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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday brights

Salut ladies! Yes, yes I am fully aware that today is Tuesday but since I am behind on 30 for 30 posting I am living life a day behind. Shh don't tell me what happened today, I want to be surprised :) And perhaps that is why I am at a total loss as to what to write today. Can I blame it on the Monday blues, even if it's Tuesday? It is kind of one of those days where I know I have so many things to tell you but I just can't seem to keep them in that little brain of mine long enough to share them! So maybe you will forgive me if I promise to have a super-duper entertaining post tomorrow? Great, it's a deal!
Sweater: New York and Co, Cardigan: American Eagle, Skirt: Michael Kors, Tights: unknown, Boots: Madden Girl
So you will have to excuse me for two things today. One, the crazy hair. I was too lazy yesterday morning to blow-dry it, so this is the price I pay for the extra 30 minutes in bed. Two, the bad lighting/ cluttered background of these photos. I am still trying to figure out the best place for outfit photos in my new pad. But hey, you could just look at as an opportunity to see something in my new place besides the floors and white walls! (Oh and I am laughing here because my roommate is standing on my bed yelling "work it!" and jumping around like a photographer has been trapped inside of her for years and finally released! This is real life, folks.)
So my dilemma yesterday morning when putting this outfit on was (once again) whether to belt the cardi. Seems that "to belt or not to belt" is an ever plaguing question when dealing with this cardigan. This time I opted to leave it open, as I felt the belt did not look right with the dipped cut of the skirt. It broke the outfit up in all the wrong places. So the cardi was left to its own devices this go around.
So this combo is kind of a big step for me. I have been dying to try pattern mixing, but just could not figure out what patterns to mix and how to pull it off without looking like I got dressed in the dark! I have played around with several combos, all that got vetoed by the mother, and finally settled on this one. I really liked the argyle mixed with thin stripes and the pink of the cardigan played nicely with the pink/purple of the diamonds on the sweater. So now the real test: mom, does it work??
I guess I lied to you yesterday when I said I would be back on track Wednesday with challenge posts because I actually won't be. Tomorrow I will post today's outfit (otherwise known as day 7) alone since it is my entry for EBEW blazer day and then Thursday I will post days 8 and 9 so that on Friday I will finally be caught up and posting regularly :) Whew, that was a lot of exercise for my brain so early in the week. Now that I've gotten it all revved up, time to get cracking on some work! Unfortunately it won't do itself. Wouldn't that be the day!   

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  1. Your outfit is so pretty. The colors look great!

  2. Love the outfit! And yoaw...that's a lot of followers you have to get... XD

  3. I really like how you played with different colors and patterns! Good luck with the rest of the challenge:)

  4. I love the pattern mixing you've got going on here - you do it perfectly!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. love that cardigan! great color.

  6. The striped cardigan looks fabulous on you! xx

  7. cute combo! love the colors.

    if you love vintage clothing come check out our site! new items all week.... yum...



  8. Ohmigosh I LOVE the mix of prints - the argyle pattern with the stripes? Tres fab!! :)

  9. I have that same cardigan! But in yellow, and I always have the dilemma of belting or no belt too. I love how you mixed it with the argyle...it totally works!

  10. i'm a huge fan of argyle and pink so of course i'm in love with this outfit!

    cute and little

  11. I love your outfit ,sweetie:) The cardi is so adorable! Happy day, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)


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