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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Freedom of Dress!

Hi dolls! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week, and you aren't being hit too hard with the Tuesday blahs. Luckily, I am still experiencing that new-job-bliss, so every day is basically a sun shining, birds chirping kind of day. They are always better, though, when I have time to write to yall!
I was a little rushed this morning so there aren't a lot of accessories in today's outfit. I will be more interesting tomorrow, I promise! Dress: Kohl's; Headband and ring: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: gift, Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Since starting work at USA Today I have learned many, many things about journalism. But, the most valuable lessons I have learned have been about life. In just three months I have seen myself maturing into a more responsible and informed human being, and that makes every day here absolutely worth it. I have gained confidence in my voice and opinions and learned that I have thoughts worth sharing. I also learned that others not agreeing with my opinions doesn't diminish their worth. I may not be able to take these lessons to the bank, but they are far more valuable to me than any pay-check I will receive (although without the paycheck there would be far less shopping in my life...) But, as I mentioned most of my daily lessons learned are things that apply to the field of journalism and one of the essentials of the field that has been drilled into my head is to always, always be current. No one wants to read a story about something that happened days ago because it isn't relevant anymore in our twitter-paced society. Well, ladies, forgive me because I am breaking that rule today! I have been meaning to write to you about a certain subject for days now and never get to it, but I don't want to let it slip away because it is something I am so curious to hear your opinions on.

I am sure by now you have all heard about the hullabaloo surrounding the female reporter, Ines Sainz, and her choice of work attire during her interview with the Jets. Initially my reaction was to focus on the immature behavior of these grown men, who seem to have forgotten that they are no longer boys, and their clear disrespect of a woman who was trying to do her job. But the public seemed determine to shift blame to Ms. Sainz and criticize her wardrobe choices, rather than scolding the men who made her outfit a national debate in the first place. Yes, I agreed that her outfit wasn't the best choice for a working environment, particularly one in which she would working with half-naked men. But that wasn't the point here! First off, the only people who have the authority to deem her outfit inappropriate for the workplace are her bosses, and since I highly doubt that this particular outfit was an entirely new look for Ms. Sainz, her employers appear to be fine with her fashion choices. So why are we, the general public and people who have no business telling her what she can and cannot wear to work, focusing so heavily on her wardrobe selection and ignoring the inappropriate actions of the Jets? Doesn't Ms. Sainz have the freedom to dress how she chooses so long as it is acceptable to her company? Furthermore, when did the way a woman dresses become justification for harassing behavior? That seems a little to similar to the "well she was asking for it with the way she dressed" argument that many men use to justify rape. Everyone deserves the right to not be subjected to harassment in the workplace and the men who violated Ms. Sainz's right deserve to be punished. And please, leave the fashion criticisms to the experts please!
Not what I would chose to wear, but not really that awful!
From the front
On a lighter note, who else agrees that the Gossip Girl Paris fashion was to die for??? I held off on singing my praises last week since I had a hunch that this week would be a continuation of divine frocks to gush over. I am more of a Blair dresser myself, but I always love Serina's boho-chic/rocker-chick edge/classic upper east side chic look as well. Neither girl was a disappointment on the first two episodes of the new season, and judging from the sneak peek of next week's show, they will continue to shine.
I loooove everything about this outfit! Eric Daman please come to my house and pick out my clothes every morning!!
I love the mix of sophistication and casual Juliet exudes by pairing her boyfriend blazer with the FNO t-shirt. Plus I love seeing things I own on TV :)
I literally gasped when I saw this gorgeous red dress on Blair and was immediately obsessed. I wish it was a full length photo, but you GG fans know what it looked like :)
Serina always has the most perfectly cut jackets ever. This was one of my favorite looks on her.
We all know Blair stands out in any room she enters, but with this gem of a dress she is sure to light up even the darkest of corners. And that man candy she is wearing doesn't hurt either!
My favorites!!!
Oh Blair, ever the romantic hopeful! She is truly a modern day cinderella, complete with a missing shoe.
Ok ladies, I really want to hear from you today! What did you think of the Ines Sainz scandal? Do you think she deserved what she got? Do you think she was treated unfairly? Would you wear her outfit? Are you tired of hearing about her?? How are you feeling about this season of Gossip Girl? And lastly, are there any remaining One Tree Hill fans out there who are excited for tonight??


(All images courtesy of CWTV)


  1. I didn't even hear about this! Now I am curious to see what she was wearing lol ;) and glad to hear the job is going well ;)

  2. Gossip girls always look amazing, think everyone could look amazing with that budget though...


  3. GG always look amazing and they have such a stunning bags:)
    Have a wonderful day my dear and thank you for your sweet comment:)

  4. Oooh I never noticed you worked for USA Today! Awesome! And we are both in the new workplace happiness stage, haha
    Such gorgeous clothes on GG, I don't watch it but I love the clothes, haha

  5. i am so so impressed with the gossip girl costume department this season. i think they definitely took it up a notch.


  6. Ooh, I had no clue that you worked for USA Today - how thrilling! I'll be honest, I take offense to the fact that males think that they have the right to discuss what women wear. No one is asking for anything by wearing tight jeans. She was at a sporting event, therefore I think she had the right to be casual - whether she was on duty or not. That's my two cents anyway.

    As for Gossip Girl. Oh, I think I would love to live in the costume department of the Gossip Girl set. Non-stop access to all of those stunning clothes! And now I want that FNO t-shirt, because it looks gorg on Juliet!! By the way, I LOVE your headband - so Blair Waldrof!! :)

  7. As a fashion luvah, I know it's bonkers that I don't watch GG. The stills I've seen are incredible!

  8. I hadn't heard about the controversy!

  9. Great post, thank you for sharing!

    d e g a i n e


  10. I like what youre wearing here, its pretty and corporate look.

  11. Nice dress. :)


  12. haha that's crazy! I totally imagined the broad wearing something sleazy and cheap looking. While it's not the most tasteful attire! I don't think it's as bad as it was made out to be. She's got a great body though! Anyway, joking aside, puuuleeez! She doesn't look thaat bad, let the woman do her job. And maybe she'll dress a little more professional from now on too. Men can't handle us and our hot bods ;)

  13. I have to disagree with you about Ms Sainz!! I think her goal is to become a sex symbol of the journalism world, and not a serious journalist. There's a difference between being a sexy woman but being professional about it, and then being a sexy woman and using clothing to flaunt it - on TV. And regarding her bosses, of course they don't mind, she's getting people to watch, right? lol
    I think she could be just as powerful in attracting attention to herself and to her journalism by choosing journalism/tv appropriate attire. The fact that she chooses this attire allows people to feel like they can comment - because, obviously, she knows what she looks like and she knows what she's doing.
    oh, and I LOVE LOVE Serena's sparkly jacket.


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