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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A fond farewell to animal print

Evening loverlies! I hope you all had wonderful weekends and indulged your heart's desires while you were out. My weekend involved time with this cutie, so you can be assured that I was in heaven :)  
What do I call snuggling this little princess for awhile? Winning.
As you can tell from her poor red nose, there was absolutely no evidence that spring has arrived, considering I spent the majority of the time wrapped up in blankets, willing my toes to get warm and sipping copious amounts of the chocolatiest hot chocolate ever! Ok, so the last part of that wasn't too hard to take at all. And that little pink bundle of joy on my lap made everything seem sunshiney and warm, so really I guess I can't complain.  

If you follow me on twitter, you have heard me taking a lot about Vista Print business cards, and I can't seem to stop! I recently ordered blog business cards from them and I had such a good experience (received shipment within 3 days without having to pay for express shipping, and adore the way the cards turned out) that I felt the need to share the wealth with you! If anyone is looking for memorable business cards, I highly recommend Vista Print. And with incredible deals like these offered to their twitter followers, you can't go wrong. Oh, and did I mention you should stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon :)
I felt like this design had been made just for me!
I don't know about you gals, but to me animal print is a distinctly fall/winter appropriate pattern. I can't say for sure why I don't care for the print in the warmer months but it just isn't for me. Therefore, I knew this skirt was going to be getting shoved to the back of the closet very soon so I decided to give it one last spin around town before the only light it sees for months is my closet light in the mornings. This skirt was my first (and only) animal print item, and she was very good to me this fall/winter. So here is her farewell party. Wish her well for the next few months and remember to reassure her that you will meet again. She is sensitive.
Blouse/tank: White House Black Market, Skirt: Michael Kors via Rue La La, Shoes: Off Fifth Avenue, Necklace/earrings/rings/bracelet: gifted/ borrowed from mom, Watch: Michael Kors, Headband: H&M
I felt like this outfit was just screaming for some color, but I decided that sometimes you need a little black, brown and cream day.
Headless shots are becoming a regular feature over here! I apologize, and will work diligently with my face to help it learn how to stop looking quite so "special" in at least one photo every day. Gosh face, try harder!
 Ok, time to tell me about you my dears! What did you do this weekend? Did your weather necessitate bundling or are you going to make me very jealous by telling me you frolicked around in shorts and sandals having a jolly good time? Choose wisely, oh smart ones.


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  1. Oh, I love the animal print. I think I need to be more adventurous though because my animal print just sits in my closet.

    I went skydiving this weekend!

  2. I have a cute animal print tank and will definitely be sporting it this summer. Try pink with your skirt or a crisp white button down and some strappy gold heels. Summer looks in my book. You look fabulous!

  3. i love my animals...not sure i could ever put them away, maybe just bring them out in smaller doses!


  4. love all your accessories for this outfit :)

  5. I love the business card design! And, of course, I love the skirt. I usually wear my leopard print all year long but I definitely agree that it has a colder weather vibe to it...but I think it can totally be styled for spring/summer!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Awww what a cutie! I love your outfit and that skirt is incredible! Btw: I hope you got my email. Kisses and hugs, darling
    happy Tuesday

  7. Just a note, I order my blog business cards from a local designer. Her website is: www.teanbean.com. She's so talented!

    If you mention my blog, you'll save 10%.
    Enjoy your day!

  8. LOL @ your face looking "special"!

    I love leopard print and this skirt is great! You should get a summer version.

  9. love your skirt and the cards are adorable! i like vista print too.

  10. Baby is so pretty, those eyes gosh! I kind of agree about leopard being winter-ish but I refuse to stop wearing it, only things I'll put away are boots and fury but rest is staying, great outfit skirt fits you perfect! Thanks for stopping by!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  11. Goodbye pretty leopard skirt! I love how you look with those fun wedges and the pretty headband. And awesome cards, btw. I've been wanting to get some of those made, I need to get on that!

  12. OMG those shoes are AMAZINGGG.

    It's been cold here, so no frolicking in shorts for me! :(

    And poor girl with her little red nose. Too cute though!

  13. Oooh Laura! Don't let her gooooo!!!! A Tank some big glasses and those shoes and you are ready for summer!!! I love this outfit, very chic...Love the business cards!!


  14. I hadn't thought of that because I've never owned much animal print! I wonder if I'll stow mine away now too! And for the record, I love the neutral palette!

  15. Hehe, well I'm usually attempting to dress more "spring" which means freezing slightly. But a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. ;-) And your look here is just SO lovely, that skirt is a real stunner. xx veronika

  16. Ohmigosh Laura I AM IN LOVE with your business cards - they are so you!! :)

  17. Your daughter is adorable. So cute.
    I love the graphic you picked for your card. I did my cards when I first started and of course did not have a network to consult or ask. I do love my design too but some of the writing is hard to see due to the graphic. Will check vista when I run out of my stack.
    The animal print skirt combo looks great on you.
    Oh, thank you so much for visiting my blog and the nice comments.

  18. That skirt is wonderful!



  19. LOVE the skirt! but I love animal prints. I scored a long very lightweight skirt at Goodwill yesterday for a whoping $1.99. So I will be wearing it through warmer weather!
    You are styling it UP!

  20. That skirt is AMAZING!!!!!!



  21. Love that skirt!I always love leopard, but some pieces don't work year round, haha
    Wooohooo for business cards too

  22. What an adorable baby!!!

    Love the business card and shoes! I never thought about animal print seasonality but I do agree that the skirt does seem more fall/winter - thanks for the tip!

  23. seriously loving the animal print skirt, so fierce!! i was wearing my leopard print cardigan yesterday and got so many compliments.

    also your business card looks incredibel!


  24. this leopard print skirt is absolutely beautiful and i love the way you paired it with a simple black top and a dangley necklace.

    cute & little


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