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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I'll go to Boston

Evening dahlings! I hope you are feeling quite grand today and that you had a lovely Thursday. And now that I have tricked you into thinking I am fancy and that this blog is a very serious place, let me properly greet you: Happy Cinco de Mayo mis amigos!! I hope you all ate some delicious guac and maybe even toasted your fiesta with a delicious margarita? Roommate made sure that we did! I'm so lucky to live with her. Is it wrong that I secretly plan to sabotage any relationship so she can't ever get married and leave me?? Oh wait, that is wrong isn't it. Ok, ok fine I won't sabotage I'll just move in with them! Is that a good compromise Stephen? :) Oh and for those of you counting (cough Stephen) that is three times that roommate's bf has been mentioned on the blog.

So remember when I said I had Boston pictures to show you and that you'd see them, oh yesterday? And remember when you got nutting from me yesterday? Ya, that was my bad. Sometimes, like when I am having a sick day, I am just a bad blogger and I break my promises. I swear I can change though. Don't give up on us, dear. What we have is worth fighting for! Ok I think I'm done being weird now. Maybe. No promises. 
Fenway Park
Forget Disney World-this is the most magical place on Earth!
Green Monster
I was so close to the famous Green Monster. And with the sun setting over it, I never wanted to leave.
Red Sox fans
The fans were amazing! The accent was probably the cutest thing I've ever heard. It just reinforced that I must find me a Boston man to marry!
Fenway Park
Even though we were in the "cheap seats" (I beg to differ), we really thought we had the best view in the place!
Fenway Park
I kind of did these out of order, but we snapped a few pictures before the madness outside swallowed us! And please ignore my "the sun is blinding me face."
Boston Red Sox
You always need a photo with a giant blow up Mascot doll, right?
Inside Fenway
It took like a bajillion tries to get a photo without all the crowds in the way. So excuse the cheesing really hard smile going on here.
Boston fan
Hehe roommate's bf is a Yankees fan and I (obviously) am a Red Sox fan. Roommate is ambivalent. Her bf and I are fighting for her baseball soul's eternal resting place. I bought her ice cream. I am winning :)
Brother baseball
I almost forgot to share a photo of the real reason we went to Boston. I know it would appear that the Red Sox were the reason, but you see that big yellow arrow up there? Pointing to the handsome fella that I do adore? Yep, brother's baseball was the reason for our little Boston vaca, with the Red Sox just being an added benefit.

Ok I hope you didn't mind the photo overload going on here! If you couldn't tell it was a wonderful, wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back and visit our friends, and actually do some sight seeing around Boston, rather than just hoping from field to field. Oh and I don't know if you noticed, but I finally figured out how to keep all my photos the same width. I hope you like the new look! I think it adds a nice touch of organization to it.


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