"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling like a million bucks

Hello gorgeous ladies! Happy St. Patrick's Day! How did you celebrate today? Did you wear some green?? I did!
Tank: White House Black Market, Cardigan: Roomie's
Skirt: Anne Taylor, Tights: Accessorize, Shoes: BCBG

Sometimes I just like to hang out in windows
And sometimes I like to contort myself in them!
My roommate had the brilliant idea to paint our nails a pretty shade of green and we both got tons of compliments!

1. Being the only one in my department participating in today's festivities, and when I noticed a certain cute someone at work not wearing any green I had a sudden desire to just pinch him right up! Thank goodness I have a good awkward-filter and know when to ignore the awkwardness in my life :)
2. How badly you can tell my hair needs highlight touch ups in that second photo. Ah, if only I had the time/money to do highlights properly!
3. Roommate taking my outfit pictures today and checking one out and starting to laugh A LOT! You know that is never good. Then you whips out the big guns on me: "You look like a two year old who is about to kill someone... maybe her brother." Oh, ouch, burn roommate!
4. Ha! "Watching" a movie with roommate while doing this post. I use watching loosely because she is watching it through closed eyes, and I am distractedly watching and trying to blog, too. But she just woke up (possibly because I sort of howled with laughter) and gave me major stink eye! It took me quite by surprise!


1. Having a roommate who is basically the same size as me and has some very cute clothes that get me lots of compliments at the office! Example, the above green cardigan. I had like nothing green to wear this morning, but she gallantly rode in on her white horse and saved me from pinches galore by lending me a little luck o' the Irish green!
2. Birthday-celebration-filled weekend, starting tomorrow! Mom and I will be indulging in hot stone massages and facials in the morning and I think I will be shopping in the afternoon for something to wear to my birthday dinner Saturday night!
3. Winning the lottery. No, I am not being metaphorical and implying that something so wonderful has happened that I feel like I won the lottery. I actually won the lottery. $10,000 to be exact. Ok, some explanation is probably needed now. Well you see, I had never ever played the lottery, or bought a scratch ticket or anything. But when I started my job in June I learned that they all chipped in a buck and would buy 11 tickets a couple times a year. This week was one of those times. Annnd I guess luck was in our favor because we won! We were one number away from winning the big one, but we aren't focusing on that. We are just so happy we won!!!
4. The incredible, wonderful support the blogging community is giving to Japan right now! I already knew I was in the company of amazing women, but to see the solidarity of the community right now is just so humbling.
Loves, I will be participating in the Bloggers day of silence tomorrow to pay respect to the pain the Japanese are experiencing. It is an important time to do whatever we can to help out right now, and this is just a small thing I need to do. So, have a lovely Friday and I will see you all on Sunday!


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  1. I love the outfit! I unfortunately didn't wear green as I worked allll day, and this job has nothing green you can wear.
    and congrats on winning the lottery that is crazy and awesome!

  2. you look great in green and i love the matching nail polish too! have a great birthday weekend too!

    cute & little

  3. Wow, congratulations on the lottery win! That is fantastic.

  4. Love this outfit!
    and UGH! I found out about the day of silence too late and I already have my post up...haha

  5. Love the nails!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Ooh, I am so loving that nail polish! Happy, Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day, my love!! :)

  7. Great nail polish! I would have pinched Mr. Cute. ;)


  8. I love that green cardigan on you! That shade really suits you!

    Hope you're having a great weekend Laura!

  9. Love the cardi! That is one great thing about having a roomie (especially one with an amazing wardrobe!)
    Congrats on the lottery win!! How awesome is that?!?!


  10. Hehe, a roomate that is the same size as you? is SO awesome. AND you look lovely in green, it's definitely your colour. xx veronika

  11. You won the lottery?? That is awesome!! And so is having a roomie to share clothes with. That's almost like winning the lottery too :) I love the green cardi, by the way!

  12. GREAT outfit..love the green polish..gorgeous REAL TRUE green color..it looks great on you:)

    I did the day of silence as well. SO nice to see everyone joining together:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Fab Free People Giveaway!!♥

  13. Love the nail color, looks like you had an amusing St. Patrick's Day!

    xoxo Ariel

  14. Hope your birthday has been fantabulous!!!


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