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Audrey Hepburn

Monday, February 7, 2011

A novel

Hey dolls! Remember me? The girl who teased you by blogging for four days in a row for the first time ever and then just up and disappearing for 3. Ringing a bell now? Well, all I have to say for myself is hey girl, hey! This whole moving into my own apartment with a perfect roommate is great and all, but there is one minor snag. We still don't have internet and every day we try and call someone to fix that problem they tell us that our address either doesn't exist in their system or we don't qualify for internet at our location. Grrr. I guess the only solution is to march my hiney upstairs, knock on the door of our cute upstairs neighbors and sweetly ask them how they managed to get internet. Because I need to have my access to you lovely ladies back pronto!! Sounds like a fool-proof plan, mais oui? I always enjoy killing two birds with one stone (in the metaphorical sense only!) and when cute boys are involved in the multitasking, my plans just seem infinitely more genius.

So I affectionately dubbed this weekend Independence Weekend, which was just a way for me to try and keep my eye on the prize during all the moving and heavy lifting I did this weekend so that I would stay positive. Not quite sure it worked 100% of the time, especially after I spent 12 of about 32 hours in a car, followed by about 8 hours of hauling all my possessions down stairs and loading them onto a U-Haul and then up the stairs and into the apartment, capped by an evening of unpacking and arranging. Thankfully I had the help of my incredible family and friends which made it a thousand times better. And now that we are about 90% settled in and living in a space that really looks like home, I can say that it was all worth it. Needless to say, my weekend outfits were nothing special given that they needed to be moving-day friendly (aka comfortable). But, I did stick to my 30 for 30 clothing items the whole time. I basically wore a version of Friday's outfit again on Saturday (gross I know) though, so I am now a day behind on the challenge and of course I am way behind on posting photos. I'll catch up though!
Shirt: Target, Skirt (masquerading as a tube top): Forever 21, Jeans: Levi's via Kohl's, Boots: Steve Madden. Complete lack of jewelry: Courtesy of my move :)
I have a feeling you are going to get way sick of this plaid shirt before the 30 days are up, particularly on weekends. It has kind of become my go to comfy-yet-still-fashionable weekend top. See further proof here.
Did you catch my little caption there about the fact that I am wearing a skirt on my chest? Yes, you read that right. I don't know what size mediums Forever 21 thinks this skirt will fit, but I absolutely was not one of them. But since I am incredibly lazy and didn't want to take the time to mail back a $4 skirt, I decided to get crafty so that the itsy bitsy wouldn't go to waste. It reminded me of a tube top I used to wear in high school (when my body was tube top-able) which inspired me to see how it would work as an under layer. Et voila!
Ahh who is that impostor with her hair in a ponytail?? Yes, I know I never take pictures with my hair any way but down (or in a headband) but I decided that for the sake of total honesty I would show you how I actually looked when I wore this outfit on moving day. Hair up, no jewelry, minimal makeup. Don't judge.
I admit, I had apprehensions about this outfit due to the blue/red/white combo. I feared I would wind up looking like an American flag. But to my (pleasant) surprise I ended up liking the look and staying comfortable throughout the move as well. The subtle pattern mixing was a bonus, as that is something I desperately have been trying to master. Still working on it, but this was a step in the right direction for me.
As I mentioned before, Saturday (otherwise known as day 5) I looked remarkably similar to the above photos. Basically sub out the red top peeking out, button up the rest of those shirt buttons and swap out the ever chic Steve Madden boots for the ever hideous rain boots (oh yes, did I mention that my moving day involved constant rain? What fun.) and you have my Saturday look. Definitely not blog worthy. So I am skipping Saturday and making Sunday my day 5 instead. Don't worry, I can do that.   
Sweater: Target, Tank: White House Black Market, Jeans: Kohl's Boots: Steve Madden
Again, I am going fairly close to au naturel in the way of accessories and makeup and outfit complexity. I work from home on Sunday's which makes it very tempting to never get dressed and lounge around all day in sweats. To avoid that temptation, I compromise with myself by donning outfits that are only really a step up from PJs. Thus, the over-sized sweater becomes my best friend.
I have never really given in to the whole crop sweater look, so I almost always pair this loose sweater with a fun, feminine under layer (a la this lacy tank) to give it a little something extra and make it more me-appropriate.
You have probably figured out by now that I am not really a pants person (except clearly this weekend) considering that I have only ever worn them twice on this blog. But if you are an observant little reader you might notice that when I do opt for clothing garments with two holes, it is always this same pair of jeans. They quickly became my favorite this fall after I realized that they were the only pair of skinny jeans I had ever liked on myself.
I will have one more of these massive double outfit posts tomorrow and then I will be back on schedule for one a day on Wednesday. If you made it all the way through this novel, I applaud you. If not, a curse on all your family. Just kidding (you hope).


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  1. I always freak completely out when I have no internet. And I love this casual look, the boots and plaid top are perfect!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Yay for being moved in!!!!
    and I would DIE without internet...haha...do these cute upstairs neighbors have girlfriends, i wonder?...haha

  3. oh welcome back. I love the boots. I dont mind the double outfits I feel like you kill two birds with one stone. :P

  4. Congrats on moving in without killing anyone! When I moved into my current apartment, my family and I were at eachother's throats!

    And I can't wait to hear about meeting the upstairs neighbor!

    (psst ... if you haven't had a chance to enter my Shopbop giveaway yet, stop by!)

  5. haha gotta love f21...i am a GRANDE..that happens to me with victoria secret swimsuits :o) Love those boots!

    this 30 x 30 CHALLENGE is a lot of fun I must admit


  6. Day 4 looks great!:) and no worries about unregular posting... c'est la vie! :D


    P.S: I'm having an awesome designer dress giveaway... interested? ;)

  7. Independence Weekend. Ooh, I love it! I think I need to toss one of these for myself. LOVE Day 5's look - there is something about black and white stripes paired with cognac colored boots that I can never resist. Gorg!! :)

  8. loving the plaid and boot combo!!

  9. Well done for moving in and I love those outfits. My favourite is the second one:) Love that top:) Happy Tuesday, darling

  10. Thanks for the sweet compliment! And I love how you paired red with that shirt. I have that Target shirt too, and now you're giving me fun ideas. : ) Have a good day! xo

  11. Those boots are perfect! I imagine, they go with everything.:) No internet...gah, but congrats on the move. I have also taken a bit of an unexpected blogging break. But, I'm back! :)SArahD

  12. I know pants are out of your comfort zone, but you are totally ROCKING these looks! You captured that effortless chic/Kate Moss vibe perfectly. :)

    xoxo Hannah

  13. those boots are amazing! i'm sitting here thinking of all the amazing outfits i would create with them. i think that means i need them.

  14. Okay, so I LOVE the plaid with the striped shirt underneath. I'm going to give that one a try!! And moving is just exhausting, so don't forget to take a break!!


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