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Audrey Hepburn

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stubborn Summer

Happy Friday fabulous friends!! Friday is easily my favorite day of the week. As much as I adore my job, I thoroughly enjoy my relaxing day off. Saturday is my family/friend day, but Fridays are my day. I get to sleep in, relax, run errands and just enjoy my time alone. I didn't accomplish all of my to-do list today (car still messy and nails still unpolished), but I did finally get my hair cut, caught up on my fashion mag reading and watched quite a few Sex and the City episodes. It was a lovely, albeit unusually hot, Friday.

Well fall may have technically been ushered in this week, but in Virginia summer is stubbornly staying put. We had 90+ degree weather today! It was ridiculous. I love summer, particularly the sunny colors, sundresses and strappy sandals that are a summer staple, but I am ready for my fall wardrobe! Boots, cozy knits and black and white patterns are calling my name! I guess the best way to describe my outfit today is a mixture of summer and fall appropriate. What can I say, I just couldn't make up my mind!
Blouse: White House Black Market, Bracelet: borrowed from mom, Ring: Charlotte Russe, Shorts: Charlotte Russe, Socks: Century 21, Shoes: MPS
I warned you I was totally obsessed with wedges right now!
 I might, maybe have gotten these in black and brown because I loved them so much! They are ridiculously comfortable, too.
My adorable cousin all ready for her high school football game! Love this chica.
 Ok ladies, I need your help now! I want to wear this outfit to a party that the boy I am crazy about will be attending, but I want your opinion. Is it too much or just enough? Do you think it will help me win the boy?? Help a girl out, lovely ladies, and leave your opinion! Have a wonderful weekend, look fabulous and share all the juicy details with us!



  1. Oooh I likey! Especially the shoes!!
    (and yea...Burberry <3, but thats a big chunk of change so I can't really justify it yet :/ )

  2. I love wedges too! ;)
    Nice monochromatic look, capturing my attention with those lines. Hmm, well I'm only 16 so I'll leave your questions to the pros?

    Thanks for following :D

    Continuing roasting marshmallows,

  3. great shoes!


  4. I love that blouse and those shoes are amazing.:) I think that outfit will be good for that party. :)SarahD

  5. wow, great shoes, and nothing is better than comfortable heels :)


  6. Gah! Summer is firmly staying put here in SoCal, as well. Nevertheless, it is officially fall; therefore, despite the fact that it was over 100* yesterday, I wore jeans and boots!! :P

    I LOVE this look on you. I think you will definitely be able to turn the head of the boy in question - good luck, my love!! :)

  7. From someone who has been in fashion for way longer than you have been alive, I think you are right on trend and look amazing! I love to see young people really having fun with thier clothes!
    Just ran across your blog and a new follower! Great work!

  8. Fun graphic blouse!

    Love Grace.

  9. You're so pretty! I love blouses with the peek-a-boo shoulders - they're just sexy enough without going overboard!


Let me hear from you ladies! It makes my day to read your comments, so thank you for leaving the love!

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