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Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweetness and light

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a blissful weekend :) Mine was filled with cupcakes, shopping and delightful times with friends. It couldn't have gotten any better! My Paris BFF took the bus down from NYC for the weekend and we had such a marvelous time together. Even though I had seen her a month ago, it still felt like we had loads to catch up on. We spent most of Friday just lounging around chatting and eating (if you knew the two of us that would be a given).
 Considering it ended up being 80+ degrees on Friday I didn't pick the best day to debut my faux leather jacket, but I got lots of compliments so I think it was worth it :) Jacket: Century 21, Tanktop: White House Black Market, Jeans: Levi's, Wedges: M.P.S, Purse: Vintage Louis Vuitton, Ring: Grandmother's vintage, Earrings: Gifted, Nails: Essie Merino Cool.
Saturday we decided to be a bit more productive and enjoyed a fantastic day of shopping in the city. We also had the BEST thai food I have ever had in my life, which I had totally wanted to take a picture of it to show you ladies because it was so elegantly presented, but silly me forgot the memory card in the camera. Anyways, Sam and I are planning to move to Georgetown together when she moves here in January, so we also wanted to check out the area and see if there were any available apartments as well. While we didn't exactly find our dream apartment yet, we certainly managed to find some major shopping scores! I even got to experience my first vintage store. We didn't really have enough time to thoroughly explore and sift through to find the hidden gems, but we had fun anyways and now that I know where it is, I will definitely visit again. And of course I had to pop into my beloved Steve Madden to once more drool over the beautiful glittery pumps I have been admiring forever. Sam and I both ended up doing great at Urban Outfitters though! A lot of adorable clothes on sale.
I was sooo happy when I came across this adorable little racerback tank shoved in the back of the crowded sales rack. Not only was I in love with the casual loose fit and the stripes, but the words are of course part of my blog name! It just seemed too perfect. Expect to see this in an outfit post asap before it gets too cold!
I have a major thing for printed sundresses and the color of this one, combined with the wonderful sale tag, made it irresistible to me! Even though the days of sundresses are pretty much gone for the season, I think this can definitely be paired with a jacket, tights and boots to carry it into fall.
I really loved the mixing of prints. Have you noticed my theme of enjoying that trend?? :)
 I also picked up a perfect little black lace bandeau bra (which I had desperately needed) but I think I will keep that just to myself :) After I had completely worn Sam out with shopping I had to reward her with an overdose of sweetness as we ventured to the famous Georgetown Cupcake shop and picked up the cutest box of cupcakes I have ever seen in my life. 
If you ever visit Georgetown please make sure to try one of these delectable treats! But I highly recommend pre-ordering them unless you enjoy waiting in an hour and a half line. Sam, my cousin (Katie) and I each picked two scrumptious cakes from the menu to sample. Katie and Sam both went with a classic red velvet and while Katie paired hers with a cute sunshine, Sam decided to be festive and try out a pumpkin spice. I of course couldn't pass up a peanut butter fudge and a mint oreo selection. All of us were very satisfied and full, though the cat was not pleased that he did not get to partake in the sampling.
I admit that this has kind of become my go-to shopping day ensemble. To me it is the perfect combination of comfortable enough to spend the day testing and trying new clothes, but chic enough to make you feel confident as you browse. Dress: Heartloom, Boots: Steven by Steve Madden, Earrings: gifted, Bracelets: borrowed from mom, Ring: Grandmother's vintage.
Ok ladies, now enough about me, I want to hear all about your weekends! Any shopping trips or major scores that you are just thrilled about? Did you explore any fun cities that you want to share with me? I'd love to hear all about it darlings so share away! And stay tuned for my mystery exciting purchase reveal :)



  1. Your weekend sounds great :)

  2. I love your outfits and all of your buys!!! Too bad it was too hot for your jacket though, I hate when that happens XD
    Those cupcakes look very tasty too :D

  3. I love your outfits and the top bag is stunning:)...Sounds like you had a great weekend,sweetie

  4. Gah! I LOVE your shopping day ensemble - cute, casual, and completely chic!

    That jacket is phenom - I just adore the color. And ohmigosh congrats on finding that racerback - it was made especially for you, I believe!! :)

  5. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love your jacket!


  6. Ah those cupcakes look delicious to me!

  7. mmmm cupcakes and shopping...two of the best things in the world I love!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!!!


  8. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those cupcakes look delicious and you look fantastic. The dress and boots are adorable.

  9. Great outfits hunnie....you look so cute...love the boots!!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend....:)

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  10. Mmm, those cupcakes are the first thing I want!
    So delicious ~.~

    The printed dress is just lovely.
    My days are so busy..

    Fishing in the clouds,

  11. Great wedges!


  12. wow, I love your shoes in those first pictures!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  13. Yum, cupcakes! I wish I could find one here in Greece. Sounds like a blast!

  14. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



  15. First off, loving your go to shopping outfit! I also love your 'about me' blurb. Paris is my favorite place in the world and when I was there I had the same dream of being living there and writing.
    My bf lives in DC and I go there often. Georgetown is GREAT!! M street has the BEST shopping EVER!!


  16. I love that jacket! And those boots!!

    And oh my goodness, I have the biggest sweet tooth, those cupcakes look so delicious!

  17. Really pretty outfits. Love that leather jacket and that printed sundress. :)SarahD

  18. Georgetown sounds like such a cool place! So scholarly though! Those cupcakes look so scrumptious too! xoxo

  19. Hahahaha, love how the cat snuck into the cupcake shot ;)

  20. Love the vintage louis and your outfit!!! Those cupcakes are so cute - I don't know if I could bear to eat them!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  21. Those cupcakes look amazing and your cat is super cute - looks like he or she wants a cupcake! I love your brown boots in the last photo!

  22. Nothing like some Thai food and shopping.

    Love Grace.


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