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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sex and the City obsession

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope your weekends were filled with a combination of lazy lounging and elegant decadence. I definitely accomplished the lazy lounging, but considering I spent my Friday night in a homemade duct tape/trash bag dress I don't think I can call my weekend elegant or decadent. But, it was absolutely fabulous nonetheless! I had no idea how much I had missed college already, especially the terrific people that I once again had to part with this weekend. Luckily, I know I will be seeing them again in 7 weeks so I don't have to wait too terribly long before seeing their wonderful selves again.

Lately, I have had a total obsession with Sex and the City episodes. I can't really explain the sudden desire to watch the fantastic Carrie Bradshaw and company as often as possible, but it definitely hit me full force and I have been making regular trips to blockbuster to indulge my cravings. I think the first time I watched the shows (which was long after the show was over) I was so mesmorized by the witty and well narrated writing about relationship drama, that I glossed over the crazy fashion choices that Carrie made on a daily basis in that show! I have seen the first movie at least a dozen times, so I tend to only remember her more polished style from the movie. Even that was still way more avant-garde than most of us fashionistas, but her wardrobe choices during the show were truly mind-bogglingly wacky and fabulous all at once! She had a way of pulling off total fashion risks and turning them into stunning styles that I could only dream of rocking. So in an effort to add some elegant decadence to my lazy labor day (very slow day at the office) I give you my tribute to the one-and-only Carrie Bradshaw- the character who inspired us all to channel our own inner fashion bravery. And don't forget ladies that Sex and the City 2 can be pre-ordered now before it is released on Oct. 26!!

I have always adored her oversize flowers! The white flower dress from the first movie is an obsession of mine!The rest of this outfit from season 3 was gorgeous as well.
Carrie never abandoned her glam, even while ice skating.
This look is very modest for Carrie but she is classically gorgeous here as she channels Jackie O.
Who could ever forget the bejeweled D&G panties!! Though Carrie may have wound up as "fashion road kill" for a  moment in season 4, her confidence here makes her a true fashion goddess. 
Carrie was quite a fan of the the cropped shirt/ bare midriff look throughout the show (remember the polka dot midriff belt from season 4??), but with fab abs like those why shouldn't she be?! Her look here is just the right amount of sexy, without crossing into slutty territory.
Probably my favorite Carrie shoes ever!! I have dreams about those gorgeous pink Louboutins! Plus, Carrie's goodbye date with Big was so perfectly romantic.
A stunning vision in 1920's glam and glitz!
I am not usually a fan of the masculine look, but here is a terrific example of mixing girly and masculine to create a to-die-for-chic outfit! Boo on Berger though.
One of my all-time favorite Carrie outfits! I am just a  girly-girl through and through. We have all experienced the post-break up meeting with the ex and dream of looking as gorgeous as Carrie did here!
Another favorite! J'adore French fashion with a passion and this outfit is the epitome of French classic fashion, with a twist on the signature Carrie Bradshaw flower thrown in.
Even when she is just lounging around Carrie manages to look terrific!
This is how I want to look this fall! Carrie adopted the OTK boots long before they were in style and as always, she rocked the look. I love the knit sweater as well!
And last but not least, the tutu that started it all!! I don't think I could pull off this ultimate girly-girl outfit in my daily life, but CB definitely made it an icon!
There are seriously too many wonderful outfits to commemorate every one that took my breath away, but these are the few that were truly seared into my memory. What were your favorite CB outfits? Did she inspire you to be more daring? Who was your TV fashion idol?


(Images from Fab Sugar, Fashion's Maven and The Vancouver Sun)

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  1. Carrie is such a great style icon!!
    While I love the T.V. series, I do feel as if they have overdone the styling for the movies though...



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