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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giveaway Fun!!

Bonsoir babes! I hope your weekends were filled with fabulous events, whether you engaged in exciting adventures or enjoyed  a relaxing lounge weekend on the couch snuggled up with your sweetie. Either way, I am sure you looked fantastic!

Well, I promised you a giveaway and a giveaway I am delivering! I am so thoroughly enjoying writing this blog and getting feedback from readers, so I want to show my appreciation for all that I have learned from each of you. I wish I could personally thank each and everyone one of you, but since we are only connected through the wonderful blogosphere for now, I will have to content myself with continuing to read your lovely posts and learning from you every day. But for one lucky reader, I am giving you the opportunity to win a $25 gift certificate to H&M!!! I know we all have fall items we are still hoping to add to our wardrobe, and I would like to help one of you do a little bit of shopping! The rules to enter are pretty simple, but please feel free to ask a question if you need any help entering!! I hope you will all join in the fun before midnight (ET) October 31! I will announce the winner Monday morning.

To enter:
1. You must be a follower of A La Mode et Plus either through Google Friend Connect or bloglovin'
2. Leave a comment on this post about your must have item for the fall and don't forget to tell me how you are following this blog.
3. Please leave your contact info (either blog address or email address) so I will know how to reach you if you win!

For extra entries (separate comment for each please): 
1. Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect AND bloglovin'
2. Follow me on twitter (laurachanning)
3. Tweet about this giveaway, and please leave the url to your tweet
4. Post about this giveaway on your own blog
5. Share your best blogging tip!

Good luck chicas!!


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  1. My must have item for fall is sadly far too pricey for a college kid budget. It's this fabulous little thing that caught my eye because it shares my name. The Camille Blazer from Candy & Caviar. http://store.candyandcaviar.com/collections/womenswear/products/camille Um, lace, the comfort of a hoody, and the cut of a blazer. I would sell my kidney for something so cute!

    I'm following you via Google Friend Connect and have added you on my Google reader, so I won't ever miss a post. And I'll share this post on there so all my followers will see!

  2. Great giveaway! :)

    I am following you via google friend connect and I have quite a few must have items for the Fall... but as of yet, I'm really craving the Pendleton bags! :) They rawk!!


  3. Must have for this fall is anything leopard, faux fur leopard coats have been satisfying my craving so far.. anyway following you through google friend connect!



  4. I'm a follower via GFC! I'd love a new pair of camel boots, they're everywhere!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  5. I follow you on Twitter (@channynn).

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  6. http://twitter.com/channynn/statuses/28893185101


    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  7. i just found your blog! great giveaway. i'm following you on google friend connect.

    my must have for fall is riding boots!

    btw, i'm having a giveaway, too so stop by my blog!

  8. Great giveaway! I adore H&M. I am following you on google. My must have item for fall is a toss up between riding boots or an envelope clutch.


  9. I am following you on Twitter. @amyshopstheewb

  10. I retweeted your giveaway http://twitter.com/AmyShopsTheWeb

  11. This is such a fabulous Giveaway! Sadly, I am not going to enter, as I don't have an H&M store close to me, and I wouldn't want the gift certificate to go to waste. But good luck to everyone!

    Also, I follow you on Twitter and Google Friend Connect simply because I adore you!! :)

  12. Count me in, darling! I"m an official Google Friend Connect follower. <3

    I'm still not satisfied with the military trend, so I think there's more army green in my future!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

  13. Just discovered your blog!
    Following via GFC and have a rather long 'must have' fall item list, don't think it would fit :)

    Twitted the post: http://twitter.com/#!/shopping__diva


  14. So I thought I was following you..lol I just realized I wasn't! Anyway, I follow you now (with Google)! :)

    A fall must have is anything leather and fur! I'd probably put the gift card toward a fur scarf or a pair of leather shorts or a skirt.

    my email : detcetera@hotmail.com

    Yay! Hope I win :)

  15. Ooh fun! *crosses fingers*
    my favorite item tihs fall is..wedge booties! hahaha XD
    Following with bloglovin :)

  16. Yayyyy!!! WHo doesnt love a giveaway??
    Im following you on google friend:)

    I LOVE wedges too.....!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  17. Hello! I follow you on bloglovin'. My must-have item for fall is a fantastic pair of black riding boots - something classic and timeless. I just found the perfect pair last week, so I'm covered!

    Contact-moi à hannah orenstein {at} yahoo {dot} com.

    xoxo Hannah

  18. I follow you on Twitter!

    xoxo Hannah

  19. My best blogging tip is to one hundred percent LOVE what you're doing. Is there something about your blog you don't love? Fix it. Whether that's writing, photography, design/layout, concept... make it into something you love and can be proud of. When you love your blog, that comes through. That's what makes stellar blogs!

    xoxo Hannah

  20. LOVE H&M <3 Always so many fabulous items there. My go-to fall item is an item I have yet to find. I want a versatile sheer gown that can be worn as a skirt belted with a sweater or just worn with an overcoat :)

    xo Lynzy

  21. I follow you through bloglovin AND google ;)

  22. My best blogging tip? Never stop being inspired :) Save your favorite inspirational pictures and when you feel like you need a lift... look at them :)

  23. Fall essentials? Boots and cardigans.
    I follow you on Bloglovin'.


  24. My best blogging tip is to focus on writing about what you love, not what you think will bring you the most viewers. If you attract an audience by promoting something you are not, you won't be able to keep it up.


  25. I follow you on Twitter! I am @asjchae.


  26. Hello! I follow through GFC!

    My must-have item for this fall is a rich leopard print cardigan.

    My best blogging tip is to not stress about making your posts long and detailed or writing them won't be as fun. I used to try and create 5 long posts each week and now I just post what I like, even if it's one cool item I found online. I refuse to let my hobby stress me out!

  27. P.S. Find me at www.cardiganjunkie.blogspot.com

  28. Ohh what a great giveaway,sweetie
    I Love H&M and I would get some amazing cozy jumper
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie
    Ps: I follow you:)


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