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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milan let loose!

The season has been upon us for a few weeks now and bloggers are abuzz with chatter. We eagerly pour over the photos and allow ourselves to lust over the perfection appearing in front of our eyes. We exchange favorites and mentally create do and don't lists to abide by for the season. And of course we hurry out to stock our wardrobes with all the essentials. No, I'm not talking about the delightful, crisp autumn breeze that so many of us have been craving. I am taking about something even better. Fashion week season. The past few weeks I have constantly found myself perusing style.com, to get the latest updates on the shows I hope to one day be attending, and gushing over the luxurious creations gracing the runway. I must say, this year has been a big hit in my book as so many of the collections have seemed more wearable off the runway as compared to the usual avant garde pieces that are so fun to admire, but not always every-day translatable. Tomas Maier couldn't have put it any better than when he said after his Bottega Veneta show Saturday "I don't like making clothes for red-carpet events. I like real life." Why thank you Tomas, because most of us spend our whole lives there and we enjoy it as well! With the crème de la crème of fashion weeks having kicked off tonight in Paris, I am all the more excited to see what designers will deliver for the fashion capital of the world. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning :)

Many of the Milan shows this week easily made their way to the top of my list thanks to the bright color palette that was a theme of the shows and the bold, clashing patterns designers dared to pair together. It was atypical for the city that tends to produce much more muted collections than the sassier Paris and definitely a refreshing treat. Like any girl, I enjoy a good dose of sophisticated neutrals, particularly in the a/w collections and I absolutely adore a classic black/white combo! But for s/s showings I really prefer to see bright cheery colors that match the feel of the seasons infused into the collections and Milan delivered on that desire this year.

I especially adored the Bottega Veneta collection. Though the collection was almost entirely composed of pieces in various shades of cream, with a few stunning colorful pieces thrown in towards the end, I was attracted to the playful ease theme woven through the collection. Maier said the cream background would give women a chance to really experiment with color in their accessories to "make the look their own" which is always a good thing in my opinion. Not to mention, the shoes were fabulous! I'll take a wedge sandal with woven espadrille soles anyday!
The mixed patterns in the Versus line were just too fun! I loved how Christopher Kane slowly incorporated florals into his plaid pieces as the show progressed and I was so happy to see the cutout minidresses from last February's show make a reappearance. The color-blocking was an added bonus. And the playground equipment which was the set for this show was the perfect touch for the "cool,preppy and sexy" vibe that the Versus line embodied.

And of course the Dolce and Gabbana finale was absolutely incredible. D&G said the line was meant to showcase a "hope chest" of items that a bride-to-be would take with her into her married life. The models donned couture lace suits and dresses for the day and then quickly piled on rhinestones for a show-stopping evening look. And the models ended the show displaying the "honeymoon underwear".

And to wrap it up for the night, I'll show you a few quick pics of what I was wearing today!
I have been dying to try out my new military jacket and the weather is finally making jackets permissible! I wasn't sure whether to button it up or leave it open, so I would love to hear from you ladies which way you prefer! Jacket: Anne Taylor Loft, Dress: White House Black Market, Shoes: Badgley Mischka , Earrings: gifted, Ring: grandmother's vintage collection. 

Trying it open. 
So ladies what did you think of Milan fashion week? Were you surprised by any collections? Disappointed? What shows are you most excited for in Paris? Do you prefer the military jacket closed, to show off the beautiful brass buttons or open? I adore hearing your wonderful opinions and I promise I will return the love! Don't forget to follow my blog if you like what you are reading! Ciao bella!


(All images from style.com and Jak and Jil)


  1. Love the jacket and those shoes!

  2. I saw your blog and I wanted to invite you to follow my blog.
    Check out my blog @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com
    I hope you like it!

    With love, Samm

  3. Am loving the buttons on this jacket and just the jacket overall! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!


  4. First, yayay for being fashion twins! Military jackets are the best - and you wear yours with true flair. LOVE!

    Ah, D&G's finale...now that was a refreshing cap to the show, if you ask me. Very demure and feminine; yet fierce at the very same time. I think it was the biggest surprise. :)

  5. totally agree with you about wearability being a huuuge factor in my book. Its fun to look at red carpet gowns, but much more fun to see a jacket or skirt and actually start dreaming about an outfit from the own closet it would go with!

    i prefer the jacket unbuttoned.. totally bias tho because i hardly ever button my jackets :)

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  6. MFW was fantastic an I am locing your jacket. :)SarahD

  7. Ooh, the Bottega Veneta photos are gorgeous.

    I like the jacket open. Very cute!

    xoxo Hannah

  8. ahhh mulitcolored squares on the nails! so cool.



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