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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Layer me, please!

Happy Sunday babes! I don't know about yall, but I majorly enjoyed some much needed R&R this weekend. It was a loooong and hectic week, and I am so grateful to have had nothing on the agenda this weekend. I hope you all were excited about whatever plans you may have had as well, and I can't wait to read all about them :)

First, I'd like to share a few exciting things with you before I post the promised "layer success" photos (er, at least I think it was a success!) Thanks to an amazing giveaway from the ever fabulous Erika of Cafe Fashionista, I was introduced to an amazing boutique filled with wonderful trinkets of all sorts! Shock Boutique has all kinds of chic goodies from dresses and tops, to accessories and intimates! I think I need to pick up that fierce panther ring if I'm not lucky enough to win Erika's giveaway! Shock Boutique has been so kind to offer all of you lovely readers a 25% off promo code if you see something you like, which I have no doubt that you will! Just use "SHOCKTWEET" when you go to check out. Happy shopping bellas and don't forget to let me know what you find!

If any of you are as devoted to beautiful shoes as I am, then I know that Jessica of Style Obsession's KM2 shoes giveaway is a no-miss!! I am so beyond in love with these work-of-art heels that I can't even explain it, but I needed to share these delectable treats with you lovelies. Click on over there to check out how you can enter yourself to win a pair of these couture heels!

And now, the layers :) I have been wanting to figure out how to layer up without making my frame look too bulky for quite some time, if only for practicality's sake. I would see other bloggers pulling off the look effortlessly and want so badly to find a way to make it work for myself. Needless to say I spent many hours in front of the mirror modeling various combos, yet each time I would frown at the less than satisfying end result. Until Wednesday, that is, when i managed to put together something that finally didn't make me look three times my usual size. 
I apologize for the boring backgrounds of my photos. I will have to  get more creative :) Dress: Macy's; Sweater wrap: H&M; Belt: Kohl's; Socks: Century 21; Shoes: Simply Vera Vera Wang; Necklace: Amrita Singh, Watch: Michael Kors
All day long I got compliments on my "boots" lol. I guess the socks and shoes kind of run together if you aren't looking closely. 
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I have been having difficulties with my camera  unfortunately. 
The sweater is sooo comfy!
Found these on sale at Kohl's this summer and have been meaning to wear them ever since! Nothing like the first wear of a new love, right? :)
Ok, now I want to hear your tales of looks it took you a while to perfect. What was the look and how did you finally master it? Do you live for layering or does the style trip you up? How was YOUR weekend?

Oh, don't forget to enter my In Fashion giveaway before Thursday!!


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  1. You look fabulous! You definitely mastered the layering trick.

    I was recently struggling with an outfit, pulled something together quickly, and was surprised at how much I liked it! It was a thin purple V-neck sweater, teal/navy/gray tweed skirt, pale blue lace tights, a black fur vest, and black boots. Oddly enough, it totally worked. ;)

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Layering is brilliant! Loving that sweater.:) Gorgeous heels, also. :)SarahD

  3. Great outfit, the pop of royal blue looks great with your camel sweater. I'd say you mastered the art of layering my friend:)

    I love a good R&R weekend, nice to hear you got to enjoy one after a hectic week!

    Em K

  4. First, thank you for the shoutout - you always make my day! Layering is one of my favorite things to do - and absolutely essential in Southern California due to the crazy changes in weather!

    I love, love the color of that dress on you - absolutely stunning! And the use of knee-high socks with those booties is cuteness personified! I love it!! :)

  5. Love your layers! You look great!

  6. I absolutely adore your wrap!! It's just my piece of cake!!!



  7. LOVE the "boots" -- so cute! I sometimes do that with socks and it can be really hard to tell from far away!

  8. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love the knee socks!


  9. Very cute! I like how you belted the sweater.

  10. Love that wrap sweater and your boots are killer! :-)

  11. Oh those heels are amazing!!!
    And I couldn´t agree more, the trick in layering is not to look bulky, well said!

  12. What a beautiful outfit and blue colour looks amazing on you:)
    Happy Tuesday

  13. hmmm, i have a blue dress i can't seem to wear. yours looks great with the knee highs.


  14. Love your outfit! The shoes are awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney


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