back and visit this historic store on my next trip.
Paris BFFs in Times Square! (of course I had to be holding food-shocking!)
Red carpets everywhere! It felt like we were really shopping in style, even if it was only pretend :) Sunglasses: borrowed, shirt: H&M Paris, tank top: White House Black Market, necklace: Charlotte Russe, bracelet and ring: Personal Accents, jeans: 7 for all Mankind, shoes: Steve Madden
Finally got to see the Plaza hotel! Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of being proposed to in NYC while it was snowing after taking a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Then we would head to the Plaza and have a glass of champagne to celebrate. I know, totally silly, but a girl has to dream right!
I LOVE Central Park. It is so relaxing and peaceful compared to the noise of the city.
The Park is so old school romantic to me. I love that you can escape the craziness of the city and find a rock to relax and unwind, while doing some fabulous people watching.
Going out for FNO!! Sorry it isn't a fully body shot, but I plan on using this as an outfit post soon anyways. Blazer: Elie Tahari, dress: H&M, earrings and bracelet: borrowed from my wonderful mom.
Goofing off before going out with the self timer on my camera.

Ok I have more pics to come from our second day, but after three failed attempts at this post which has kept me up way past my bedtime I have to turn in! And don't forget to let me hear from you ladies. Where is your favorite place in NYC? If you haven't been, what are you dying to visit in the city? Have a fantastic Thursday everyone and remember to stay classy!



  1. Gah! You look gorgeous in these photographs! I'm so glad that you're truly living it up in NYC! I was born in Greenwich Village, but now live in Southern California; anyway...two of my favorite NYC locale's are Brooklyn and Williamsburg. There are so many different music venues to see amazing up-and-coming/indie artists. LOVE!! :)

  2. New York New York! This is definitely on my MUST visit list! Your pics are amazing! Awesome pair of ripped jeans by the way! I absolutely love a good pair of ripped denims! These are perfect ;-)

  3. Cute pictures... I love NY!!! And you look so pretty.

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    What a fantastic trip!


  5. Great photos! looks like you had fun workin' that red carpet look!!!

  6. looks fab!
    and i love the blazer!

    check out my blog :)


  7. beautiful! ohhh i love the american flag <3

  8. The fifth photo is AMAZING! What a beautiful trip! You're making me so jealous I wasn't in NYC last week... but I promise, I'll be a New Yorker some day soon. :)

    xoxo Hannah

  9. You took some amazing pictures. New York love! :)SarahD

  10. Great shots - I just love New York. Can't wait to go back!

  11. i have never been to NY city so I appreicated the 'touristy' shots!

    my fave outfit is the blazer & grey H&M dress. LOVE!


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