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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's get it started in here

Bonjour babes! Happy February. In the past I have despised this month of mushy gushy overload and seemingly daily reminders of my singleness. But this year ladies, I am fully embracing the power of the L-O-V-E, and no it does not mean that I am now in a two-some. I am still a one some. I am just, possibly for the first year in a long time, very ok with that. I am incredibly happy with my life and thankful for all the blessings I have been given. I am surrounded by the most amazing family and friends a girl could ask for, I have a job that I not only like, but love, I am in the process of moving in/ decorating a fantastic apartment (before and after shots will be coming) in the exact location that I wanted and with a fabulous roommate to boot! Honestly, how can I not be happy right now! Do I wish I had a special someone in my life to share all these excitements with? Absolutely. What girl doesn't want that. But I have faith he will come in due time and this year I am focusing on what I do have and not what I don't.

You are probably wondering where in the world that came from and why you had to read it. But honestly girls sometimes I don't even think I can control what comes flying out of these little fingers! It seemed like a good opening to the month though. And you know why else I am loving February?? Guesses anyone? There might be a prize involved. Well if you guessed because the 30 for 30 remix is occurring, step right up and claim your prize! Congratulations you are now the proud owner of all my love. You can take that right to the bank girlfriend.

I know that 30 for 30 created quite a controversy on twitter and throughout the blogosphere yesterday, so I thought I would take a (brief) moment to tell you why I have chosen to participate in this awesome 30 day challenge! Though many bloggers expressed the opinion that this idea is unrealistic, leads your blog to bore-ville and may even cost you readers for the month, I couldn't disagree with those opinions more. For me, choosing to participate in this remix had nothing to do with trying to be one of the popular kids. I had seen many of my favorite bloggers participate and write about how meaningful the experience was and I felt that it was a worth-while experiment for me. I decided that it was right for me personally to challenge myself to become more creative with my existing wardrobe, to place a firm shopping ban on myself and have a community of people that would hold me accountable and last, but most importantly, to bond me with other bloggers who would also be challenging themselves in the same arena. The joy of blogging for me is all about the socializing aspect and the creative outlet that the writing gives me. I adore fashion, but it will likely never be my career. Blogging about it is a stress reliever and something that I do purely for myself and for fun! Making new friends is a huge benefit and I am in favor of any blog project, such as the 30 for 30, that allow me an avenue to pursue new friendships. But I completely respect varying views and after all, blogging is all about the freedom to speak your mind, anyways! I'm very curious to hear what my readers think so don't hesitate to give me your honest opinion! So with all that said, let's go ahead and get down to remixing business!

Shirt: Paris H&M, Cardigan: H&M, Skirt: Michael Kors via Rue La La, Tights/Shoes: Kohl's, Watch: Michael Kors, Rings: gifted, Earrings: Forever 21
This skirt was one of my favorite fall purchases, yet this is only the second time I have worn it (not cool) which made it a prime candidate for the remix. Plus, it has a multitude of shades of brown (dark, light, caramel and even hints of blue at times) in it so the pairings are further expanded.
The gray cardigan and brown tights were the natural choice to compliment the skirt colors, but I'll admit that I went out on a limb when I quickly grabbed the pink shirt. However, I ended up loving the bright contrast to the darker colors of the rest of the ensemble. And it gave me a chance to try out my new tan businessy pumps.
Before I forget, shout out to my new photographer (aka roommate who probably didn't know photographer was a requirement of living with me!) Samantha and big thanks for these and all future photos you will lovingly take! You're the best!!
I just looove the ruffled front of this skirt. Totally takes it from drab to fab. Oh the genius of Michael Kors.
Ok 30 for 30ers the challenge is afoot! Let the games remixing begin!!


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  1. great outfit! I'm stranded at my mom's because of the snow so I'm late on remixing :( Love what you wrote about loving what you have and not worrying about what you don't have! Great way to start a post :)

  2. yay! hello fellow 30x30 remixer! going strong, day one! :)

  3. Love this outfit! Such a great opening to the remix challenge! :D
    And yes, I feel the same way about February, haha...who needs a Valentine when you have friends anyway ;)

  4. What a great attitude for February - love it (and the heels)!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. What an awesome combo! I wouldn't think to pair the skirt and top together, but it totally works. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your 30x30!

    xoxo Hannah

  6. i love the skirt too!! and the nude pumps really brighten up the outfit. best of luck with your 30x30 remixing!

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  7. I love those shoes. I am glad you did the 30/30. I think it's a great way to develop followers. Like me :P

  8. Extremely cute outfit... I just love the way you used the pop of colour by adding red to your outfit ... looks great overall!!


  9. I'm looking forward to 30x30! Its gonna be fun

  10. Great outfit! And yay for signing up to remix! I don't think it gets boring at all. You'd be surprised at how many amazingly different outfits you can come up with from 30 pieces. Can't wait to see what else you wear!

  11. Love that you have a nude pump color, really brightens and breaks up the entire outfit, great choice!

  12. I'm a huge fan of Michael Kors and these nude colored shoes of yours are great. I'm always looking for a pair but never can find the perfect shoe in my size. Looking forward to seeing how else you remix the skirt. - Katy

  13. OH MY GOOD HEAVENS. I dieeee for those shoes! SO CUTE!

  14. Love, love, love the ruffle on the skirt. And I like how you tied it all together with the sweater!

  15. First of all, your first look is gorgeous--that's such a pretty skirt!! And I had no idea that there was controversy about the 30 for 30!! I mean, do we really take ourselves that seriously!? I did it for the first time this summer, and had fun so I thought I'd do it again. Also, I love the community that projects like the 30 for 30 creates--it's such a great way to find new blogs!! I'm all for it :)

  16. Love this outfit! So chic

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  17. I heard little snippets about people un-following 30 for 30 challengers. Craziness! I agree with you. I did it for the connections with others and the accountability of this shopping ban. I've tried it on my own and failed miserably. So I thought with all these other ladies doing it, I could too.

    Fab skirt! Love the extra panache! Did I really just say "panache"!?


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