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Friday, September 17, 2010

First outfit post!

Happy Friday lovelies!! I hope you all have fantastic weekend plans that you are thrilled about. Pour moi? I will be making a short trip to see the best brother in the world and to celebrate a good friend's birthday! Even though it has only been a month I have missed Matt dearly and I can't wait to see him again. Then to finish off the weekend mom and I will be driving up to Pennsylvania to see my favorite preggo cousin and celebrate the soon to be newest member of our family. I haven't seen her the entire time she has been pregnant and I can't wait to see her glow and maybe even take some maternity photos of the beautiful couple. Eeee I love babies (if you couldn't tell) and I have been so stinking excited for this baby to come! Only a few more weeks now though. And you better believe that it will be the most stylish little baby around if I have anything to say about it, although we don't know if it is a boy or girl so I have to wait to start buying the itsy bitsy adorable tinny clothes.

Well I have been awfully nervous to do an outfit posting, but your sweet comments on my NYC photos have made me decide to just go for it. I will get better at these photos I promise, and any advice you have on how I can improve will be much appreciated. I'm going to keep it short though since I still need to pack. Enjoy your weekend ladies and I will talk to you Monday.

Just got this denim dress the other day and I was so excited to wear it with these boots. I don't usually dress this casually for work (even though it is a very casual office), but since I was going to the baseball game straight from work, I wanted to be comfy but still cute.
Everyone at work joked that it was nice to see my actual height, since it was the first time they had ever seen me not wearing heels!
It was still a little too warm to be wearing socks, but I picked up those knee highs at Century 21 in NYC and have been wanting to wear them ever since! 
These boots are soooo comfy
Ok, I admit it. I may be a little obsessed with this bag. And with the website where I found it, handbag heaven. They have a huge selection and their prices are amazing! If you are in need of a cute, cheap bag, check it out!
I told you I am obsessed! I love the distressed leather and the detail of the buttons.
I have become quite a regular in the ring department at Charlotte Russe.
Ok sorry, I know this is a terrible photo but I just couldn't get a good shot of the earrings. Like I said, I will get better :)
Alright, well hopefully this will just be the first of many outfit posts! I think this blog will be such a great way to watch my style evolve over time. I have already been very influenced (in good ways!) by all of you beautiful bloggers and I can't wait to see where else this journey will take me.

BIG thank you to my darling cousin for taking pictures!

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Steve Madden
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: Amrita Singh (from Gilt)
Earrings: borrowed from fantastic mom
Bag: Handbag Heaven
Socks: Century 21



  1. lovin the color of that boot dear, such a rich color!


  2. This is a great outfit, love that dress and the socks + boots combo! Thank you for stopping by my blog! xo

  3. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love your boots!


  4. Ooh, I LOVE this look on you! I must admit that the addition of the knee-highs changed the entire style - and I adore it! I must buy a pair for myself ASAP! You look beautiful - and I don't blame you for becoming a regular in the Charlotte Russe rings department...they have so many stunning, affordable pieces!! :)

  5. wow! I love this outfit! Everything in it! The bag and the boots compliment each other perfectly :)

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  6. yay! looking amazing! love everything in this outfit! well done

  7. wow i love high socks + boots combo! you look so stylish ;)
    btw nice blog :)

    kisses from Russia,

  8. Great outfit! I'm dying to do socks and boots but its still way too hot here!

  9. nice boots!


  10. Nice outfit!


  11. Hello...I just found your blog, wanted to say HI....:) I think your outfit looks fabulous!! LOVE LOVE the boots!!

    You are a natural:)

    Have a fashionable day!
    Statements in Fashion

  12. I love these boots!! And the socks peeking out of them!


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