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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoevention Time

Bonjour babes! J'espère que vous êtes bien. Ok sorry I was feeling international today after reading about various European fashion weeks and reminiscing on all my lovely study abroad memories. Ohhh college how I miss you! Isn't it funny how we are in such a rush to grow up as youngsters, and then when we get there we want nothing more than to go back to to those idyllic days? Although, big girl clothes are so much more fun, right ladies!  On that note, I have come to a serious realization. After stopping by my beloved Bloomies Outlet yesterday on my way home, I have made the gut-wrenchingly hard decision that I must stage a shoe-vention for myself. Yes, ladies, the time has come to admit that I have gone from harmless shoe lover to full-fledged shoe-a-holic! And what prompted this revelation you ask? Well, when the darling cashier who was so kindly ringing up my latest addition (gorgeous black open-toed lace-up booties, which will be featured on tonight's outfit picture!) said, "Oh hey! Back so soon after the Badgley Mischka shoes?" I had to mentally snap myself out of the shoe fairytale I had eagerly been a character in for the past month. Could there have been a bigger reality slap?? I mean let's face it, if cashiers are recognizing me by my shoe purchases, I am probably purchasing too often!! So in order to satisfy my unavoidable craving I will instead focus on blogging about the beauties I am salivating over, rather than adding them to my already stuffed shoe rack. Since I know I will not be able to quit cold turkey, I will allow myself to make a well-considered purchase every so often (length of time undetermined as of yet) in order to stave off total sprees. Hopefully this attack strategy will be successful! 
I have had these steve madden lace-up wedge booties bookmarked on my computer for weeks now! I like how they have a bit of an oxford look, a trend I have never been brave enough to try, but still remain very feminine. I'm also totally obsessed with wedges right now.
Ok who wouldn't want these incredibly fun Jeffrey Campbell cheetah wedges?? I think an animal print accessory is a must for every fashionista this fall because it is such an easy way to add a bit of edge to your style.
Refinery 29 had a great post on Tuesday about all the fabulous shoe collaborations that graced the fashion week runways, and this extremely affordable Aldo for Julian Louie collab is one of my favorites. It has a bit of a Jeffrey Campbell vibe to it and the ikat-patterns are an added bonus! I think the first one in the second row is my favorite. The last one in the second row is classically beautiful as well. No release date on this line yet.
I have a major addiction to anything that glitters, thus I find these shoes divine!! I almost bought them in NYC when Steve Madden was having a 30% off store-wide sale, but I decided to be "practical" because I thought they might get messed up easily. I have been kicking myself in the butt, with non-glittery shoes I might add, ever since.

This outfit has always kind of reminded me of the pink dress Carrie wore towards the beginning of the Sex and the City movie. Dress: Calvin Klein, Belt: Paris, Shoes: BCBG, jewelry: borrowed from cousin
The shoes that started the shoe-vention :)

Ok ladies, what have you been craving lately? Have you ever had a shopping reality-slap moment? Have you staged an intervention for yourself? Am I totally crazy?? Don't answer that one :) 
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(All images from bloomingdales.com and shopstyle.com)


  1. Love those Steve Maddens!
    and I'm just a shopaholic :p I need to stop myself from spending so much...and especially right now..I'm actually considering buying something Burberry...that's like 2-4 weeks of paychecks depending on the item! AHHH XD

  2. Those Steve Maddens are so cute!

  3. These shoes are to die for xD
    I want all of them.
    And I like your outfit too, a mix of soft color with an edgy side.

    Following you, feel free to do the same :D

    Roasting marshmallows,

  4. Ah, I think we may be twins! I find that I am fine with saving money in all areas of style - except for shoes! It seems that I am forever falling in love with a new pair! LOVE those Steve Madden's - have you seen them in nude? GORG!! :)

  5. Oh I love the shoes you are wearing!

    And those glittery ones are amazing!!

  6. HOT shoes! Love the fact that they lace up...super cute...and the bottoms are great too! Give them that rugged look!


    p.s. check out my blog? I have THREE giveaways going on!


  7. Ooh I love all of those shoes, especially the leopard ones!


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