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Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boots galore!

Thank goodness boots are big again this season! It makes it a lot easier to justify my obsession, and the growing collection in my closet. I had never cared much for boots until I went to Paris in 2008 and realized that they seemed to be the only shoe European women wore in the winter.To me, boots only came in one style: ugly winter boots your mother forced you to wear to school as soon as the weatherman even hinted at snow. I quickly understood how wrong I was after I saw the myriad of beautiful choices these woman had as the windows of every corner boutique teemed with gorgeous boots of every color and style I could imagine! Unfortunately, I was limited in my purchasing options by my meager student budget, as well as my already overflowing suitcase. I still managed to acquire a small heeled black ankle boot that I can wear with practically any outfit in the winter, and a beautiful chestnut mid-calf heeled boot that is unfortunately in need of a small repair. Rest assured that once the weather permits and the boot is back in commission, it will make many appearances. Needless to say, boots are another must-have item on my fall wish list!

2. As alluded to above, I am fairly set as far as heeled boots go (especially considering I didn't mention the caramel colored mid calf boot acquired from Kohl's last season or the knee high steve madden black boot I recently purchased from DSW), but my wardrobe is definitely lacking in the flat boot category. Luckily, this style is all the rage this fall and I have many options to choose from. I mentioned yesterday that I am not a label snob on most items and the boot is definitely one where I am open-minded. However, I am careful to make sure that the boot is good quality and thus will last for more than a few wearings. Here are just a few of the boots I am currently loving.
Loving Steve Madden's Intyce boot in cognac. The slight wedge adds a nice bit of height for us shorter girls.
I definitely have a thing for Madden boots, especially the Bonanza in black. So comfortable and chic!
I think Madden Girl's Zaney in cognac may be my favorite! I adore the military-esque brass buttons!
Love the buckles on Madden Girl's Zeda, but the jury is still out on the over-the-knee look.
Ok, so I guess I am more interested in a boot with a slight wedge rather than a completely flat boot. What's a short girl to do? Which Madden boot piques your interest? What fall boot are you ladies ga-ga over? Comment it up girls!


(Images from stevemadden.com)


  1. I have a boot collection taking over my closet as well! Thanks for sharing :) ps. that Audrey quote is pretty amazing!!!


  2. Thanks for the comment Anette! Audrey says things perfectly in my opinion :) Just checked out your blog and I really enjoyed it! Will definitely be back for more.


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