"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Monday, February 28, 2011

And the award goes to...

Hi friends! Happy Oscars night! This may be the one night of the year that makes me wish we had a working TV. C'est la vie. I did follow many of the twitter updates though, to keep up with the big wins, and the fashion of the evening. I have still only seen a handful of gowns, but I think Sandra Bullock rocked the red, and Hailee Steinfeld looked cute as a button. Personally, I love that she dressed so age appropriately and doesn't seem to be trying so hard to rush her youth.

I'd like to announce another winner tonight, as well! Though it may not be a televised event where we all dress up in fabulous gowns, dripping with carats, I am very happy to announce that the incredibly sweet Courtney of Sartorial Sidelines is the winner of the $40 CSN gift code! Courtney, congratulations and I will send you your winning email in the morning! Thanks to all of you lovely readers who joined the fun and of course thank you to CSN for making the fun possible!

And to keep right on in the spirit of awards and celebration, even though I am un peu late to the party of posting my FBFF blog award nominees, I decided to go ahead and post them anyways because these blogs are so important to me. I want to show some blog appreciation to the ladies who inspire me on a daily basis, and some who even inspired me to join this amazing little community in the first place! They are my must-reads, they make me laugh, they make me smile, they are people that I would love to have as friends in my everyday life, and most of all they are women that I think have an amazing talent and their passion shines brilliantly on their blogs. Check them out and I know you won't be disappointed.

1. Creative Juices - most creative
This blog was the very first one I ever bookmarked and to this day it is one of the very first reads of my day. Her life is thrilling and I love catching up on whatever adventure she is tackling next! Gabby is also one of the most talented photographers I have ever come across, and I love when she shares her personal work because it takes my breath away. I am always inspired to chase my passions after reading her blog and that is invaluable Thanks Gabby and I can't wait to keep following your journeys! 

2. The Real Deal - authenticity
 Oh man this is a hard one to write, because of how much I adore her. Hannah is someone I consider a real friend, even though I have never met her and she is hands down the most genuine person I have connected with in the blogosphere. I get so excited when I see she has a new post, because each one only seems to be more amazing than the last. Oh and did I mention this incredibly talented woman is only 17?? I seriously can't even begin to imagine what she will accomplish! I have no doubt that we will one day see her name on the masthead of the glossy pages we love to lust over month in and month out and I hope I get to keep getting to know her!

3. Spark Notes - most helpful
 Katy could be nominated for sooo many of these awards (and has been!) as she is the genius behind FBFF and a blogger who is definitely making a huge impact in the community, bringing us all together and uniting us in our shared passions. Even though I am sure she is majorly busy and slammed with emails, anytime I have ever reached out to her for help, she has kindly and helpfully responded to my inquiry, no matter how small. I sincerely appreciate her guidance as a new(ish) blogger and value her not only as a stylish maven, but a wonderful resource as well.

4. Newbie - best blogger less than a year old
Another very new blog discovery for me, but even after only reading for a few weeks I can tell that Linley is going to be huge in the blogosphere! She has it all: style, grace, class, wit, and quality photos to boot! Not only will you leave her blog coveting her hair, you will have gotten to read a very genuine entry and probably been completely inspired to test out a new look. Plus, she is one of the most down to earth and relatable girls you will encounter on a blog!

5. Can You Hear Me Now - most connected
 Another very popular nominee would have to be the ever wonderful, supportive, motivational, down to hearth sweetie that is Collette! I think her readers all think of her as a close friend, because she makes everyone feel important and special. She truly is everywhere, doing it all and still making time for any reader who wants to connect with her! And she is one of the most caring people I have been fortunate to have "met" on this adventure. She deserves a medal, and perhaps a day of rest!

6. If I had a Hammer - best DIY
 This blog is a very new find for me, and oh boy am I ever glad to have discovered it! Not only has chica got an amazing sense of style (I mean hello, look at that fantastic outfit above!) but she is one wizard in the crafts department as well! I love her embellished scarf and DEFINITELY want to try out the faux fur boot cuff before next year! If you want to be seriously inspired, I suggest you check Natasha out asap!

7. Tribe Leader - blogger who leads others and brings bloggers
I started reading this incredible blog a few months ago and let me tell you I am hooked! I relate to her style because she is always donning incredibly chic office wear and always pushing herself to be bold with color! She is now the fearless leader of 40 some bloggers (and growing like wild fire every week) who also want to experiment with color palettes! Her Color Brigade has led me to many new amazing blog friends, and she really encourages us all to be social and get to know one another. She is definitely doing great things in our community and I am so glad to "get to know her" a little more each day through her blog.

8. Practically Perfect - most fashionable
 No surprise here that this babe got hoardes of nominations and is now in the top three for this category, and two others. She wears some of the most amazing combination I have ever seen, and helps me to push my own style boundaries just by sharing her daily outfits with us. Plus, I love that she is wearing pieces that the rest of us can afford. Her blog is the first thing I check out every morning because I literally can't wait to see what stylish garments she is sporting and funny tale she is telling. Her outfits attracted me to the blog originally, but her writing is what caught me hook, line and sinker for good. I always giggle reading her posts and still want more when I'm done. Not to mention, she and her hubby may be the world's most in love couple ever. I kind of secretly not so secretly hope to meet her one day because I would just bet that her positive energy is contagious! 

9. Paint by Numbers - best beauty blogger
I don't know if you can technically classify Katie as a beauty blogger, because her blog is chock full of other fabulous posts on fashion. music, decorating you name it, but to me she is the go to gal for makeup info. She always knows the latest product, gives very informative and helpful reviews that you know are her honest opinion and makes you feel like she is talking to you as a girlfriend. Plus, she has a really cute little pup who often makes an appearance!

10. Renaissance Woman - best all around blogger, fashion, beauty,
I'm not even sure there is much explanation needed here! She is fabulous, we all love her, we all want to be her best friend and her entries will always bring a smile to my face. I kind of think she is the fashion blogging world's superwoman. 

I truly can't say enough wonderful things about these women. Each and everyone one of them has impacted me in a way that I never imagined would happen by reading a blog, and I am thankful that they share piece of their world with me each day. 

Check out Modly Chic for the official voting of these awards, and to see all the incredible nominees! 

 (All photos belong to the individual bloggers they represent)


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh late night fitness commercials you are awkward

Bonsoir beautilicious blogging babes! Wow Nelly was that a lot of Bs or what?? Oh, oh guess what I did today? I feel like I should be jumping up and down right now jabbing my hand in the air hoping someone pays attention to me long enough to share what I did today. Ok, are you listening? Good. I... joined the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group over at Modly Chic! I am really, super excited about this. If you didn't already know, this fantastic blogger created FBFF as a community for fashion/beauty bloggers and every week she posts a set of questions on a different topic and the members post their answers every Friday. After seeing some of my favs. (Collette, Katie, Kimberly) really opening up to their readers every Friday, I decided I wanted in on the fun. This week's questions are really fun so I couldn't have joined at a better time! Check back tomorrow to hear me share my admiration of some of my favorite ladies of the blogosphere!  

Sweater: Macy's, Blouse: White House Black Market, Skirt: LOFT, Tights: Unknown, Boots: Steve Madden
I think Brother was on the couch laughing at me right now, watching me try multiple different locations in his apartment trying to find one that worked. I like to call this a photo fail day.
Oh hello there Grandpa sweater! I am just not so sure we can be friends much longer. You are the weakest link in the 30 for 30. I sincerely apologize.

-Boss man giving me a thank you card and paying me for a project I helped him with outside of work, and not knowing whether I should respond to his "thank you" card with my own "thank you" card for the money or just simply say thank you and be done. Darn the politics of proper etiquette.
-Waking up late and spending a good 5 minutes trying to decide if I'd rather go to work hungry and decaffeinated or unshowered. Don't worry folks, I showered, but it is still awkward that I had to think about it.
-My hair after wearing a headband all day. Oh yea, you have to love the post-headband hair crease! I hear it is making a comeback. Orrrr maybe that is just me and my crease wishing in vain. 
-Brother's text message: "Jersey Shore is on tonight. Get pumped!" I am judging you little brother, I am judging you.
-Attempting to take pictures of myself even though brother is laying right there on the couch because I know how much he hates taking pictures for me, and obviously failing miserably! I wound up with more pictures with my head cut off than a post break-up woman has of her ex! No bueno chicas, no bueno. 
-This outfit. There I said the elephant in the room. I feel like I played dress up in my Dad's closet and then tied a bow around myself or something! I love the feel of this sweater, but have no idea how to not make it look so boxy on me. I'm not even sure belting it did anything. I think the sleeves are the downfall. Oh well, I guess not ever 30 for 30 outfit can be a winner!

-Roommate learning how many times she was involved in the last Awkward and Awesome post now saying "This can't go on the blog!!" before she tells me stories. Ha! She didn't say I couldn't write about her saying that though.
-Late night dating service commercials. Yes, I am weird and think they are hilarious. I mean c'mon who wouldn't buy that people that attractive look forward to Saturday nights so they can call strangers on the phone and "talk for hours". Clearly I have been missing out, people. No wonder I haven't met Mr. Right!
-Knowing that I will get to see my swim loves two weekends in a row! Now that is - say it with me - AWESOME! 
-Whose Line is it Anyway! Oh man I'm not sure any show out there makes me laugh out loud as much as this classic! Drew Carey, cynical bald man, way akward gangly tall guy and Wayne Brady. What else could you want!
-Planning a ski trip with roommate and a new way awesome girl friend and informing them that they are going to be forcing their boyfriends to each bring a friend on this trip so I can have someone, too, and them both replying that they will make their boys bring multiple friends so I have choices. Wait, maybe that is awkward? I guess we shall see!
-Baseball Season! That is reason enough to celebrate for me.
-Contemplating making a big purchase (after 30x30 of course) and weighing the pros and cons rather than just buying it immediately because I like it and it is a good deal. Woohoo for progress!!
-Spending the weekend with the best little brother in the world, and getting to watch him do what he loves and has an amazing talent for. Can't get much better than that!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I remix

Hi lovers! Happy hump day. As far as weekdays go, Wednesdays are definitely my favorite. I try not to make a big deal about it, because I'd hate to give the other week days a "I'm unloved complex", but if truth be told, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- I just don't like you like that. It's not you, it's me. No, that really isn't true- (isn't that always the case) it's just you.

I am officially more than half way done with the 30 for 30 remix and I wanted to take just a brief moment to be serious. I know, after yesterday's post you probably didn't think that was even a word in my vocabulary! Since you have had to put up with day after day of me, me, me in the same old clothes I thought you at least deserved my reasoning behind the madness. Let me be real with you: I took the challenge originally because I was starting to be scared by my shopping habits. Packages were being delivered every week. I was going to the mall sometimes twice a week. Nine times out of 10 when I saw an item I liked on a fashion blogger that was linked, I bought it. Shoes under $100 suddenly had become "a steal." This wasn't who I was before blogging, and I wasn't sure I was comfortable with it having that kind of affect on my life. It wasn't that I was spending more than I afford per say, it was the fact that I was just spending recklessly that bothered me. Shopping had become a race to fulfillment that I was never going to win. I wanted to get back to the point where shopping was a fun activity that I could indulge in every once and a while- I wanted it to be special again. It may seem silly that I needed to participate in a blogosphere event in order to control my own spending, but I needed that accountability. I needed to feel like if I shopped, I'd be disappointing someone. Kendi's hunka hunka list of bloggers who were joining in the fun became a pseudo support system. We had all made a commitment together to stand by the principles behind the exercise that Kendi so lovingly (and in my opinion geniusly) created, and I wanted to do my part to stand behind those principles. Have I come close to cheating? Absolutely. But when I got that credit card out in my hand, ready to do the damage I would see the list and I knew I wanted to keep going. I am proving to myself that being a fashion blogger does not mean giving in to every clothes craving you have and it doesn't mean always having the latest trends. For me, it is about the confidence that I am building each and every time I write to you all or share a photo with you and it is about the creativity that dressing now unleashes in me every day. It is fun and an enjoyable hobby that in six months has garnered me uncountable laughs and smiles and many new friends who are kind enough to share pieces of their world with me. That is what I wanted when I started this blog and the 30 for 30 challenge is helping to return me there.

Whew, thanks for letting me spew all that out here dolls. I hope I didn't get too serious for you and scare you away. On a lighter note, let's turn to the clothes :)

Dress: XOXO via TJ Maxx, Cardigan: Kohl's, Scarf: H&M, Belt: Kohl's, Tights: Kohl's, Shoes: Elle via Kohl's, Earrings/Ring: Personal Accents, Ring: Amrita Singh
Well hot potatoes I could be a Kohl's advertisement today! All I can say is when a store works, it works. And I had one particular shopping trip where my cart seemed to be overflowing within minutes of walking into the store. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of the smiling cashier forking over my plastic. It couldn't be stopped.
So this might be the most black I have ever worn in an ensemble at once! Well, minus funerals because those are not events to show off your clothes. But anywho, I decided I would try the all black chic look. But I couldn't take it. So I decided to play the ever fun "it's late in the 30x30 and accessories rule!" game by letting my tights and scarf do all the talking.
Loves, I have a conundrum. My left foot is smaller than my right. Yes, I know that is a fairly common issue among females today, but I am talking a significant difference! 7.5 is what I have always bought but lately it is has been too small for my right foot and too large for the left. I think my left foot is really like a 7.25 and my right is a 7.75. Now you tell me where I am going to find those shoes and I will be one happy, sappy shoeaholic! Ok but really, any suggestions?? The problem is always very apparent when I wear these pumps and my left foot slips out all day long. It even caused me to stumble not once, but twice. In front of a cute boy. Unacceptable!
This pair of tights may be the best purchase I've ever made for the simple fact that I smile every time I see them and I think I walk with a little bounce in my step when I wear them! I spent so many years doing anything and everything I could to avoid attention and being noticed. Now look at me: I run a personal style blog and leave the house clad in purple tights! If that doesn't scream "Look at me!!" I don't know what would!
I have been just itching to experiment with the belted scarf look, purely because I think it is so fabulous that you can use an accessory as simple as an infinity scarf to completely change the look, texture and vibe of an outfit! With just the quick loop around the neck and buckle of a belt, my black ensemble went from super serious to hip and fun. And my qualms about looking too bulky were totally soothed during this photo shoot. I don't always say this, but whichever styling genius started this trend, hats off to you and keep em coming babe! I die :)


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where the wild things are

Guten tag! (Roommate that was just for you) I have many happy things to report. 1. Roommate's first day of work was smashingly successful and they loved her. I mean obvi (college roomie that was for you). 2. I did not die when I came home and dinner was not on the table. 3. I am fully capable of preparing a dinner- aka reheating our oldest leftovers so they don't go bad. That counts right? 4. Today marks my halfway point for the 30 for 30, so if you are getting bored of seeing me, me, me hang tight for a big longer and the pain will subside soon! In the meantime, check out my current giveaway so you can take yourself on a little shopping spree! Vous would like that wouldn't vous?

So I must warn you that if you wish to continue reading this post, what you see may scare you for life. It is most likely unsuitable for children. I'm pretty sure it is entertaining. It is definitely not normal. Now you may proceed with caution, and you can't say I didn't give you fair warning!!
Shoes: AE, Headband: H&M, Earrings: Forever 21
Blouse: Kohl's Cardigan: Kohl's, Skirt: WHBM
Flower ring: Jewelry stand in Fla, Bow ring: c/o Lichen and Lychee, Bracelet: Gift from cuz
Oh you aren't terrified out of your mind yet, as promised? Just wait...
Am I really doing this?
Going for a row?
Kung fu fighting?
Remember how I said I was hitting an outfit rut? Well, apparently my solution was to get creative with my photos to inspire overall creativity with the outfits. And the shocking thing is, I kind of think it worked! I have several outfit ideas a brewing that I am kind of thinking, how did I not see these possibilities before?? This is also my way of showing you a little bit of a different side of me than just the posed fashion blogger you see day in and day out. Enjoy!
Belt: Kohl's, Boots: Steve Madden
Shirt: Target, Dress: XOXO via TJ Maxx
Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Grandmother's vintage, Ring/earrings: Gift from mom
And now let me introduce you to my alterego: Monkey Laura. Please don't tap on the glass or you might frighten her away...
Pull up bar in the kitchen?
Yes, of course!
Gotta get our exercise on!
Wow, I am tired just looking at all of this! I hope I haven't frightened you away with the picture overload here! Sometimes I have to mix things up to keep you (and myself!) guessing. You just never know you what you might find when you visit A La Mode et Plus!


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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bipolar weather, confusing old men and hot Aussies on trees, oh my!

Hola chicas!I hope you all had a lovely and not too boring Monday. Our weather here is so bipolar it is starting to drive me a little nuts! We experienced a warm spurt this weekend as the thermometers proudly hit 50, and now we have snow on the ground. Only a whopping 2 inches, but snow nonetheless. Just hoping it doesn't affect my drive in the morning! 

Sad day for me tomorrow: my roommate starts her first day of work and I lose my "wife" :( Oh what a tragedy! I kid, I kid! I am of course extremely happy for my roommate to start her exciting new job. But I will dearly miss walking in to a delicious meal on the table and the most wonderfully yummy smell that lingers in our apartment all night long. Le sigh. We were oh so domestic this evening. What was supposed to be an idle night consisting of a much needed Gossip Girls catch up session turned into a way too practical laundry and other random chores evening. Again, le sigh. Although, I was in desperate need of clean tights so laundry night became *gasp* more important than GG! The joys of being a "grown up".

By the way, you might have noticed I made a few changes to the blog today! You can now know more than you probably ever wanted to know about me, conveniently find any giveaway I am hosting and track my 30 for 30 progress. You're welcome :) It always takes me a little while to fully adjust to any change, no matter how small, but I think this is one I am A-Ok with. We shall just have to wait and see if I keep it or change it. Chime in if you have an opinion one way or the other!

Blazer: Elie Tahari via Bloomingdale's, Sweater: Gift from mom a few years ago, Dress (acting as skirt/peeking out of sweater): XOXO via TJ Maxx, Belt: Kohl's, Tights: Accessorize, Boots: Steve Madden via DSW, Necklace/earrings: Gifts from mom, Bracelet/leaf ring: Gifts from cousin, Bow ring: c/o Lichen and Lychee
So I don't know about you ladies, but old men complimenting me on my clothing weirds me out. I can never tell if they are being ooky or if they are just genuinely sweet old men being sincere. So I wind up laughing nervously and willing the elevator doors to open sooner so I can be done with the awkwardness! I mean, I appreciate being told that I look sharp, but repeatedly telling me you like the way I look/ my clothing choices in the span of an elevator ride and a walk to my desk is a bit of overkill Mr. Old Man. Take it down a notch, maybe? Thanks.
This outfit had quite the night on the town... with my dad! Who would have thought that going out with dear old dad could be such fun! Last Tuesday (yes that is how far behind I am thanks to the plague I enjoyed the rest of the week) my dad came into the city to officially see my new pad all decorated and such and took me out for an amazing dinner. Dinner turned into an epic night out which included window shopping long after the stores had closed (aka me lusting and my dad analyzing the store designs and marketability) and a very enjoyable encounter with a group of Aussies visiting DC! Only downside of cruising the town with your dad? Flirting with the cute Aussie with your dad within earshot is quite an interesting challenge! I accepted that challenge though, friends. Cute Aussies don't grow on trees after all! 
It may be a little premature to say this, but I think this outfit might win my favorite outfit of the remix award! I loved how professional I felt all day at work, but also how chic I felt when I was out that night. All the layers made me see how far my style has come in just the few months that I have had this blog, since I was a layering failure before! Plus, it mixes navy and black together, which is one of my favorite "rules" to break. All in all, a success in my book!
Ok all you remixing style goddesses, how are you doing at this point in the 30 for 30? I'm almost at the half way point, and I know most of you are a little bit past it. Anyone else hitting a bit of a slump? Have you found yourself whispering sweet nothings to the rest of your closet late at night lest they think you have abandoned them? Are you just itching to get your credit card some swiping action? Or am I just a little bit off my rocker today? Hmm I'm afraid it could, potentially, possibly be the latter. Thank goodness for Kendi's just-in-time-ride-in-on-a-white-horse of a post chock full of great remixing advice, from the lady master herself! I think I will be doing some major blog browsing tonight to get myself re-inspired for the remainder of the challenge. Ta-ta for now darlings!


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's pause- For a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello beautifuls! I have finally returned to the land of the living and am well enough to get off the couch. Yes, lovelies I made it all the way to the rocking chair. At least I can sit up though. I hope none of you are ever that sick. I have basically been an incubator of viral plague since Wednesday. I went home early from work that day and had not left my couch until yesterday to drag myself to a work function that I had to attend. So unless you are highly interested in seeing how I styled sweats and a ratty t-shirt with a red nose and cough, you will understand why I do not have any outfit posts. Actually I do have Tuesday's outfit still to post so you will see that tomorrow and then I will be back up and running with the 30 for 30 challenge.

As you all may know I recently moved into a new apartment, which has left me with an insatiable desire to browse home decor websites to ogle beautiful accouterments for my pad. One of my favorites as of late are the many gorgeous computer desks that the CSN stores offer! Doesn't every hard working and fashionable blogger deserve a gorgeous space to inspire her creativity? Mais oui! And lucky for you gals, CSN thinks so, too, and is graciously offering one of my readers a $40.00 gift code to be used on whatever your little heart desires at any one of their 200 stores! Magnifique, non?

The rules to enter are pretty simple, but please feel free to ask a question if you need any help entering!! You can leave a comment, or you can always email me at lwainman321@gmail.com. I hope you will all join in the fun before midnight (ET) February 26th! I will use random.org to pick a winner and announce the winner Sunday.

To enter:
1. You must be a follower of A La Mode et Plus either through Google Friend Connect or bloglovin' and don't forget to tell me how you are following.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what spring trend you are most excited to try?
3. Please leave your contact info (either blog address or email address) so I will know how to reach you with your gift code if you win!
4. Note: CSN only ships to the United States and Canada, so this giveaway will only be open to my U.S and Canadian followers. Sorry international readers, but I will make it up to you soon!!

For extra entries (separate comment for each please): 
1. Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect AND bloglovin'
2. Follow me on twitter (laurachanning)
3. Tweet about this giveaway, and please leave the url to your tweet
4. Post about this giveaway on your own blog
5. Share your best blogging tip!


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be you. Find you. Be happy with that.

Happy Valentine's Day luvahs!! I hope you all spent your day of love with the one(s) you love. Or, if like me, you spent your day working, I hope that you at least got to be bitten by the love bug this weekend. This year, I was lucky enough to have 4 Valentines. Sometimes a girl's just gotta spread the love. My darling college roommate had the genius idea of getting a few single ladies who live in the DC/VA/MD area together for a fabulous celebration of singleness and youth on Saturday. And let me tell you, we definitely celebrated ourselves. We gourged on the most delicious pizzas, put ourselves in a sugar-induced coma with the help of red velvet cookies and cupcakes, giggled silly at the epicness that is Britney Spears in the classic 2001 movie Crossroads (why that gem didn't win any awards will forever be a mystery) and toasted to our fantastic lives with many glasses of tasty goodness! It was truly an unforgettable Valentine's Day, and further evidence to prove my belief that my life is blessed. I said that this year I was not going to let this hallmark holiday bring me down, but would instead use it as a reminder of how many things in my life excite me, and that is exactly what I did- with 4 wonderful friends to boot. And now for a little (or big!) 30 for 30 catch up session! After this, I am back on track. Woo hoo!
Photo credit to Ashley Barnas. Is she not the cutest hostess/entertainer ever?? Girl went absolutely all out for our celebration! She had the most gorgeous and perfectly decorated table I had ever seen, personalized boxes of homemade chocolates waiting for each of us, heart napkin rings that we got to keep and heart shaped measuring spoons as a gift. Move over Martha Stewart because Ashley freaking Barnas is here to stay!   
Day 9: I decided to give my poor heel wearing feetsies a rest on Thursday and finally wear the lone pair of flats in my collection. I used to wear these babies allll the time in college before I numbed my feet to the point of no return with 5 inch spikes. But I decided that they, too, deserved a little loving. So they are getting remixed. Slowly, but surely I am reintroducing myself to my first shoe love: the ballet flat. Remembering an old shoe flame is so much healthier than reminiscing about an old boy flame, don't you think?
Day 10: Oh the la mode tank finally makes an appearance!! I have been itching to wear these as many times as humanly possible ever since I scooped it out of a life of loneliness in an Urban Outfitters sale bin. Yet, I only wore it once on a unnaturally warm fall day for an amusement park outing. And when I was choosing my 30 items, this baby somehow tumbled out of one of the other items I was contemplating (didn't choose) and I decided that was a sign that I needed to remix it and remix it good! So, you better believe you will be seeing it again since I never kid about fate. Oh, and in case you were wondering, these boots really are made for walking. They walked me all they way down to M Street last Friday and right on in to Georgetown Cupcake, otherwise known in these here parts as heaven. Thank you boots. You know me so well.  
Day 11: Can I make a confession (P.S. I'm starting to think this blog should be renamed the confessions of a guilty blogger, since I seem to confess something every week)? I almost did the unthinkable on Saturday. I almost... cheated... on Kendi and all my fellow remixers... and worst of all you dears! I know, I am so ashamed. Or, I would be if I had actually gone through with my plan of wearing a totally un 30 for 30 outfit. But I didn't! I wish I could say it was because my high standard of morality kicked in, but in actuality I remembered that several of the girls I was seeing this weekend read my blog and I didn't want to be a fake blogger in real life! So I sucked it up and put together something that would satisfy my craving for Valentiney girlyness: pink and lace. Can you ever go wrong with those two? I think not!
Day 12: There is no outfit to post from Sunday (no worries, I wasn't naked I just was in jeans and a sweatshirt all day so not worth sharing) so we are skipping right on over to Monday aka Valentine's Day! So I have to say when I included this shirt in the 30 for 30 remix I had no idea what I would do with it, but it was just so shiny and new that I couldn't bear to be away from it for 30 days. But, as it turns out, it is kind of a toughy to work in. For now, all I got is this fairly basic work look. But, if any of you smarty pants out there have suggestions I would love to hear them! Shoot any and all remixing ideas my way, but particularly for this blouse!
Bracelet: Juciy Couture (gift from cousin), Necklace: gift from mom, Necklace: Personal accents, Necklace: gift from cousin, Ring: bought from a jewelry stand outside our favorite restaurant in the Keys. My motto for this time of year: You don't need a man to accessorize yourself with some bling!
Ooof I am tired just looking at all these pictures of myself! I don't know about you but I am ready for a little bit of a break from the posing and smiling. And I think it should come in the form of a giveaway, don't you? Of course you do! So check back tomorrow to see what the hullabaloo is all about. Bet you didn't know there was going to be hullabaloo now did you? Now you are intrigued, aren't you? And question game stopping now. I swear :) To bed I said!


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stripety stripe stripe stripes

Bonjour kittens! Hey, hey guess what!! Yes, you, guess!!! I AM BLOGGING FROM MY APARTMENT... WITH INTERNET! That deserves a big boo-ya! Ok, I have now used like a month's allowance of exclamation marks, so I must now blog without emotion. Can do. I think. Maybe. Ok, I give up. Who wants to read emotionless crud anyways.

I don't know about you all but one of my favorite things about Thursdays (besides the fact that they signal the start of my weekend) is Sydney's posting of Awkward and Awesome Thursdays! I mean seriously, chica is funny. Like makes me chuckle out loud funny. Oh, and while we are on the topic of this awesome blogger, is it creepy to say that I was super excited to read she is moving to my area this summer because it greatly enhances my chances of meeting her so our best friendhood can commence? Oh it is creepy? Dang. I guess I've used my creepy quotient for the month now, too. Well anyways, I decided to participate this week. Mostly because my creative energy seems to be just non-existent right now, but also because, well duh, it would be awesome!

-Posing in the bathroom mirror at work, because I don't yet have a fulllength mirror in the apartment, trying to decide if I want to use the pose later that night for photos and a coworker walking in and having to try and look like I was just very fixing my skirt. Ya, she didn't buy that. I mean, who would?
-Walking by people in a hallway and they say hey and even though you don't know them you think they are just being nice so you say hey back and smile, thankful for their kindness, only to have them give you a very odd look and then proceed to look past you to their friend that they were actually saying hey to. Woopsies.
-The fact that my kitten is special needs (ok so that could be an entry all on its own, but there is more) and decides to show her love by licking whatever fabric you are wearing and soaking you. And I mean completely soaking. So then you are laying in bed kind of cold because your cat has just licked your shirt to death.

Can you say awkward? Ok, now the really fun ones!

-Roomate serenading me from the shower, but I'm not sure she really knows it. This could be awkward, but only for her. And since this isn't her awkward and awesome Thursday, it goes under awesome.
-Photoshoots with roommate. Particularly when she does funny things like jump on my bed and tell me to work it or make funny faces while snapping the camera (more below).
-Having internet at the apartment and actually being able to read blogs without looking over my shoulder hoping someone at work doesn't notice. Way awesome.
-Our apartment in general. Even with the slightly leaky roof and definitely cooler than preferable temperature that we can't change, having a place that I paid for and is my own is definitely a-w-e-awesome!
-Roomate. Period.
Dress acting as a top (poor baby always has to be the supporting actress and never gets to play the leading lady): XOXO via TJ Maxx, Cardigan: American Eagle, Skirt: White House Black Market, Tights: Unknown, Booties: Steve Madden, Belt: goes with skirt, Necklace: Grandmother's, Bow ring: c/o Lichen and Lychee, Leaf ring: Cousin's
Haha can you tell by that smile that I am posing by myself and using the handy dandy self-timer feature?? My lovely roommate is leaving me next week for California (apparently her best friend having a baby is more important than being my photographer-shocking) so I decided to prepare by trying to figure out photo taking on my own. All I can say is I will definitely miss her. For more reasons than just her fabulous picture taking skill though!
So up next in my random "Let's show readers the new apartment in tiny snippets of outfit posts" idea would be the kitchen. Oh yes, aren't you just in awe of my interior design skills? I mean look at that fuzzy rug, baby! I missed my calling, I tell you.
And that smile you can tell is a "oh roommate you are so funny" smile. Really folks, she is. Especially when she holds the camera above her head and makes the concentration face complete with the pursed lips that usually only come out when she is shaking her thang on the dance floor.
Man this cardigan is sure earning its dollars this week with the pattern mixing. Although, I don't know if stripe-on-stripe can technically be classified as pattern "mixing." Maybe pattern layering?
So I should probably hit the hay since that fabulous roommate of mine is waking me up at 4 am to take her to the airport. Yea, not only do I have to live without her for a whole week, I have to help her leave me. What does she think we are, friends? Oh wait, we are. Best of. Ok guess I will drag my sorry little behind away from the amazingness of home internet and crawl under the covers. Until tomorrow, loves!


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