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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Bonsoir babes! The weekend is almost here which makes everyone happy, right? Mine technically started tonight, but it won't feel like the weekend until my two best friends from college get here tomorrow. I am SO excited to see them! I have a fun-filled weekend planned for us, so I may not get to post again until Sunday, but rest assured I will have outfit posts and details galore when I surface :)

Today was a rainy, gray day- the kind where you don't even want to crawl out from under your luxe covers and drag yourself anywhere and if I was still in college it would have been the perfect skip class and lounge day. But, alas in the working world that is not an option. So to counter-act the rainy day blues, I thought about all the things I am loving right now, and thought I would share a few with you femme fatales!
 1. Ok this Christian Louboutin twisted suede bootie is definitely an "only in my dreams" shoe, but I am still smitten! It truly combines so many of my shoe loves: a dipped vamp to subtly slim your leg, the ever trendy  bootie look, a sky-high platform heel and of course the signature red sole! Oh what I wouldn't give to see that coveted red sole shining from my closet every day! If only I had a spare $1100…

 2. Orly's Space Cadet polish: Ever since one of my favorite bloggers, Café Fashionista, blogged about the out-of-this-world shade which she called "THE color for fall", I have been dying to get my hands on it and paint up! Though the elusive polish still has not made its way to my makeup drawer, its chameleon-like capabilities haunt me and making it mine is on my must-do list for the weekend.

3. The Best American Sports Writing 2010: For those of you who haven't noticed yet, I am a sports junkie. I come from a family of sports nuts, so I'm not sure I ever really had a choice. I wouldn't say I follow sports news as religiously as I scout fashion and trends, but it is a very close second. Needless to say, when I came across this delightful read in a tiny bookshop in Georgetown with a quite eccentric collection, I was thrilled! I grew up reading the sports page of the Washington Post with my dad every morning, so this collage of "the best sports writing" of recent days brings back fond memories of those mornings. I usually only read one essay before bed at night, because I want to savor the book and prolong the joy that the words bring me.
 4. Thanks to my Paris BFF I am now the unfortunate victim of a serious addiction. Yes, my loves I regret to inform you that I have turned into a total chai latte addict!! The entire time we were in Paris she spoke about this mystical drink as if it had actual hearing powers. So naturally, on our first rendez-vous back in the States we drank the infamous drink and I was instantly hooked. Now, my morning doesn't feel complete until I am guzzling down this delectable beverage.
5. Sweaterdresses: One of my biggest obsessions right now is sweaterdresses. Nothing screams fall to me more than a cozy sweaterdress and it just so happens that victoria's secret has been sending me daily emails reminding me of the gorgeous jewel-colored gems that they currently have on sale and it is taking all my willpower to resist digitally snatching them all up. I might have to break down and get one, but I would really prefer to try a few options on first, considering one of the biggest draws of the outfit is how comfy chic it is! 

6. YOU!! Honestly, this blogging journey is one of the things that makes me the happiest right now! I have fooled around with blogging before, but I have never gotten serious about it before. But this time, I feel like I have a community to connect with, a passion to share and "friends" who inspire me every day. Plus, I just love writing in any form and writing about fashion is just the cherry on top! Thank you reading and for the comments. They truly are a high point of my day. And I promise to return the favor :)

So now dolls, what is on your love list? Do you have any tricks you use to keep your spirits up on those rainy days? What fabulous plans do you have for the weekend?


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  1. I love this post because it is full of things I love, chai tea lattes and sweater dresses! And oh, those Louboutins are divine! bisou x

  2. Holy mother of pearl...those Loubs are on my list as of immediately!!


  3. oh i love sweater dresses too but they just dont look that great on me. Addicted to chai as well but thats in my blood

    Bright Green Laces

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!!!! As for me...hmmmI dunno XD I just watch movies to cheer up haha
    and this weekend...I'm doing NOTHING! YAYYY

  5. wonderful post, those shoes are beautiful and the nail polish is just too cool!


  6. Thank you so much for the shoutout, my love! I hope you're able to find Space Cadet. Here's a tip...check eBay! I bought my bottle from there - it's sold out EVERYWHERE!!

    I am so with you on sweaterdresses! I am still on the hunt for the perfect one myself!! :)

  7. I'm in love with the booties! I would get those in my dreams as well :)

    Eternally yours,

  8. That sweater dress sure is tempting!
    My life is kind of like a tape recorder: practice the piano, homework, blog, play games, draw...
    It's the same thing everyday, but it doesn't seem boring cause I have so much to do :)

    Riding a cloud,

  9. Hope you have a fun filled weekend with your friends.

    I love sweater dresses too, they're so comfy and stylish.

  10. I love coffee and blogging too! Your blog is nice, BTW :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  11. Those Loubies are amazing! (Aren't they always?!)

  12. Lovely pictures
    Love your blog!
    you follow me and i follow you?

  13. Great post. I too love a great chai tea latte with whip cream ofcourse!

    xoxo Monroe


  14. Blogging is highly addictive and rewarding at the same time! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend darling!


  15. Ooh, chai lattes are quite dangerous. I've had quite the addiction for some time now!

    xoxo Hannah

  16. Mmmmmmmmm chai latte. And that polish looks incredible.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend.

  17. This post is amazing:) I am totally loving those shoes and I love chai
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

  18. Oh I love those heels!! Amazing, but pricey, I'm sure! !

    And I haven't had a chai latte before, but vanilla chais are one of my favorite drinks!!

  19. Great post, I like it :) Can't wait to read more on your blog!


  20. Adore that Christian Louboutin suede boot. Fabulous. And I have to say I am another Chai Latte addict - winter perfection!



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