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Audrey Hepburn

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh late night fitness commercials you are awkward

Bonsoir beautilicious blogging babes! Wow Nelly was that a lot of Bs or what?? Oh, oh guess what I did today? I feel like I should be jumping up and down right now jabbing my hand in the air hoping someone pays attention to me long enough to share what I did today. Ok, are you listening? Good. I... joined the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group over at Modly Chic! I am really, super excited about this. If you didn't already know, this fantastic blogger created FBFF as a community for fashion/beauty bloggers and every week she posts a set of questions on a different topic and the members post their answers every Friday. After seeing some of my favs. (Collette, Katie, Kimberly) really opening up to their readers every Friday, I decided I wanted in on the fun. This week's questions are really fun so I couldn't have joined at a better time! Check back tomorrow to hear me share my admiration of some of my favorite ladies of the blogosphere!  

Sweater: Macy's, Blouse: White House Black Market, Skirt: LOFT, Tights: Unknown, Boots: Steve Madden
I think Brother was on the couch laughing at me right now, watching me try multiple different locations in his apartment trying to find one that worked. I like to call this a photo fail day.
Oh hello there Grandpa sweater! I am just not so sure we can be friends much longer. You are the weakest link in the 30 for 30. I sincerely apologize.

-Boss man giving me a thank you card and paying me for a project I helped him with outside of work, and not knowing whether I should respond to his "thank you" card with my own "thank you" card for the money or just simply say thank you and be done. Darn the politics of proper etiquette.
-Waking up late and spending a good 5 minutes trying to decide if I'd rather go to work hungry and decaffeinated or unshowered. Don't worry folks, I showered, but it is still awkward that I had to think about it.
-My hair after wearing a headband all day. Oh yea, you have to love the post-headband hair crease! I hear it is making a comeback. Orrrr maybe that is just me and my crease wishing in vain. 
-Brother's text message: "Jersey Shore is on tonight. Get pumped!" I am judging you little brother, I am judging you.
-Attempting to take pictures of myself even though brother is laying right there on the couch because I know how much he hates taking pictures for me, and obviously failing miserably! I wound up with more pictures with my head cut off than a post break-up woman has of her ex! No bueno chicas, no bueno. 
-This outfit. There I said the elephant in the room. I feel like I played dress up in my Dad's closet and then tied a bow around myself or something! I love the feel of this sweater, but have no idea how to not make it look so boxy on me. I'm not even sure belting it did anything. I think the sleeves are the downfall. Oh well, I guess not ever 30 for 30 outfit can be a winner!

-Roommate learning how many times she was involved in the last Awkward and Awesome post now saying "This can't go on the blog!!" before she tells me stories. Ha! She didn't say I couldn't write about her saying that though.
-Late night dating service commercials. Yes, I am weird and think they are hilarious. I mean c'mon who wouldn't buy that people that attractive look forward to Saturday nights so they can call strangers on the phone and "talk for hours". Clearly I have been missing out, people. No wonder I haven't met Mr. Right!
-Knowing that I will get to see my swim loves two weekends in a row! Now that is - say it with me - AWESOME! 
-Whose Line is it Anyway! Oh man I'm not sure any show out there makes me laugh out loud as much as this classic! Drew Carey, cynical bald man, way akward gangly tall guy and Wayne Brady. What else could you want!
-Planning a ski trip with roommate and a new way awesome girl friend and informing them that they are going to be forcing their boyfriends to each bring a friend on this trip so I can have someone, too, and them both replying that they will make their boys bring multiple friends so I have choices. Wait, maybe that is awkward? I guess we shall see!
-Baseball Season! That is reason enough to celebrate for me.
-Contemplating making a big purchase (after 30x30 of course) and weighing the pros and cons rather than just buying it immediately because I like it and it is a good deal. Woohoo for progress!!
-Spending the weekend with the best little brother in the world, and getting to watch him do what he loves and has an amazing talent for. Can't get much better than that!

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  1. Oh gosh, I hate headband hair too! And hat hair, especially when my hair gets all static after taking off my hat. I LOVE your skirt! And your outfit should definitely be under awesome, not awkward!

  2. HAha I love your funny stories!!
    and your outfit isn't bad, shame on you! :p

  3. Love how you mixed that printed top with the lace skirt. Great combo:)

  4. I own a really similar skirt - I love the way you styled yours!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Haha! That text message from your brother is the absolute best! I once taught my nephew (who was one at the time) how to fist pump. Luckily, he forgot before my sister (his mother) saw. :P

  6. thanks for sharing your white tights looks! your lace skirt here is great on you =)


  7. chic outfit! love the peek-a-boo top and the sash!



  8. I0m loving your layering in this outfit!! The pops of pattern of the top underneath looks so chic!


  9. i love the way you belted the outfit and i think these pictures really worked. and your stories are so funny!

    cute and little
    enter my Vintage Scarf giveaway!

  10. Thank you so much for the lovely comment + follow, you have so many lovely looks here, adore your lace skirt. Hehe, and your brothers text is hilarious, yes, judge, judge away! Wishing a fabulous Friday. xx veronika

  11. Etiquette is tough. I dont know what to say on that except good luck. LOL. Sorry.

  12. ahahahah jersey shore comment made me laugh. My fiance and I have Jersey shore night every Thursday. He usually goes to the gym after work and last Thursday he told his friends "I gotta go, Jersey shore is on tonight" and they all laughed at him..
    yes, we are addicted!

  13. okay. so its more like a skirt. but you know what i mean. (: super cutee.

  14. Loving that lace skirt! THat ski trip sounds amazing!! I'd love to go ski-ing. :)SArahD

  15. love the pattern mixing - cute outfit!

  16. You have such a fun stories, sweetie and I adore this outfit. The skirt is adorable:) happy Sunday, sunshine

  17. Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

    hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
    Titanium Necklaces

  18. I would totally pick coffee before showering if there was a time crunch! hehe.
    Love the skirt. It's wonderful. And I hope you enjoy the FBFF group! It's a great group of bloggers!

  19. Awww, I love it I don't think it's awkward at all!! I love the longer length sweater with the lace skirt--it's a pretty contrast!

  20. wait, you DON'T like headband hair? because on me it looks fabulous. oh. wait...
    your skirt is phenomenal here. love it! and the whole look.

  21. Hiya, visiting from Sydney's thread.

    I like that your room mate has to put in the disclaimer. Like she's talking to the press.

    Your blog is super cute... and now I follow.

    Love, Shellsea - Giveaway Today :)


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