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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bundling up in style

Well dolls, this morning was the first time that I stepped outside and was greeted with a breeze just chilly enough to send a shiver straight up my spine and have me desiring to be bundled up in that ever essential fall accessory: the perfect cold-weather jacket! Remember when your mother would force you into your over-sized, always uncomfortable and unflattering and possibly even patterned winter jacket before she would release you to go gallivanting around the neighborhood with your pals? I still have nightmares. But fear not my darlings, because long gone are the days of wearing a jacket purely for warmth, for as any fashionista knows good outerwear is one of the best ways to show off your personal style. This becomes increasingly true in the colder months when outerwear is mandatory, rather than a fun accessory, and the first part of your outfit that the world sees every day. With the variety of styles and trends in coats staking their claim on the runways and in the beloved glossy pages we pour over every month, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice style, or comfort for that matter, in order to protect your dainty figures from the powerful winter winds. My personal shopping advice would be to save the splurges for a classic coat, such as a trench or peacoat, that you know you will want to wear for years and play the thrifty role on the trendier styles that are fun now, but may be old news next season. And as always kittens, find the style and fit that compliments your own unique look and don't try to cater yourself to be something you think you should be. 
military jackets
Military jackets have been a commanding presence on the fashion scene for several years now, and don't appear to be retreating anytime soon. With a multitude of lengths, fits and colors this is a versatile trend that any fashionista can work into her wardrobe. Just make sure to strut your stuff with confidence and authority when donning this attention-grabbing garment you little knockouts!
trench coats
Thanks to fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, the trench coat will forever be a classic. It has become associated with style, sophistication and grace and according to Annemarie Iverson's In Fashion it is a wardrobe essential of anyone seeking a career in any aspect of the fashion world. So do yourself a favor fashionistas and find yourself a trench that you can drape over your frame for years to come while announcing to the world that you are a classic beauty to be taken seriously. I have been eying the Topshop beauty  on the far left for months!
jean jackets
A clean-cut, classic jean jacket is another wardrobe staple. Though typically not enough to keep you warm in the true winter months, a jean jacket is the perfect fall outerwear. Throwing one of these on over that floral sundress that you lived in this summer is an easy way to transition your favorite warm weather items into breeze-ready attire.
leopard print coats
What better way to experiment with the most recent spotted trend (hehe) than to wrap yourself up in a fur-i-licious jacket and let your inner animal loose!  Whether you prefer a bulky outerlayer or a more tailored cut, you are sure to feel fierce with this statement piece. 
And to finish it off, the traditional peacoat. You can go classic with this look in a black, gray or white choice, or you can be bold and add a bright hue to your routine with a colored choice. Either way it will successfully keep you warm and will always be in style, thus ensuring your chic-ness for years to come.

So my dears, tell me what is your cold-weather outerwear of choice? Do you like to play it safe with the classics or take a walk on the wild side with trendier options? Or maybe you like to mix it up! Share your cozy accessory cravings with me, and don't forget to enter the H&M giveaway I am hosting before midnight Sunday!! You don't want to pass up an opportunity to shop! 


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  1. Fab selection and love those trench coats. An autumn must have. And those peacoats too cute too. Great post!


  2. I wish it would cool off enough here to be coat weather!

  3. I love all of those...haha...I can't even pick a favorite type XDXD

  4. I just bought my very first denim jacket from Wet Seal a few weeks ago, and I am obsessed with it! I love the fact that it is trendy yet timeless!! :)

  5. I agree, denim jackets are definitely essential. I also love trenchcoats! i am dying to get one this fall.


  6. Good post. I'm on the hunt for a good wool trench in a camel color.

    xoxo Monroe


  7. I NEED my camel trench coat!

    Love Grace.

  8. I want all of those faux fur coats. I am obsessed! :)SarahD

  9. Excellent collection of coats! All beautiful!
    Is there anything more wonderful than purchasing a lovely new coat for the season?
    --Lee Ann

  10. love the military inspired jackets. they are amazing!

  11. I wish it was still jacket weather! I actually pulled out my winter coat the other day. It was 25 degrees when I got up! Ew.

  12. I love all of your picks! They are all so on trend!

  13. New to your blog & I love your style picks :-)

    New follower here!


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