"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love, love, love

Salut loves! How was your weekend? Fabulous, I hope! I was lucky enough to spend Saturday with my fantastic college babies who make me feel so old! But, I love them to death and feel like a kid on christmas morning every time I get to see them!! I still have yet to spend a full weekend at home since August (crazy, I know) but every trip has been totally worth it. Next up: visiting the best little brother for family weekend and watching him do his thang on the baseball diamond. Can't wait! What did you beauties have on your agenda this weekend?

Well, that stubborn summer I was pouting over last week seems to have exited over night. Today could have been perfect considering it was in the low 70's, but the torrential downpour made it hard to fully enjoy the cool, crisp autumnal weather. However, it made it fully acceptable to break out the leggings and boots! I do not believe in the leggings as pants trend, but I am a huge fan of leggings with dresses/tunics paired with boots. Love, love, love! They are more comfortable and less mom-ish than panty hose, in my opinion, but they have a similar effect of making an outfit a little more appropriate for the work place. The combination of today's outfit and the delicious nonfat chai latte that was my afternoon pick me up finally made me feel like like my favorite season, fall, is finally here!
When I first got this dress I wasn't so sure about it, because I have never been much of an orange fan. But the fun pattern  had won my heart so I gave into a new color and I have never regretted it. Like I said, I am all about branching out this fall, whether it be with a new color palette or trying new trends that I have previously stayed away from. Dress: Kohl's, Tank: White House Black Market, Leggings: H&M Paris, Boots: Kohl's, Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton (more on that later), Jewelry: Borrowed from mom and cousin, Headband: Charlotte Russe
Always been a sucker for Blair Waldorf-esque headbands :)
Notice something new... :)
I never thought I would have gotten so much wear out of these boots, but they treated me very well last season, and I look forward to another wonderful fall with my original boots!
Lucky for me, my sweet cousin who moved in last January has great style and lets me borrow her jewelry. Thanks cuz :) Finally got the nails polished as well. Still obsessed with purple, but went for a glittery shade this time.
In order to combat the blues that could accompany this gray, rainy day I have been occupying myself with thoughts of things I am loving right now, which I am happy to say is a long list. I won't bore you with all of it, but thought I would share some of my favorite things right now, and yes, the sound of music lyrics are definitely running through my head.

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Silver white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things...
 1. Ok, how could my new vintage Louis not be on my LOVE list?? I am completely in love with this baby and how the vintage colors go with sooo many outfits! Thanks to the fabulous Gina of Gina Marie Vintage I am the proud owner of my first vintage piece! If you are in the market for anything vintage, from dresses to coats to accessories, Gina's boutique is a must-see. She lists the condition of her items with total honesty, ships purchases very quickly and emails you personally to ensure you are pleased with your vintage accoutrement. Though this is my first purchase from Gina, I would definitely recommend her and would do business again with her!
2. You have probably figured out by now that I adore Audrey Hepburn, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to come home and find this darling poster propped on my bed tonight! My sweet cousin came across this gem while she was at Michaels today and kindly bought it as a surprise for me :) Could she be any  more wonderful? Audrey Hepburn, surprise gifts and the best little cousin a girl could ask for are obviously on the love list!!
3. When I got home from my travels this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see these two large pumpkins sitting on our porch. Only my fantastic mother could have known how badly I was ready for fall. Funny enough, I had picked up the baby pumpkin on the way home, so we now have a cute little pumpkin family to announce the arrival of fall to any of our neighbors who may be doubtful. Can't wait to decorate these guys with my cousin soon!!
4. As a self-diagnosed shoe-a-holic, shoes are a given in my list of loves and these pink Betsey Johnson cuties, on sale at Rue La La are testing every ounce of my willpower. But, I am determined to be good, thus I am sharing this deal with you ladies but not scooping them up myself.
5. Ok, is it just me or has Gossip Girl really stepped it up with the fashion this season?? Every episode is filled with beautiful ensembles for me to drool over!! I showed you two of my favorite outfits from tonight's show last week, but Blair's sparkly attire for Fashion's Night Out was divine as well! I adored Serena's flowy and sexy dress as well! Bravo Eric Daman, bravo.

6. Last, but not least, is you my darling blogging beauties!! So far my journey with this blog has been an absolute blast and hearing from you is such a joy! I look forward to reading your delightful posts every day, and learning more about you is great fun. Please let me continue to hear from you because it makes my day!! And don't forget to become a follower of my blog! I promise I will return the favor :) Sleep well dearies!!


(Images from ruelala.com and cwtv.com)


  1. 1. love the vintage lv.
    2. for reals, get it eric daman.

  2. You're rocking that outfit! You look amazing. I love the combination of the dress and the boots!

    xoxo Hannah

  3. thanks Laura! I'm glad you're happy with your GMV purchase! Come again soon : )

    Gina Marie Vintage

  4. I love your outfit, the boots are so great! As for your loves list, YAHOO!! :D The baby pumpkin is sooo cute, we still have to go to the pumpkin patch. Probably the middle of October.
    And those shoes are sooo cute! *resists since I have nowhere to wear them*

  5. Gah! This post is full of too much good stuff! I absolutely adore your boots; and yayay for fall decorations!! :)

  6. Love your new bag! I need to get some pumpkins to put out front too :)

  7. Hello hello :)

    I don't really watch Gossip Girl, but I love Blair, and the outfits really are beautiful!

    You look so sweet with the bow.

    Candy dancing,

  8. Great vintage snag!! And great website!


  9. wow girl you have such a sweet family leaving you gifts! Pumpkins, posters! And I love the hair bow! xo

  10. You look so cute! I knew fall had arrived once the Pumpkin Spice Lattes made their debut at Starbucks. I'm thrilled that it's finally cool enough for tights!


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