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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashionable Giving part 2: The New Parent

Hello darlings! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are being productive on your holiday shopping! Ok my little gift-giving divas, I am back with the second edition of Fashionable Giving for yet another commonly overlooked subset of present recipients: the new parents. So the baby has finally arrived and your favorite two-some is officially a family of three. Considering the happy couple will have just received dozens of thoughtful gifts from friends and family from baby showers, you will need to be on your giving A-game this season. True, gifts for the beautiful new bundle of joy disguised as gifts for the proud parents are easy enough to select- an awe worthy onesie, a selection of toys or even a treasured classic bedtime story. And of course these gifts are practical and will be much appreciated. But sometimes what a new parent wants most is to be recognized as an adult who still has a life. This holiday season why not make your favorite new mommy and daddy feel remembered and appreciated by giving a gift that is just as much for them as for their new love of life. 

Under $25
While the addition of a new baby is a wonderful blessing and joy, it is also very tiring and a lot of work. One of the best gifts a new parent can receive is the gift of time. Volunteer your babysitting skills to the couple and give them a night off to enjoy a romantic evening. Price: Free, and we all know memories are priceless!

Ornaments are truly a Christmas classic and I know in my house the personalized, commemorative decorations are the most treasured. Help the burgeoning family to begin their own fun traditions by giving an ornament that marks the beginning of this new phase in their lives. And who knows, maybe it will be a gift they give their child years down the road as my parents did for me :) Price: $11.95 Buy here (over 350 ornaments to choose from!)
Movie tickets are another perfect way to show the new parents that you understand that they may need some adult time for themselves. Having tickets bought for them will encourage them to make that date night sooner rather than later. *Bonus* Throw in babysitting and you will surely rocket to the top of their favorite people list. Price: $20-25 depending on theater price in your area. Visit your local theater to purchase.
Under $50
What new parent's heart doesn't melt every time they see photos of their little one? Take that favorite photo and use it to create a fabulously unique night light that will certainly be a conversation starter among the myriad of visitors the mom and dad will be entertaining this holiday season, since everyone knows people become infinitely more popular once they have a tiny little infant in tow! Price: $44.95  Buy here
Every new parent will be in need of some cute knick knacks to decorate the nursery with and a rocking horse is a baby classic! Combine that with a snow globe and you have a beautiful Christmas gift that will be sure to make the family smile and think of you every time they glance at trinket during late night nursery feedings. Price $49.95 Buy here
One of the joys of parenting are all the "firsts" that occur once a new baby has arrived. The first bath, the first smile, the first haircut, the first tooth, the first shoes (we know this is crucial to document!) and of course the first word. Unfortunately, new parents can easily forget these moments if they get wrapped up in the chaos. Help them to savor every minute with their little love bug by gifting them with a chic memory box to store all their precious mementos. Again, this may one day become a very sentimental gift for baby when he/she is grown up and having babies of their own! Price: $49.95 Buy here (many designs to choose from)
Under $100
Family pride is always a welcome gift, so why not give the family the perfect opportunity to delve into their own family history as they fill out this beautiful genealogy tree for the newest member of their clan. Price: $59.99 Buy here
"They grow up so fast" seems to be a staple phrase among parents. So it is no surprise that a favorite gift for any new parent is a decorative handprint keepsake that they can display proudly and treasure always, particularly during those turbulent teenage years! Price: $59.95 Buy here
Luxury may be the last thing on a new parent's mind, so why don't you take care of it for them! These unique gift baskets come in a practical bassinet, but are filled with anything but practical treats for mom and dad. This basket of goodies will be sure to help them unwind. Price: $79.99 Buy here
Over $100
The holiday season can be stressful enough as is, but factor in a new baby and this time of year may be downright overwhelming for your friends! If you are feeling like spreading lots of joy this season, consider treating your pals to a relaxing couples massage. Not only will you give them a truly calming experience, but you will also give them the gift of romance, and keeping that alive once a couple becomes a threesome takes some effort. Price: Varies by spa location but probably between $100-$250. Visit your favorite local spa to discuss purchasing.
In the hustle and bustle of adjusting to having an infant around, oftentimes the cleaning and keeping house can get lost pushed to the back burner. Give the gift of peace of mind by offering them a maid for a day service. *Warning* Check with the friend first on this one, because some women may feel more stressed if they have a stranger in their home. Price: Varies based on size of home Buy here
Though pregnancy is a beautiful and rewarding journey, it can be taxing saying "no" for nine months to popular vices. So gift them with the green light for fun (in moderation of course)! Have some fun yourself by creating a fabulous "vice" kit of post-baby appropriate items. Include the couple's favorite bottle of wine/ champagne, gourmet coffee, luxurious soft cheeses, a gift certificate to a sushi restaurant and even a day pass to the local gym. You can really customize this gift to the parent's liking and you will be sure to bring a smile on their face as they kick back for some post-baby fun. Price: Variable, but probably between $100-150.
Ok now you are armed with an arsenal of ideas, so get out there and shop and create dolls! Let me know which gifts inspire you and don't forget to check out Part 1 of the guide for fashionable gifts for newlyweds! And remember that your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!


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  1. Such great ideas! I love the movie tickets one, would definitely be perfect with babysitting thrown in :D

  2. I think the movie tickets are a great idea!!!

  3. This is a great guide! The movie tickets are a fantastic idea.

    xoxo Hannah

  4. Awww...these are SUPER sweet new parent gift ideas....totally what everyone would want:)

    Great post!!

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  5. Love the genealogy tree!

  6. Ah, this post has come at the perfect time - my sister just gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday morning. I am definitely keeping these prezzies in mind for her!! :)

  7. such a great idea thanks for sharing x xx

  8. Such great inspiration, thanks for sharing!!

  9. This is nice- especially the movie tickets for some alone time.

  10. Those are truly amazing..I adore the photo night-light:) awww
    Happy weekend, sweetie

  11. Thank you, thank you for the congratulations! It's the second nephew so far - incredibly cute! I agree...shopping for babies/children is so much fun!! :)

  12. My best friend and her husband are new parents this year! So this post was extremely helpful! I was thinking about doing an engraved ornament, so I will be sure to check that website out!

  13. such great gifts! That genealogy tree was so cute! Found ur blog thru Wearing it on my sleeve. I followed! If you get the chance pass by my blog & say hi! Can't wait to read more!



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