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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fashionable Giving part 4: The Cuisine Queen

Salut mes chéries! Happy almost weekend. I don't know what your weather is like, but we finally have SNOW! I am a little bit of a paradox in that I despise the cold, but I am never happier than when we have snow. It is truly the only justification for cold weather in my opinion! Although, I wasn't crazy about the snow when my drive home tonight took forever. Even though we only have about 2 inches, people in Virginia just don't know how to handle snow and the roads become a nightmare!

This weekend it is time for me to get serious about Christmas shopping. I'm not sure I have ever started my shopping quite as late as I am this year. The good news is that now that my little brother, Matthew, is home from college I will have a fun little shopping buddy to brave the store madness with.  If you too will be heading out this weekend to finish up your holiday shopping and you have a kitchen lover on your list, you won't want to miss the fourth part of Fashionable Giving: The Cuisine Queen! Do you have a mom/sister/grandmother/aunt/best friend who has never felt more at home than when she is the kitchen whipping up delicious concoctions for her guests to marvel over?  If you are stumped at what creative gift you can give to your cuisine queen check out these ideas that will be sure to impress chefs of all skill levels! *I found too many cute kitchen accessories this time, so there are a few bonus ideas in this post*

Under $25
What could be more fashionable than helping your favorite culinary wizard to protect her fabulous frocks with this chic apron! I can personally attest to this apron, as I enjoy donning it myself when I experiment in the kitchen. Throw on some heels and pearls and you will be feeling like June Cleaver in no time! It even comes in mini size for all chefs in training. Price: $19.99 Buy here
I personally think this is the best cookbook out there. Southern Living recipes are always amazing! Everything I have attempted to make from these cookbooks has been a huge crowd-pleaser. My grandmother used to give the newest edition to my mom every Christmas, and I even though she always knew it was coming, it was her favorite gift every year. Price: $23.07 Buy here
Every cook needs a place to keep their battle plans for executing fabulous creations organized. And this recipe container is just too pretty! To add a personal touch include some of your own recipes to start the collection! Price:$18.95 Buy here
This cushiony kitchen rug is a life saver for anyone spending hours in the kitchen. It has been described as "dr. scholls for the kitchen." Price: $14.99 Buy here

Under $50
A decorative cookbook stand is the perfect, practical, addition to any counter-top.  Price: $32.99 Buy here
For a domestic diva who just loves hosting dinner parties, this adorable chef blackboard is a necessity! Let your favorite chef impress her guests with this statement piece. Price: $37.99 Buy here
This would be the perfect starter set for any newbie cook, especially if they are young and have maybe just moved into their first place (aka Mom, I want this!) This seven-piece set will provide a beginner with the basic cooking tools, and you know they will be sure to smile every time they see their porcelain counterpart! Price: $32.99 Buy here

Another perfect starter item, this elegant wall spice rack will help to keep any kitchen looking tidy, organized and stylish all at the same time. Price: $29.99 Buy here

Under $100
These stunning and unique cheese plates will help any cook entertain in style. After all, presentation matters! Price: $60-75 (depending on size) Buy here
Any hostess would love to bedeck her table with this very useful centerpiece that will certainly garner her quite a few compliments. He's the next best thing to having an actual butler! Price: $85 Buy here
A quality cutting board is essential in every kitchen and this is one of the most beautiful boards I have ever seen. This ironwood gourmet chopping block is the perfect addition to any well established kitchen. Price: $50.88 Buy here

Over $100
A gift from Penzeys will bring sheer delight to any true cuisine queen's heart! This baker's gift crate has everything one could need or desire when embarking upon a baking adventure. Price: $129.95 Buy here
This gorgeous ice bucket takes entertaining to a whole new level of class. Price: $125 Buy here
And to finish things off, who wouldn't covet this fabulous espresso maker! It would provide the perfect capstone to any evening of entertaining, whether it was a luxurious dinner party or a cozy dinner for two. Price: $199.95 Buy here
Lovelies, I could fill many more posts with beautiful cooking essentials for you to gift to your beloved kitchen dweller, but I hope that this list will fill you with inspiration to choose a stand-out gift this holiday season. Don't forget to check out part 1, part 2 and part of 3 of the Fashionable Giving series! And remember that your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.  

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  1. Ooh, I would so love to receive a cute apron for when I'm baking in the kitchen - what an adorable list of gift ideas!! :)

  2. These ideas are really great!!


  3. I want that blackboard!! Love it. :)SarahD

  4. Love your blog! I hope you will come visit me and follow if you'd like!


    xoxo Summer

  5. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving such a sweet comment :-)
    OOh, your blog is pretty awesome and I love how clever this post is! have a nice wknd!!!

  6. Fabulous gift ideas, darling!

    Especially loving that adorable apron and the espresso maker!


  7. These are some great ideas! I love that cute little recipe box and I'm dreaming about that espresso machine. Wait, I'm supposed to be shopping for other people!

  8. Hi! I've just found you blog are setting up a little Vip section on my site where I intend to finally get around to add some real favourite blogs..I like the style of your blog, and the background (do I even need to say anything about the lovely lace detailed dress:-)Would you like to swap links? I'll place you there after you've placed me as well..leave a comment on my post and I will do a speedy swap:-)Thanks and wishing you are really great New Year and Happy Christmas..Hugs Alice

  9. ooh, thanks for the ideas. i love thrifty gifting. fun fun!

  10. We give my mom the Southern Living cookbook every year... since the '80s that I know of. She lost her 1994 issue a while back and sent me on a mad hunt to find it at used book stores.. Then I just gave up and bought it online.

    I think I need to also invest in that cookbook stand for myself!

  11. oooh thanks for this. it makes shopping a lot easier.

  12. These would be perfect for my mom! Great ideas, as usual. ;)

    xoxo Hannah

  13. So many cute ideas!

  14. Hey! Great post. That apron looks amazing. I really love this.

    I want snow ... I've only seen a dusting so far.


  15. I definitely wouldn't mind that espresso maker finding its way underneath the tree!

    (The book came this week! I'm so excited to read it. Thanks again!)

    Happy Holidays!

  16. love this post!

    be sure to check out all the latest fashion-train giveaways this month!


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